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Rice, Humphrey, Shattuck,Gervais, Beaudette, Angell, Hammond and allied lines

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

1.Louis Voyne was born 25 AUG 1692. He was the son of 2. Jacques dit Sansousy Voyne and 3. Marie Marguerite Le Provost.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

2.Jacques dit Sansousy Voyne was born 1645, and died 29 NOV 1700 in Varennes, P.Q.. He was the son of 4. Jean dit Sansoucy Voyne and 5. Marie-Francoise Manseau.

3.Marie Marguerite Le Provost was born ABT 1655.

Children of Marie Marguerite Le Provost and Jacques dit Sansousy Voyne are:
   i.Marie* Voyne. She married Joseph dit Dulude Huet-Jouet 22 NOV 1694 in Varennes, Que., son of Michel Jouet and Louise Foucault. He was born 1655, and died 7 JUN 1713.
   ii.Marguerite Voyne.
   iii.Jean Voyne.
   iv.Jean Voyne was born 11 MAR 1671/72 in Montreal, P.Q..
   v.Marguerite Voyne was born 17 FEB 1673/74.
   vi.Marie-Catherine Voyne was born 25 MAR 1676 in Repentigny, and died 5 JAN 1697/98.
   vii.Barbe Voyne was born 1677, and died 23 DEC 1694.
   viii.Barbe Voyne was born 3 OCT 1678 in Pointe-aux-Trembles de Montreal.
   ix.Francoise Voyne was born 19 OCT 1681.
   x.Jaques Voyne was born 6 SEP 1685, and died 10 MAR 1686/87.
1.  xi.Louis Voyne was born 25 AUG 1692.
   xii.Marie-Barbe Voyne was born 18 JUN 1695.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 3

4.Jean dit Sansoucy Voyne died in Canada.

5.Marie-Francoise Manseau.

Children of Marie-Francoise Manseau and Jean dit Sansoucy Voyne are:
2.  i.Jacques dit Sansousy Voyne was born 1645, and died 29 NOV 1700 in Varennes, P.Q.. He married Marie Marguerite Le Provost ABT 1670 in Montreal, P.Q.. She was born ABT 1655.
   ii.Jean Voyne was born 1657. He married Marguerite Beaussant 15 NOV 1672 in Montreal, P.Q.. He married Francoise Beauchamp 25 JUN 1685 in Pointe-aux-Trembles de Montreal, P.Q..