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  • ID: I30
  • Name: Johan Tobias Horine II
  • Surname: Horine
  • Given Name: Johan Tobias
  • Suffix: II
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 12 Jan 1766 in Mill Creek,Middletown Valley,Frederick, Maryland
  • Christening: 15 Jan 1766
  • Death: 10 Aug 1841 in Myersville,Frederick,Maryland
  • Burial: ,Frederick,Maryland
  • _UID: 490F4789D1BF774DB08CC5680B62C15669C8
  • Note:

    A codicil was attached February 19, 1772. Madame Hohrein summoned town officials to his sick bed to confirm his will. Adam stated that the 300 Guldin would only be given if Tobias came for it. The will was witnessed and signed by the same officials, Christian Jacob Schmid, a magistrate; T J. Rudolph Meisert, land commissioner and Jorg Baltas Munzig, judge. This will opens a mystery of where Tobias was after leaving his father at age 17 and arriving in Philadelphia at about age 24.

    He first appeared in Frederick County records when a deed was recorded on May 1,1754 (E.423) for a property containing 81 acres, and called "Johnson's Delight". This property was purchased from Thomas Johnson* and his wife Mary for seventeen pound, seventeen shillings, and seven pence. This property was located on the south side of Mill Creek between Middletown and Harmony, then called Beallsville, on Hollow Road. He bought 303 acres on November 10, 1761 and applied for a patent; the land was re- surveyed on April 1, 1762 and was found to contain only 58 acres clear of earlier surveys, and therefore added 245 acres of contiguous vacant land in two pieces; the certificate was for 303 acres in Conococheague Manor and renamed Schin Talir Gutt. A patent was issued May 24,1764. A discrepancy was also corrected by deed from Thomas Johnson to Tobias dated November 28, 1769 when Tobias paid him 20 pounds for a deficiency of 31 acres in the original 81 acre tract.
    Tobias was baptized on 1/15/1766, his sponsors were Tobias Reisner and his wife Susanna.
    He was a witness at the marriage of Elizabeth Wedel, another daughter of Peter.
    Buried in the Jerusalem Cemetery.

