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EDMONDS, Tilman W. b: 3 MAR 1841 in TN per his Civil War pension application and all his censuses but one ((not BUG MUD CREEK, NC)) and we do NOT know it was Jefferson County! d: 13 JUN 1920 in Knoxville, Knox, TN -- SEE ALL DETAILS
EDMONDS, Timothy
EDMONDS, Travis b: ABT 1840 in Jackson Co, TN (also check Edmunds with a "U" for strays)
EDMONDS, Ulas (or Eulas) b: 15 JUN 1898 in not confirmed son of Belle Suttles. See note under his father for 1900 census. d: 29 MAR 1984 in Anderson Co, TN
EDMONDS, UNK b: in (also check Edmunds with a "U" for strays) d: BEF 1840 in
EDMONDS, unknown
EDMONDS, unknown #6 d: BEF 1900
EDMONDS, unknown #7 d: BEF 1900
EDMONDS, Vergie b: 7 APR 1902 in TN d: 30 APR 1930 in Knox, TN
EDMONDS, Victoria b: 12 APR 1885 d: 23 MAR 1956
EDMONDS, Victoria "Nelly Victory" b: 16 JAN 1906 in Jefferson, Tennessee d: 7 APR 1980 in Jefferson, Tennessee
EDMONDS, Vicy or Vicey b: in See
EDMONDS, Viola b: NOV 1890
EDMONDS, Viola May b: ABT 1903
EDMONDS, Virgie b: 11 MAY 1913 d: 1 FEB 1941 in Knoxville, Knox, TN. See dc index
EDMONDS, Von (Vaughn) b: 28 JUL 1906 d: DEC 1974 in Jefferson, Tennessee
EDMONDS, Walter b: ABT 1902 in TN d: 10 JUN 1951 in Roane, Tennessee (see Find-a-grave)
EDMONDS, Walter b: ABT 1915
EDMONDS, Wiley b: 15 DEC 1884 in Loudon, Tennessee per DC d: 7 JUL 1951 in Sweetwater, Monroe, Tennessee
EDMONDS, Will b: 27 MAR 1882 in TN TN TN d: 18 JUN 1928 in Dandridge Village, Jefferson, Tennessee SEE DC INFO
EDMONDS, Willard b: ABT 1928
EDMONDS, William
EDMONDS, William b: MAR 1861 in TN (also check Edmunds with a "U" for strays) d: 1941 in Unicoi, TN per OWT which is usually wrong, but I can't find docs from NC either. NO ONE seems to have documentation!
EDMONDS, William b: ABT 1867
EDMONDS, William b: 20 FEB 1904 in Dandridge, Jefferson, Tennessee (His SSDI says Feb 28, 1902 but the SS# matches his SS-5) d: 2 MAR 1972 in Tennessee
EDMONDS, William "Billie" b: 27 MAR 1882 in TN TN TN d: 18 JUN 1928 in Dandridge Village, Jefferson, Tennessee SEE DC INFO
EDMONDS, William ( 1880 in TX ) b: ABT 1853 in TN TN TN ALL HELP NEEDED ON THIS ONE
EDMONDS, William (**with CALVIN**) b: BET 1853 AND 1855 in TN in 1860 census; MO in 1870 census d: in NO ONE KNOWS WHO HE IS. He isn't Wm. A in Greene, Missouri. He isn't Wm. Duncan in Davidson Co, TN.
EDMONDS, William (11th Cav) C.
EDMONDS, William (m1:NancyReece m2:NancyPatton) b: BET 1806 AND 1807 in NC. No, he did NOT marry Margaret Reneau in Jefferson 13 Feb 1840. See d: MAR 1880 in Flat Creek, Buncombe, NC. See 1880 mortality schedule
EDMONDS, William (possible son? mElizELLER) b: 26 DEC 1781 in NOT PROVEN son of George/Nelley. NOT PROVEN THAT THAT DATE BELONGS TO ELLER'S HUSBAND. SEE for EVERYTHING about Wm. d: in Not 26 JAN 1837 or 1826 in England or France.
EDMONDS, William ?father? EDMUNDS b: ABT 1813 in VA per CW on fold3 page 9 (moved to TN 1841-1847 based on Mary's birth place) d: in I NEED HELP CONFIRMING these kids. Is James T the same person as James Theopolis?
