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  • ID: I65950
  • Name: Allen Latham
  • Surname: Latham
  • Given Name: Allen
  • Prefix: Hon.
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1 Jul 1793 in Lyme, Grafton Co., New Hampshire
  • Death: 28 Mar 1871 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio
  • _UID: 5FC2066C581EDD44903CEDF8F4164EF225B8
  • Note:
    ! (1) "Colonial Virginia Anderson Families," by Patrick J. Anderson (http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com, patander73 database, 10 Jul 2006).
    (2) "Richard Clough Anderson Papers (1784-1904), Bound Volumes and Folders 1-169, Original Records of the Virginia Military District (http://www.library.uiuc.edu/ihx/big.html). (a) Leather bound volume stamped on backbone "lands delinquent for taxes" and reversed "A. Latham." List of proprietors in Virginia Military District, 1804-1811, and list of lands twice returned delinquent for taxes, 1811-1812. Reverse "A. Latham," ledger of surveying fees, 1829-1840. (b) Leather bound volume stamped on backbone "A. Latham." List of surveys arranged alphabetically by owner. (c) Leather bound volume, backbone stamped "record book." List of persons making entries in Virginia Military District arranged numerically. Entries numbered 102 through 15763 (volume continues into Allen Latham?s administration). (d) Leather bound notebook stamped "A. Latham." Contents: names of persons, 1 through 3115, with number of acres granted, to whom transferred, etc.(e) Leather bound notebook stamped "A. Latham" (but falls in administration of Col. R. C. Anderson). List of persons, numbers 1840 through 1939, 3116 through 6729. (f) Field notebook (Allen Latham?) Ohio Surveys May 1817-April 1819. (g) Ross Co., OH. Miscellaneous notebook (Allen Latham?) entries by Post Office. Pasted inside front and back covers printed list of names headed "August 8, 1838." (h) Field notebooks Allen Latham. (i) Allen Latham pocket notebook, 1822. Printed section plus blank pages. "No. 1 Ohio Lands Registered for sale at Allen Latham?s Office?Chillicothe." Calendar for 1822 pasted inside covers. Entries in Latham?s hand. (j)Allen Latham (handwriting). Field notebook, 1817-1818. (k) Allen Latham (handwriting). Pocket notebook with entries by name of various land parcels with many notes on persons with relation to transfers of titles. Indexed. 1801-1840. (l) Allen Latham (handwriting). Entry book "second copy"paperbound, township 10, range S. 1805. (m) Allen Latham (handwriting). Entry book paperbound, township 9, range S. 1805. (n) Allen Latham (handwriting). Notebook, leather cover. List of land entries by township. (o) Cardboard bound volume entitled "A. Latham Library" (handwriting). List of his books under general subject areas.
    (3) "Convolution," by Harry Owen (http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com, hom42 database, 11 Oct 2008).

    ! Birth: (2) Brother of Bela LATHAM. Uncle of William H. LATHAM, Allen LATHAM. (3) 1 Jul 1793. Lyme, Grafton Co., NH.
    Marriage to Maria ANDERSON: (1) (3) 16 Mar 1822. (2) B. STRAW, Cincinnati, wrote to Allen LATHAM, 18 Apr 1822, mentioning LATHAM?s recent marriage.
    Death: (3) 28 Mar 1871. Cincinnati, OH.

    (2) 1815, 10 Sep: Began studying law under William SMITH.
    (2) 1816, 29 Apr: Character recommendation for Mr. Allen LATHAM by John FAIRFIELD, Justice of the Peace, Grafton Co., NH.
    (2) 1816, 1 May: Character recommendation for Mr. Allen LATHAM by Augustus BURGOYNE, M.D., Lime, Grafton Co., NH. States bearer studied law at Dartmouth College.
    (2) 1816, 4 May: William SMITH, attorney for Supreme Court of NH, signs that Mr. Allen LATHAM had been under his tuition as a law student since 10 Sep 1815, to date.
    (2) 1817, 16 Apr: Nahum MITCHELL and Barth BROWN, Bridgewater, MA, wrote to Mr. Allen LATHAM. Recommendation of studies and character.