    ?WMG? Vol I., No. 4., pages 159-162 relates the following:
    ?Tobias Horine II was born at Mill Creek, Middletown Valley, the son of Tobias and Elizabeth Possert Horine <tobias.htm>, and died near Myersville, age 74. He married first shortly after 22 May 1787, when banns were proclaimed at the Evangelical Lutheran Church, to Rebecca Weddel, the daughter of Peter Weddel. (Tobias Harrein was a witness at the marriage of Elizabeth Wedel, another daughter of Peter, to Conrad Schmid at the same church 10/10/1786.)
    Rebecca died 16 December 1790, age 23, and is buried with Tobias II in the Jerusalem Cemetery on Easterday Road near U. S. 40, Frederick County. Tobias married Catherine Summer, who was born ca.1781, and is also buried with Tobias at Jerusalem Cemetery. Catherine was the sister of John Summer who in his will of 6 August 1810, mentions his sister Catherine Horine.
    On 21 December, 1793, (W.R. 12-168) Tobias Horine and Jacob Summers (the husband of his sister Elizabeth) bought for 500 pounds from Jacob Keller, Jacob Weddel, (executor of the estate of William Humbert) and Michael Humbert a tract of land called ?Humbert?s Resurvey?, adjoining ?The Mistaken Friend? property, being 301 acres; they also bought at the same time a contiguous piece of 4 acres called ?Second Chance Improved?; witnesses were Jacob Young and George Murdock.
    On September 23, 1796, (W.R. 14-494) Jacob Summers sold to Tobias his undivided half of the parcel for 316 pounds; witnesses were the same as above.
    On August 30, 1811, Tobias entered a petition to have this parcel resurveyed and renamed ?The Year of Plenty? <MDmap.htm>; the warrant was issued March 17, 1814. The patent book indicates that a parcel of 54 acres called ?Pigsty? was part of the tract; this had been surveyed for Samuel Arnold on October 11, 1751 and adjoined ?The Mistaken Friend?.
    On March 4, 1824 he bought from Jacob Liter of Frederick County for $5687.50 two tracts; ?Aarons Rod? adjoining ?Pigsty?, being 98 3/4 acres, and a 15 acre parcel that was part of ?Parmure?, conveyed by Robert Cheney to Aaron Suman January 20, 1810; Witnesses: Lewis Creager and Nicholas King; recorded March 4, 1824. This land adjoined his other near Myersville. The following year on February 28, 1825 he bought for $500.00 another 3/4 acre of ?Aarons Rod?; witnesses; Nicholas King and Henry J. Elder.
    Other land sales by Tobias II were:
    November 18, 1799, (W.R. 16-127) sold to Jacob Stoup for the sum of 8 pounds, a part of a ?Humberts Resurvey? containing one acre and 5/6 perches together with all buildings;
    August 5, 1828 (J.S. 30-40) to Jacob Toms for $142.00, 4 3/4 acres of ?The Year of Plenty? on the road from Middletown to Hagerstown; May 25, 1838 (H.S. 7-59) to Jacob Smith for $5937.50, parts of ?Aarons Rod?, ?The Resurvey on Parmure?, and ?The Year of Plenty? containing 188 acres with all buildings;
    December 24, 1826, to Jacob Doub for $50.00 1 1/2 acre of ?The Year of Plenty?, witnesses were Lewis Creager and Jacob Coblentz;
    May 24, 1828, sold to Jacob Toms 142 acres of the tract of land that is now Main Street in Myersville, the deed was witnessed by C. Miller and Jacob Summers, Jr. and recorded August 6, 1839.
    Two ?Bills of Sale? are recorded for Tobias:
    July 17, 1826, he purchased from his son-in-law, Joseph Maugans <../Miller/MAUGANS.htm>, husband of his daughter Sarah, furniture, kitchen stuff, and garden produce for $200.00; witnesses were Jno. McDonald and George Gebhardt.
    August 25, 1826, in satisfaction of a debt Maugans owed Tobias for $162.33, on a note made May 1, 1820 plus interest; he bought for $1.00 more, furniture, etc.; witnesses were George Doyle and George Rohr. This was probably when the Maugans moved to Ohio.

    The following list of early Deeds of the Horine Family are all of Tobias II or III. Those before 1841 were most likely Tobias II. Those after 1841 were probably Tobias III, son of Tobias (II) and Catherine Summers.
    J.S. 16-720 Tobias Horine from Jacob Liter 1822 Deed
    ? 22-123 ? ? ? Michael Humbert 1825 ?
    ? 25-46 ? ? ? Thomas Carlton 1826 ?
    ? 25-405 ? ? ? Joseph Maugans <../Miller/MAUGANS.htm> 1826 Sale
    ? 25-588 ? ? ? ? ? 1826 ?
    ? 30-40 ? ? to Jacob Toms 1828 Deed
    ? 31-55 ? ? ? Henry Tussing 1829 ?
    ? 38-515 ? ? from Valentine Wise 1832 Mortgage
    H.S. 7-59 ? ? to Jacob Smith 1838 Deed
    H.S. 21-415 Tobias Horine to Samuel Toms 1844 Deed
    ? 21-521 ? ? ? Jacob Summers <sommers.htm> 1844 ?
    ? 6-392 ? ? from George Bowlus 1847 ?
    ? 6-397 ? ? ? John Miller 1847 ?
    ? 6-502 ? ? ? Henry Culler 1847 ?
    E.S. 1-357 ? ? ? Joshua D. Koogle & wife 1852 ?
    ? 5-110 ? ? ? Daniel Young 1854 Sale
    ? 10-356 ? ? ? William Carroll & wife 1857 Deed
    B.F.G. 2-529 Tobias Horine, et al to Jefferson Mt Zion Ch. 1858 ?
    ? 5-584 ? ? ? Enoch Poffenberger 1860 ?
    ? 6-524 ? ? from James Carper & wife 1861 ?
    ? 6-671 and wife ? Greenbury G. R. House 1861 ?
    Tobias II signed all his deeds with an ?X?, indicating that the instructions by his father for an English education were not carried out.