EDMONDS, William A. b: 25 MAY 1874 in TN d: 13 OCT 1923 in Nashville, Davidson, TN See DC abstract here
EDMONDS, William A. (MaryJCoble) b: ABT 1872
EDMONDS, William Allen (Vetrnrn mJosieLITTLE) b: 5 FEB 1852 in Prob Rhea, Tennessee d: 10 JUL 1940 in Springfield, Greene, Missouri (see DC)
EDMONDS, William Anderson b: 1844 in Lunenberg, VA per CW record fold3-- Co I 50 MO INF. VA VA VA ** see link to drawing from Civil War (They dropped the "S" in Edmonds) d: 30 JUN 1901 in Perry, Missouri
EDMONDS, William Anderson "Pete" [mAKilgore] b: 18 JUL 1881 in Jefferson, Tennessee d: 28 OCT 1957 in Jefferson, Tennessee
EDMONDS, William Anderson (m: Har Rollins) EDMOND b: 1844 in Lunenberg, VA per CW record fold3-- Co I 50 MO INF. VA VA VA ** see link to drawing from Civil War (They dropped the "S" in Edmonds) d: 30 JUN 1901 in Perry, Missouri
EDMONDS, William Andrew b: JUL 1862 in MO. Mentioned in Elizabeth Cope's CW widow's pension application and never seen again. d: in I CAN'T FIND HIM.
EDMONDS, William Andrew (s of NPatton) b: ABT 1856 in Buncombe Co, NC
EDMONDS, William Austin (GreeneMO) b: 1 JAN 1876 in Webster, Missouri d: 10 JUN 1947 in Greene, Missouri ( see DC)
EDMONDS, William Austin (sWmMast) b: 8 MAR 1888 in Jefferson, Tennessee d: 3 AUG 1969 in Jefferson, Tennessee
EDMONDS, William Benjamin (m:Algee in Gibson)
EDMONDS, William Benoni b: 28 JAN 1883 in Sparta, White, Tennessee
EDMONDS, William C (m1MrgReneau m2RVance m3MBkr) b: BET 1815 AND 1816 in TN From Civil War Pension Files for Wm's claim, plus Theodrick's and William M's. d: AFT 1890 in probably Hickory Ridge, Jefferson, Tennessee
EDMONDS, William C (MO Militia) b: ABT 1829 in Clinton, Illinois (per Disability for Discharge record on Military file on LDS)
EDMONDS, William C. (Buttram) b: ABT 1832 in TN TN NC d: 21 MAR 1889 in Magazine, Logan, Arkansas
EDMONDS, William Calvin b: 8 NOV 1889 in Near Magazine, Arkansas
EDMONDS, William Calvin Sr. b: 21 NOV 1888 in TN d: 20 FEB 1972 in Hendersonville, Henderson Co, NC
EDMONDS, William Charles b: 30 SEP 1884
EDMONDS, William Daniel b: 8 AUG 1885 d: JAN 1968 in Commerce, Scott, Missouri
EDMONDS, William Duncan (DavidsonCo LauraPATTON) b: FEB 1857 in TN TN TN d: BET 1900 AND 1910 in
EDMONDS, William Eddie b: 21 OCT 1869
EDMONDS, William EDMUNDS ENGLAND b: 14 MAY 1783 in Plumpton, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND see d: 28 JAN 1826 in Plumpton, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND
EDMONDS, William Edward b: 5 JUN 1886 in (5 June 1886 per Delayed BC. ) d: 9 JAN 1948 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee ... See DC abstract here
EDMONDS, William F. b: ABT 1831 d: in (Sullivan Co, TN -- got Confederate Pension from TN)
EDMONDS, William H. b: ABT 1817 in Virginia (remember this state when looking for children)
EDMONDS, William Henry b: MAY 1890 in (1920 census Jefferson, Tennessee)
EDMONDS, William Hillard b: 19 MAR 1907 in Delayed Birth Certificate-- see d: 25 AUG 1973 in Hardeman, Texas
EDMONDS, William J. (s of Elmore) b: 24 AUG 1858 in Jefferson, Tennessee d: ABT JUL 1873 in Jefferson, Tennessee
EDMONDS, William M (not Anderson)(mRebM&MCruze) b: 5 FEB 1845 in TN ** SEE NOTES** FROM CIVIL WAR PENSIONS d: 15 JAN 1931 in Dandridge, Jefferson, Tennessee (no he didn't die in 1928 or 1935. His headstone is wrong. See the 1930 census and his DC)
EDMONDS, William M. (Anderson Co m:Maggie) b: JUL 1868 in TN TN TN (seen in Anderson County 1900 - new wife Maggie)
EDMONDS, William M. (m:MargBrumet\Brimer?) b: in OR it might be Maggie A. BRUMET ??? I have no idea who this guy is. d: in Can't read marriage index.