    (2) 1818, 8 Nov: Henry ANDERSON, Cincinnati, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Received letter from Jill ALLISTER with $100 note on the M. E. Co. which was in LATHAM?s pocketbook when lost, dated 4 Dec 1813, signed Martin BAUM, Pres. Change in bank payments made.
    (2) 1818, 26 Nov: Article of agreement, Benjamin HOUGH sold to James SLAUGHTER, 45 acres, $90. For value received, title assigned to Samuel SLAUGHTER. For value received, title assigned to Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1819, 27 Feb: Allen LATHAM, Chillicothe, wrote to Macon SAMPSON. Regrets SAMPSON?s "gloomy spirits" and advises brightening up and patience to lead to success. Encloses a quizzical paper to be sent with a big seal and elegant handwriting to "Hon. Jenep. N. COUCH, Chief Justice of the State of Ohio ? Chillicothe." Says it will afford him a great deal of diversion.
    (2) 1820, 1 Aug: Chillicothe, notice. Allen LATHAM and B. G. LEONARD to Officers and Soldiers of Virginia Line on Continental establishment, and widows and heirs of deceased heroes. Urges descendants to inquire of possible land warrants due them.
    (2) 1821, 3 Feb: Eliah LATHAM, Phillips, ME, wrote to cousin Allen LATHAM. Introduces Joel WHITNEY, postmaster, for whom he is a clerk, and requests questions answered. Gives news of relatives. Joel WHITNEY inquires concerning diseases affecting "Northern Immigrants." Both desire to move to OH.
    (2) 1821, 12 Apr: Elias LATHAM, Phillips, ME, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Approves description of western states and hopes sometime to buy some land there. Asks prices of various products in vicinity. States father died when house burned. Joel WHITNEY wrote to Allen LATHAM. Grateful for description of territory, contrasts it to northern weather with three feet of snow where he is. Asks price of produce.
    (2) 1821, 23 May: Allen LATHAM, Chillicothe, wrote to Col. ANDERSON. Sends warrant no. 6440 for 3555 2/3 acres granted Mary STEPHENSON, widow of Major John STEPHENSON. Will soon send entries. Requests withdrawals; offers home to son Robert, cadet, on way to military school.
    (2) 1821, 1 Nov: P. N. WHITE surveyed for Allen LATHAM, 127 acres.
    (2) 1822: The answer of Allen LATHAM to the bill of complaint exhibited against him in the Court of Common Pleas, Brown Co., OH.
    (2) 1822, 15 Feb: Chillicothe, OH. LATHAM and LEONARD, Roll of the Officers in the VA Line of the Revolutionary Army who received land bounty in OH and KY.
    (2) 1822, 18 Apr: B. STRAW, Cincinnati, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Mentions LATHAM?s recent marriage. Leaves business in LATHAM?s care.
    (2) 1822, May: Deed. Sarah SNEAD to Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1823: Allen LATHAM, Chillicothe, wrote to Colonel R. C. ANDERSON. Maria sailed in the "General Keron" 9 a.m. accompanied by Miss Effie McARTHUR and Mr. and Mrs. MASIE; expected to arrive at Portsmouth in evening. Bringing patent for 300 acres on warrant no. 348 lost by interference. Requests plats and certificates of James HOLMES and James BUSBY.
    (2) 1823, 24 Jan: John McADAM wrote to LATHAM and LEONARD. Thomas BROWN, postmaster, stated that LATHAM and LEONARD?s business communications abruptly ceased. Wishes to know reason and details. [NOTE: Numerous other letters addressed to LATHAM in files dated in this same time period wanting to know why no correspondence had been received or business had not been attended to.]
    (2) 1823, 22 May: Joseph MYRICK, Port William, Gallatin Co., KY, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Former classmate of Dartmouth College. As an instructor wishes to move to OH because of money situation in KY.
    (2) 1823, 24 Jul: Richard ANDERSON, Soldier?s Retreat, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Continues ill; Larz (son) talks of going to Chillicothe but fear of offending LATHAM prevents his so doing.
    (2) 1823, 28 Jul: Horace CARPENTER, Chillicothe, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Has been ill but not unhappy because of his wife?s attentions. Congratulates LATHAM upon marriage; hopes to find him home on next visit.