    He appeared in several census enumerations:
    1790: he is shown with his wife and 3 girls.
    1800: he appears in Election District 3 with 1 male under 10 (Tobias III), 1 male 16-26 (?), 4 females under 10 (Mary, Rebecca, Euphraina, and Susanna), 2 females 10-1 (Catharine and Mary), and 1 female 16-26 (?).
    1810: he has 3 males under 10 (John, George, and Jacob), 1 male 10-16 (Tobias III), 1 male 16-26 (?), 2 females under 10 (Sarah, ?), 5 females 10-16 (Euphraina, Susanna, (?), (?), (?), and himself and his wife.
    1820: he has 1 male 5-10, males 10-15, 3 males 15-20, 2 females under 5, 1 female 5-10, 2 females 10-15, and 4 slaves. 1830 was not found. In 1840 his family consisted of himself age 70-80, a female ages 40-50, and 1 male 15-20, still living in the 3rd Election District.
    The dates given in the 1820 census do not correlate with the birth dates as shown through various other sources. There is also the question of who some of the people listed may have been, as their ages are not consistent with the birth dates reported in ?Western Maryland Genealogy?.

    ?WMG? continues as follows:
    ?Administration of Tobias? estate was granted to his son, Tobias and George Doub, which showed goods and chattels worth $1030.84; current money returned September 5, 1842 of $62.50; and debts received from David Main, Jacob Smith, Joseph Childknecht, Mahlon Harby, Jacob Young, Jacob Poffenberger of $2453.09; also $1500.00 from Larkin S. Cook, being the first payment for real estate sold him; grand total being $6544.75. Debts of $108.16 brought the final balance available for distribution to $6043.91, which including advancements made to the several children, made a total of $13,735.18. The amount distributed to the children will be detailed under their account below.
    On December 22, 1841, a case was filed in Frederick County Equity Court (Case #1788). The complainants were Tobias Horine and his wife Magdalena, Catherine, Samuel Horine, Daniel Main and wife Melinda, Elizabeth Wachtel, Jacob Smith and wife Rebecca, Christian Koogle and wife Euphraina, and Susanna Koogle, all of Frederick County, vs.; Joseph Maugans and wife Sarah <../Miller/MAUGANS.htm>, Jacob Horine and wife Elizabeth, Phillip Shoemaker and wife Matilda, all of Ohio, and George Patten, Ulery Shively and wife Elizabeth, Abraham and wife Mary, Robert Goslee and wife Nancy, all of Indiana. The complaint stated that Tobias Horine died in August 1841 owning a tract of 313 acres land called ?The Year of Plenty?, patented March 17, 1814. He had sold certain pieces of the tract to Larkin Cook, Jacob Smith, Jacob Thomas, and Jacob Doub, but still owned 133 acres at his death; he also owned 3/4 acres parcel of ?Aarons Rod?. There follows a full list of Tobias? heirs; a daughter, Catherine, who married George Castle (Cassell); Elizabeth, who married Jacob Wachtel, deceased; Rebecca, who married Jacob Smith; Euphraina. who married Christian Koogle, deceased; Tobias (III); Sarah, who married Joseph Maugans <../Miller/MAUGANS.htm>; John, Jacob, Matilda, who married Phillip Shoemaker; Melinda, who married Daniel Main; and Samuel; plus the following grandchildren; the daughter of the deceased daughter Mary who died about 3 years before her father; Elizabeth, who married Ulery Shively ; Mary, who married Abraham Warfel; Nancy, who married Robert Goslee; Hezekiah, Uriah, Thomas, Jr., and Margaret Rebecca Patten, all of full age except the last four. They were anxious to sell the real estate and have the proceeds distributed, calling themselves ?remidiless in the premises by the strict rules of community law and only relievable in a Court of Equity? This suit was probably not of any disagreement between the parties, but rather a vehicle to force the court to make a decision so the estate could be distributed quickly.
    Several pages in the court records consists of appointments of guardians for minor children. Ulery Shively ,of Carroll County, Indiana, was appointed January 21, 1842 for the Patten children, and Mr. J. Ross, of Frederick County, appointed for Samuel Horine, Tobias?s (II) youngest son, although it later developed that Samuel was not a minor after all. Witnesses were called and asked to testify as to when Tobias died, what they knew of the family, if Tobias left a will, and what real estate he owned. Samuel Toms was the first witness, who testified on February 1, 1842 that he had known all parties for about 20 years, and that Tobias died leaving land in Middletown Valley near Old HaHagerstown Road east of Blue Ridge mountain; he thought it would be advantageous to sell the land soon before it diminished in value from neglect. The other witness was Albert S. Suman, who stated on February 5, 1842 that the property was 1/4 mile from Myersville and consisted of a house and lot adjoining in good shape, although the fences were bad. He thought the interest on the money made from the sale would be preferable to the proportion of rent coming to each heir; he thought rent would be about $400.00 a year, less taxes and repairs, but if sold, the farm should go for about $50.00 per acre. As a result, the trustees, Tobias Horine (III) and Daniel Main (Mahn) advertised in the ?Catoctin Enterprise? and ?Frederick Herald? and by handbills of an auction to be held October 29, 1842. At this auction, Samuel Toms bought 201 acres at $44.00 per acres or a total price of $8844.00, he being the highest bidder. He was to pay in full by April 1, 1843. As the auction failed to sell the home place of 194 acres, another auction was held on February 10, 1843. Peter Palmer bought the house and 191 acres for $970.00; which consisted of a two-story weather boarded log house, large switzer barn, spring house and other out buildings, apple orchard, spring water in almost every field (seven fields in all), and a stable. The final papers in the file deal with two sales of rights by heirs: Joseph Maugans of Delaware County, Ohio sold his rights to Daniel Main for $500.00 on March 17, 1843 and John Horine sold his to George Routzahn for $525.00 on October 1, 1842.

