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  • ID: I07761
  • Name: Jean Gaudet
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: ABT 1575 in Martaize, Loudun, Vienne, France arr Acadie 1636
  • Death: ABT 1671
  • Note:
    Jean Gaudet was born Abt. 1575 in Martaize, Vienne, France1, and died 1672 in Port Royal, Acadia2. He married (2) Nicole Colleson 1628 in France3, daughter of Nicolas Colleson and Genevieve Petit.

    Notes for Jean Gaudet:
    ACADIAN DESCENDANTS, Vol I, pg 18. Arrived in Port Royal, Acadia, in 1636 from Martaise, France. Settled at Port Royal.
    JEAN GAUDET married twice. Godbout states that he had four children: Francoise, Denis, Marie and Jean, the first three of whom became ancestors of ours. He reasoned that Francoise and Denis were born of Jean's first wife (name unknown); that Marie and Jean were born of Nicole COLLESON, his second wife; that the first three were born in France; and that Jean came to Acadia after 1633 with his second wife. GODBOUT considered that COLLESON was a French name rather than traceable to the Scotch settlers who accompanied Sir William ALEXANDER, as has been suggested.

    ARSENAULT states that Jean GAUDET probably came to Acadia after 1636, having married Nicole COLLESON "en deuxieme noces" about 1628. Jean is listed in the 1671 census as a 96-year-old farmer (laboureur) living in Port Royal with his 64-year-old wife Nicole COLLESON. Still living with them was their 18-year-old son Jean. They had six head of cattle, three sheep, and three acres of land under cultivation.

    MASSIGNON identified GAUDET as a name found in Martaize among tenants of d'AULNAY's seigniory. She also noted that in 1671 Jean GAUDET had 22 grand- children and 10 great-grandchildren, thus becoming the ancestor of one tenth of the Acadian population.

    AGE, Apr/Jul 96, Page 38 - Marie Daussey was NOT the first wife of Jean

    Children of Jean Gaudet are:
    Denis Gaudet, born 1625 in France; died October 11, 1709 in Port Royal, Acadia.
    Francoise Gaudet, born 1626 in Martaize, France; died 1698 in Port Royal, Acadia.
    Child of Jean Gaudet and Nicole Colleson is:
    Marie Anne Gaudet, born 1633 in Martaize, France; died July 30, 1710 in Port Royal, Acadia.
    Jean Gaudet, born 1643 in Port Royal, Acadia.

    all of above from Internet: "Someday" Steve and Natalie Flemings Homepage

    and translated from the webpages of Robert Rachon :Liste des Petronymes" :
    Jehan Gaudet was born in France, towards 1575. Surely in the seigniory of Aulnay, the parish of Mortaizé, in Mortagne Perche. The acadian ancestor arrived to America, little after 1634. He is the oldest living at Port Royal. With the census of 1671, Jean (Jehan) Gaudet (Cup), the worthy senior of the colony is then 96 years old. He thus has, in France 29 or 30 years, at the time of the foundation of Port-Royal, and since he is then in the strength of the age, he had to form part of the first forwarding of Poutrincourt. It is one of these rare French who remains in Acadie, after the capture of Port-Royal by the Kirth brothers. He married by twice, in France, that is to say towards 1598, with Marie Daussy and towards 1628, with Nicole Colson, born towards 1600. Two girls of the three children, who belong certainly to the first Gaudet/Daussy marriage, concern us in this genealogical description, by creating links to my mother Pierrette Boisvert. The first, Francoise Gaudet, born in 1623, married before 1644, with Jehan Mercier, in first wedding. Her husband deceased, she remariée towards 1650, with that which becomes the ancestor of Leblanc, Daniel, born into 1626, unknown parents, probably of Poitou. With the acadian census of 1686, with Port-Royal, Daniel Leblanc and his wife, Francoise Gaudet, are 60 years old. Daniel Leblanc is one of notable with Port-Royal and, when on May 24 1690, Sir William Phipps, which has just seized the place, requires on behalf of the inhabitants of Port-Royal and among those of the river of the same name, to choose six of them to form the Council, in order to keep peace among them and to manage justice there, Daniel Leblanc is one of those on which the choice rests. He dies with the St. Lawrence vault between the years 1693-1698. Their son, Pierre Leblanc, born in 1664, took to wife in 1684, Marie-Élisabeth Terriot, then in 1689, Madeleine Borough, girl of Jean Borough and Marguerite Martin. The second girl of the couple Gaudet/Daussy, Marie Gaudet, born towards 1626, becomes the wife into 1650 of the ancestor Étienne Hébert, whose two their children weave other links of descents which interest us in this genealogy. The first, Marguerite Hébert, born in 1652, wife the ancestor Jacques-Nicolas LePrince. Second Étienne Hébert, born in 1654, took to wife in 1678, Jeanne Comeau, born in 1662, girl of Pierre-Étienne Comeau and Rose Bayols. The father Archange Godbout described Jehan Gaudet as being Abraham of Acadie, so much many is his descent. According to the census of 1671, Jehan Gaudet was born towards 1575. We are unaware of the date of his death, like that of his wife, Nicole Coleson (Colson), who is 60 years old, with the census of 1686, with Port-Royal.