    (2) 1823, 5 Oct: Bro. Bern wrote to Allen LATHAM. Visited while LATHAM and wife were absent. Left in trunk bottle of fir balsam from mother. C. B. HAMILTON sends by Harvey deed from copies.
    (2) 1824, 16 Mar: R. C. ANDERSON, Soldier?s Retreat, order on General LYTLE for money and papers and R. C. ANDERSON's power of attorney to Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1824, 17 Aug: President?s land grant for military services of Major John STEPHENSON; 72 acres assignee Allen LATHAM of Nathaniel SAWYER assignee of Mary STEPHENSON. Signature removed.
    (2) 1825: Account of Allen LATHAM, addressed to Judges of Court of Common Pleas. Ross Co., OH.
    (2) 1825, 13 Mar: B. RUGGLES, Senate Chamber, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Notice of nomination by President as surveyor of the Virginia Military District. J. P. MOORE of KY appointed Minister to Columbia; General HARRISON recalled.
    (2) 1825, 9 Apr: Judges of Court of Common Pleas appoint Allen LATHAM administrator of Benjamin HOUGH?s estate. Abigail MARCH vs. Allen LATHAM, summons LATHAM, administrator for heirs of Benj. HOUGH, to appear before judges to answer petition in chancery brought by Abegain [Abigail?] MARCH. [NOTE: To sure if this is simply in his capacity as lawyer, or because he was related. Numberous items in the file deal with the administration of this estate.]
    (2) 1825, 14 Apr: Owen MASON wrote to Wm. SHARP. Judgment against SHARP for $210.78 as security for O. MASON. For value received SHARP assigns claim on MASON to LATHAM.
    (2) 1825, 22 Nov: Allen LATHAM appoints Philo N. WHITE, attorney in fact, to take possession of survey no. 8400 in name of Anthony SHERIFF, 239 acres.
    (2) 1826, 7 Mar: Deed. F. TAYLOR to LATHAM, $300, lot no. 134.
    (2) 1826, 23 Mar: Thomas SKREN wrote to Allen LATHAM. Applies for deed of 158 acres purchased from Benj. ANDERSON, agent for Matthew ANDERSON and Richard C. ANDERSON.
    (2) 1826, 25 Mar: Survey no. 12777, Allen LATHAM, 150 acres, warrant no. 6308. Survey no. 12778, Allen LATHAM, 666 2/3 acres, warrant no. 6308. Allen LATHAM, District Surveyor.
    (2) 1826, 3 Jun: R. C. ANDERSON deed to Allen LATHAM.
    (3) 1826, 3 Sep: Daniel MORGAN, Mason Co., KY, wrote to Allen LATHAM. No evidence in R. C.ANDERSON?s office of LATHAM?s right to David KIRKPATRICK?s warrant no. 6624 thereby could not receive MORGAN?s entries. Requests assignment sent so he may send entries. Inquires where he might purchase military warrants.
    (2) 1826, 6 Oct: James GALLOWAY, Xenia, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Requests entries made in Col. ANDERSON?s ofice since it last opened. Will pay 6 1/4 cents per entry. Entries surveyed to be distinguished in the margin.
    (2) 1827, 15 Feb: Benj. RUGGLES, Washington, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Promises support when appointing a successor to Col. ANDERSON at the time it comes up in the Senate.
    (2) 1827, 7 Jun: Allen LATHAM, Chillicothe, wrote to Mr. JONES, U.S. Bank agent. Quotes paragraph from friend?s letter saying letter of unfavorable statements was written by Mr. JONES to senate deciding on a successor to Colonel ANDERSON. Stated WALLACE was recommended. Copy of letter from Geo. W. JONES to N. WRIGHT, Cincinnati, sent to Allen LATHAM by WRIGHT. Contains denial of recommending anyone as Col. ANDERSON?s successor; criticized ANDERSON?s business methods, 14 Jun 1827.
    (2) 1827, 28 Sep: Agreement between heirs of R. C. ANDERSON by attorney Allen LATHAM and John CASTLE Jr. Lease five acres for putting up a 750-rail fence.
    (2) 1827, 13 Nov: William BEACH vs. Frederick BENGAMAN. Deed conveyed to Allen LATHAM. Costs to be paid by defendant.