    Tobias Horine II was the father of fourteen children, the first two were most likely born to Rebecca Weddel, if her headstone is correct. There is also the possibility that Mary could be have been born to Rebecca also; however, her age at confirmation suggest she was born in 1791 and would therefore be the first child of Catherine Summer.
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    Father: Johan Tobias Horine b: 5 May 1725 in Grantscheim,Wurttemburg,Germany
    Mother: Elizabeth Possert

    Marriage 1 Rebecca Weddel b: ABT 1767
    • Married: 22 May 1787 in Myersville,Frederick,Maryland
    • Note: Married in the Evangelical Lutheran Church.
    1. Has Children Catharine Horine b: 1788 in ,Frederick,Maryland
    2. Has Children Elizabeth Horine b: 18 May 1789

    Marriage 2 Catherine Summers b: 1764 in Of,,Frederick,Maryland
    • Married: ABT Jan 1791 in Myersville,Frederick,Maryland
    1. Has Children Mary Horine b: 16 Sep 1791 in Middletown,Frederick,Maryland
    2. Has Children Rebecca Horine b: 16 Sep 1792 in Middletown,Frederick,Maryland
    3. Has Children Euphraina Horine b: 2 Jan 1795
    4. Has Children Susannah Horine b: ABT 2 Mar 1799 in Middletown,Frederick,Maryland
    5. Has Children Tobias Horine III b: 15 Jul 1800 in Myersville,Frederick,Maryland
    6. Has Children Sarah Horine b: 22 Feb 1802 in Middletown,Frederick,Maryland
    7. Has Children John Henry Horine b: 4 Dec 1803 in Of,,Frederick,Maryland
    8. Has Children Jacob Horine b: 19 May 1805 in Middletown,Frederick,Maryland
    9. Has No Children George Valentine Horine b: ABT 1806 in ,Frederick,Maryland
    10. Has No Children Matilda Horine b: ABT 1811
    11. Has Children Malinda Horine b: 2 Mar 1814
    12. Has Children Samuel T. Horine b: 27 Jul 1822 in Myersville,Frederick,Maryland c: 10 Nov 1822 in ,Frederick,Maryland
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