EDMONDS, William Maston (sAnderson) b: DEC 1863 in Jefferson, TN TN TN Someone else has September 1865 and TVA has 1860 d: 21 JUL 1927 in Trion, Jefferson, Tennessee. TVA listed
EDMONDS, William Preston (sJasPres.) b: 26 JUN 1905 d: 21 MAY 1951 in Knoxville, TN
EDMONDS, William R. (MBreeden TX) b: in TN
EDMONDS, William Riley b: 7 JAN 1839 in Buncombe, North Carolina d: 2 JAN 1924 in Flat Creek, Buncombe, North Carolina -- See DC link here.
EDMONDS, William Robert "Matt" b: ABT 1906 in Not proven this is the son of Archie and Eva. Not proven he is brother to Archie from Cincinnati.
EDMONDS, William S. (Jackson Co TN) b: ABT 1840 in TN d: in
EDMONDS, William Thomas b: 9 JUN 1878 d: 20 JUL 1932 in Barton, Missouri
EDMONDS, William Thomas (Seratte) b: 22 MAY 1852 in IL
EDMONDS, William W (s of James&RLindsey) b: ABT 1872 d: 26 FEB 1935 in Anderson Co, TN
EDMONDS, William W. (m:Eliz)
EDMONDS, William W. (sonofDavid) b: ABT 1845 in Roane, Tennessee See note (also check Edmunds with a "U" for strays) d: 20 DEC 1925 in Maryville, Blount, Tennessee
EDMONDS, William W. (Wisconsin) b: in (Civil War in Wisconsin)
EDMONDS, Williamson V. b: in ? On 1830 tax roll in White Pine, Jefferson, Tennessee
EDMONDS, Willie Belle
EDMONDS, Willie M M b: FEB 1895 d: MAR 1948 in
EDMONDS, Wyatt b: ABT 1825 in TN First seen in Greene Co, TN d: ABT 1887 in Newton, MO (see DC links for some of the kids here)
EDMONDSON, Mary J. b: in IL probably since she said it four times. d: 24 MAY 1919 in Wright, Missouri
EDMONDSON, William d: 1845 in Halifax, North Carolina
EDMONDSON, William Archer "Arch" b: ABT 1810 in HE IS NOT IN BUNCOMBE, NC. HE DID NOT MARRY MARGARET RENEAU. d: BET 1860 AND 1870 in Halifax, North Carolina
EDMONS, Anna b: 2 JAN 1904 in Jefferson, Tennessee d: 27 NOV 1914 in Jefferson, Tennessee
EDMONS, Elmore b: JUN 1826 in Jefferson, Tennessee 1826 on 1900 census. 1825 on tombstone. No, we can't prove his parents. d: BET 24 AND 28 NOV 1900 in Jefferson, Tennessee (absolute day uncertain) "On or about the 28th day of November" is on Mary's widow's pension application
EDMONS, George b: in Sevier Co. TN See notes
EDMONS, John M (Mt.Inf) EDMONDS b: ABT 1846 in Jackson, TN
EDMONS, Mitchell b: 11 MAR 1894 in near Chestnut Hill, Jefferson, Tennessee
EDMONS, Nina b: ABT 1909 d: 1914 in Jefferson, Tennessee
EDMONS, William (mRosaBelleLUCE) b: APR 1855 in TN TN TN (also check Edmunds with a "U" for strays) d: AFT 1910
EDMUNDS, Addison L. b: 7 DEC 1871
EDMUNDS, Alexander
EDMUNDS, Angus B. b: 26 FEB 1867
EDMUNDS, Bartlett b: in Virginia. Reminder! We can NOT prove any children of this couple. It's all guesses. Be very careful. d: in there is no death date for this man.
EDMUNDS, Bartlett EDMONDS or b: in Virginia. Reminder! We can NOT prove any children of this couple. It's all guesses. Be very careful. d: in there is no death date for this man.
EDMUNDS, Benjamin b: ABT 1843
EDMUNDS, Christopher (Mahala Howard) b: 10 MAR 1770 in Rhode Island, moved to VT d: BET 1852 AND 1853 in Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York. NOT MONROE
EDMUNDS, Columbus Hooper b: 13 JUL 1857 in KY d: 27 AUG 1929 in Nashville, Davidson, TN
EDMUNDS, Emily b: ABT 1830
EDMUNDS, George B. (mCWmusician) b: in New York -- Musician in band of 34th Indiana Infantry, Union
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