    (2) 1828, 19 Mar: Agreement, Allen LATHAM sells 100 acres, survey no. 6285, to Elijah TOMAS for $136.25, notes due 1 Nov 1828, and 1 Nov 1829. On same date, article of agreement, Allen LATHAM sells 100 acres, survey no. 6285 for $15 to John NEWLAND. Note due 1 Jan 1829.
    (2) 1828, 20 Mar: Deed. Isaac and Amy DEVORSE to Allen LATHAM, 25 acres, $50.
    (2) 1828, 12 Jul: Printed notice of lands for sale by Allen LATHAM. Terms cash or very short credit.
    (2) 1829, 13 Mar: President Andrew JACKSON appointment of Allen LATHAM surveyor of Virginia Military District in Ohio.
    (2) 1829, 10 Apr: Bellamy STORER wrote to Allen LATHAM. Asks names of executors or administrators of estate of Col. R. C. ANDERSON.
    (2) 1829, 16 Jul: Survey no. 12879, 300 acres, Allen LATHAM, warrant no. 852 and 6561. Cadwallader WALLACE, D.S.
    (2) 1829, 15 Nov: Wm. H. LATHAM to Allen LATHAM. Inquires of possibility of collecting note of L. SPRINKLE; requests a dozen mittens sent to be sold as not a pair is in his city; asks for newspapers after read.
    (2) 1830, 15 Mar: H. W. RITCHIE and Hetty, wife, for value received assign to Allen LATHAM, warrant no. 6625 for 2000 acres.
    (2) 1830, 28 May: Amos HOLTON vs. Allen LATHAM. In Replevin pending in Ross Common Pleas. Property sold to Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1830, 3 Jun: Jn. WATSON, Washington City, Solicitor?s Office for Claims, wrote to Bela LATHAM, P.M. Wants political letter published by brother. Sends copy of warrants and certificates to be signed by LATHAM?s brother.
    (2) 1831, 15 Aug: Owen T. FISHBACK, Batavia, OH, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Has letters and papers of ANDERSON and LYTLE?s correspondence; relied upon by heirs of R. C. ANDERSON to obtain land claims.
    (2) 1831, 29 Aug: Wm. H. LATHAM, Lime, NH, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Wishes to purchase Ohio farm land known as the "Anderson Tract"; hopes to retire in permanent place.
    (2) 1831, 1 Sep: Maria LATHAM, Louisville, wrote to husband Allen LATHAM. Visiting mother; tells news of various relatives.
    (2) 1831, 17 Sep: Andrew MURPHEY to Allen LATHAM. 80 acres for $125.
    (2) 1831, 31 Dec: Allen LATHAM wrote to wife Maria. To be gone about 14 days, getting script [scrip?]; going to Baltimore on return.
    (2) 1832, Jul: Survey for Allen LATHAM, 106 acres on warrant no. 6624; Isaac FLEMING, surveyor.
    (2) 1832, 7 Sep: Copy of warrant no. 1000 in name of Brigadier Gen. Daniel MORGAN, assigned to Allen LATHAM by N. OBANNON and wife Matilda.
    (2) 1832, 25 Oct: John DEVORSs and wife Mary sell 60 acres, warrant no. 10465 for $100 to Allen LATHAM, Pickaway Co., OH.
    (2) 1833, 19 Jan: Amos HOLTON, Columbus, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Candidate for Quarter Master General; asks LATHAM to secure brother?s support.
    (2) 1833, 10 Apr: Allen LATHAM sells to David TURNIPSEED 62 acres for $124, Fayette Co.; note given.
    (2) 1833, 12 May: T. M. KELLY, Albany, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Notice of marriage on 6 May at Thetford, VT, of Mr. T. M. KELLY to Miss Lucy LATHAM.
    (2) 1833, 20 Jun: N. F. JONES, Washington, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Bela LATHAM wanted to purchase land, asks terms; to give preference to those purchasing under tax claims.
    (2) 1833, 27 Sep: Chillicothe. Agreement between Allen LATHAM and Jno. MILLS, Madison Co. LATHAM sold two entries for $80 to be paid before 21 Jun following.
    (2) 1834, 21 Jan: Jossiah B. ANDREW, dec?d; $300 paid by Allen LATHAM buying 57 acres of estate.