    following from internet:
    Notes for Jean Gaudet:
    He arrived in Acadie in 1636 a widower, leaving his brothers Aubin and Francois behind; he settled at Port Royal.
    In the 1671 census of Port Royal, Acadia is shown Jean Gaudet age 86 and Nicolle Colleson age 64. Property showed that he owned 6 cattle and 3 sheep.

    and another

    Notes for Jean Gaudet:
    Jean Gaudet (Godet) was listed as a censitaire on the fief at Martaizé in 1634. Martaizé was part of the seigneury of Aulnay, the property of Nicole de Jousserand, who was the mother of Charles d'Aulnay, governor of Acadia from 1636 to 1650. The village of Martaizé and it's environs was called the "fief de Beaulieu" or sometimes "Rallette." The church of Saint-Maurice de Martaizé still exists to this day.
    The inventory document of Nicole de Jousserand's fief de Beaulieu in the parish of Martaizé, (Archives Départementales de l'Indre et Loire, Série C, Liasse 601, signed before the notaries Messieurs Aubri and Pasquier, at Loudun on the 21st October 1634) states the following:
    "Je em en la fresche des Godets desclares douze boisseaus froment
    mesure de Loudun et trois derniers de cens a rente feodalle deue par
    Jean Gendre, Jean Godet, René Godet le jeune, Francois Godet, la veufve
    Vincent Besard, Pierre Giroire et Renée Besard sa femme Jean Besard,
    Simon Joubert les heritiers Pierre Bourg de sauseau et les heritiers
    Francois Godet par raison d'une piece du terre et signer estant en terre
    et signer estant en terre est du Rondonay le tout contenant ensemble
    et tenant deux septiers six boisseaus..." (A "fresche" is an old French word for rent due to the seigneur from his or her fief)

    Jean Gaudet and his son Denis, came together from France about the year 1636. They settled first on the north bank of the Port-Royal river, opposite la Prée Ronde (Round Hill), about ten miles upriver from the fort, on property that still belonged to the Gaudet family in 1710.

    Extract from the census of Port Royal, Acadia, dated November 1671:
    Laboureur- Jehan Gaudet aagé de quatre vingt et seize ans,
    sa femme Nicolle Colleson aagée de soixante et quatre ans.
    Leurs enfant Jehan Gaudet aagé de 28 ans, Leurs terre en
    Labour trois arpens en deux places, Leurs bestes a cornes
    six pièces, Leurs brebis trois pièces.

    Jean Gaudet had two brothers, Aubin and François. They were born between 1552 and 1596 and they died between 1566 and 1674; presumedly in France. - Ronald Joseph Arthur Gaudet

    Not sure if the rest of Jehan's children came with him to Acadia when he came with his son, Dennis. - Ronald Joseph Arthur Gaudet

    and from web-site: http://pagesperso-orange.fr/froux/familles/godet/godet2.htm


    Hypothesis N°1
    It is certain that there was a GAUDET family in Martaizé (Vienna, France) in the 1634's, This family (Jean, René and François) was established on the lands of the mother of Charles of AULNAY, One would expect this to be sufficient proof that it is the same Jean Godet who sailed for Acadia after 1634.

    Hypothesis N°2
    Research done the GODET family, producers of Cognac, goes back to the GODET ancestors who were natives of Low Countries, but Jean GODET was not a descendant of this family.

    Hypothesis N°3
    Jean GODET is the same person as Jean DOGET.
    In bulletin n°8 of " Le Messager de l'Atlantique", Emmanuel Poupault states that in the report on the vessel St François leaving La Rochelle on December 12, 1641 there was a jean Doget aboard.
    "Compte de tout largent paié aux hivernents repassent dans le Vaisseau le St François qui est arrivé le 27 em septembre 1640. Paié a Jehan Doget avaloir sur le billet quil a de M Daunay la somme de..."

    Could this Jehan Doget be our ancestor Jean Godet? To support this thesis the author of the article publishes another document; the marriage contract of Olivier Daigre and Jeanne Blanchard registered on August 8, 1700, among the witnesses present at this marriage is Pierre Godet uncle of the husband, this Pierre Godet was also the brother of Marie Godet, mother of the bridegroom. Even more significant - and which lends credence to this hypothesis- is the fact that Pierre Godet signs his name as Pierre DOGET at the end of the document.

    The wives of Jean GODET
    Everybody believes that Jean GODET in had 2 wives.
    The name of second is known thanks to various censuses, her name was Nicole COLLESON whom he married by 1652
    However, there seems to be a problem.
    In his "Great Classification of Acadieans in Quebec" Father Adrien Bergeron states that Jean's first wife's name was Marie DAUSSY..
    In his genealogical dictionary, Stephen White researches the source of this error further and he quotes Novia Francia's article of 1927 in which one speaks > about some Jean GAUDET of Abbeville ( Picardy) who was 59 years old in 1727, who would have been born about 1668 and who was the son of Jean GAUDET and Marie DAUSSY.
    Genealogists made the connection that this was the same Jean GAUDET of Acadie. This is totally impossible because in 1668, in Jean GAUDET's birth, son of Jean GAUDET and Marie DAUSSY, our Jean GAUDET the Acadian, was in Port Royal married with Nicole COLLESON.

    Nevertheless the name DAUSSY always appears always in numerous Acadian genealogies. Father Bergeron himself even admitted to have been mistaken on this point. (Article appeared in French Canadian Genealogical Society). Vol. 40, * 4, p. 299.)
    Some authors think that his first wife was Micmac but this is not very easy to prove. In the work " A feudal colony in America " Edme Rameau hinted in a note at a Metis branch that would have been a part of this family.

    When did Jean Godet arrive in Acadia?

    Father Léopold Lanctot, o.m.i., claims that he would have arrived in Acadia very early, by 1610 , with Charles de Biencourt. Were that so, the original statement evoked in the hypothesis N°1 would not be true. On the other hand if he arrived with Razilly by 1634, his first children were born in France and his first wife would not be of MicMac origin.
    Others think that Jean GODET, arrived in Acadie by 1610, or even with Champlain in 1604, would have returned to France to look there for his family. This version is more reconcilable with the tenants of those who believe that he might have left by 1634.

    Jean Godet was listed only once in Acadie, in 1671:

    Laboureur - JEHAN GAUDET aagé de quatre vingt et
    seize ans, sa femme Nicolle Colleson aagée de soixante
    et quattre ans. Leurs enfans Jehan aagé 18 ans, Leur
    terre en labour trois arpans en deux places, Leurs bestes
    a Cornes six piéces. Leurs brebis trois piéces.

    If this information are exact, he would have been born by 1575 and would have had a child, Jean, at the age of 78 ??
    Personally I think that the age is a little exaggerated in this census, especially if one thinks at which age he had his first 3 children, he was 48 years old when Françoise was born, 50 for Denis' birth and 58 years at Marie's birth.

    Marriage 1 Unknown
    • Married: ABT 1622 in France
    1. Has Children Francoise Gaudet b: ABT 1623 in Martaize, France

    Marriage 2 Marie Daussy
    • Married: AFT 1622

    Marriage 3 Nicole Colleson
    • Married: ABT 1628
    1. Has Children Marie-Anne Gaudet b: 1633 in Martaize, Loudun, Vienne, France
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