    (2) 1834, 23 Jan: Wm. H. LATHAM, Hanover, wrote to "Uncle" Allen LATHAM. Answering letter of 23 Sep 1831; long letter quoting prices of commodities, weather, possessions, relatives? health, etc.; wishes to move to OH to have a sheep farm; inquires of business, wages, prospects of OH.
    (2) 1834, 28 Jan: N. F. JONES, Washington, wrote to to A. LATHAM. Bela LATHAM afraid of private injury after disagreements; ROGERS in VA purchasing land, tenant not yet disturbed.
    (2) 1834, 25 Feb: Owen T. FISHBACK, Baltimore, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Former letters unanswered; learned of indisposition of LATHAM; requests an answer soon.
    (2) 1834, 1 Sep: Geo. C. LIGHT, Maysville, KY, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Was agent for Col. R. C. ANDERSON; sold 50 acres and purchaser anxious for deed, power of attorney no longer valid; turns business over to LATHAM, administrator of estate.
    (2) 1835, 7 Nov: STOVER and SPENCER, Cincinnati, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Inquiry of heirs of Richard C. and Martha ANDERSON; contract to survey land not fulfilled; purchase money paid but deed deferred.
    (2) 1836, 1 Oct: Stage stock and contract for camping the U.S. Mail from Portsmouth to Columbus joint property of Allen LATHAM and John MADEIRA; both paid equal amounts in purchase; Joseph G. WHITE $125 donation; $6116 total Stock.
    (2) 1836, 5 Dec: Deed. Eleazer P. KENDRICK and wife to Allen LATHAM. $80 for 100 acres.
    (2) 1837, 28 Mar: Release. A. BOURNE and wife for $405 sold Lot 41 to Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1837, 28 Oct: J. R. ANDERSON and wife sold land to Allen LATHAM for $500 Paid 21 Apr 1845.
    (2) 1837, 2 Dec: Ross Co., OH. Two receipts $25 each for 10th and 11th installments upon five shares of capital stock of Allen LATHAm in Milford and Chillicothe Turnpike Company.
    (2) 1837, 2 Dec: Sam H. HILLER, Ohio Life Ins. and Trust, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Loan declined for "want of means."
    (2)1837, 11 Dec: Portsmouth. Allen LATHAM, John COATES, E. P. KENDRICK signatures to $500 90-day note to Commercial Bank of Scioto.
    (2) 1837, 25 Dec: Twenty-four certifications of different land tracts bought for taxes by Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1838, 20 Jan: Wm. H. LATHAM, Hanover, wrote to "Uncle" A. LATHAM. Desires to go to OH to live; will have money soon but unsure of value outside of locality; asks prices of woolen markets; quotes various prices of commodities.
    (2) 1838, 26 Jun: Elias P. BUCKNER and wife sold two tracts of land, 170 acres and 250 acres, to Allen LATHAM for $1 and land.
    (2) 1838, 25 Sep: Samuel JOHN, Batavia, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Received letter stating LATHAM was running for office and an inquiry was made of his attitude toward JOHN; reminds LATHAM of unanswered letters and accuses him of "robbing" him of his home; will delay answering inquiry letter until hears from LATHAM.
    (2) 1838, 30 Sep: Allen LATHAM, Chillicothe, wrote to Hon. Israel WHITAKER. "Private." Concerning suit with Mr. JOHN; believes litigation costing more than value of land; doesn?t expect to be elected but only fills vacancy on ticket.
    (2) 1838, 4 Nov: James GALLOWAY, Xenia, wrote to Wm. M. ANDERSON. Bearer to obtain surveys to procure patents; deputy surveyorship ended with LATHAM?s resignation; asks for continuance of position at his discretion.
    (2) 1839, 8 Jan: Wm. H. LATHAM, Columbus, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Unable to collect claims; relates convention at State House.
    (2) 1839, 21 Jan: Survey for Allen LATHAM, 620 3/10 acres, part of Thomas HILL survey no. 798, 17 Jan 1839. W. ROBE wrote to Allen LATHAM. Sent $7.40 to be paid to W. Marshall ANDERSON on account.
    (2) 1839, 11 Mar: Survey and plat no. 13589 for Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1839, 18 Jun: Daniel McDANIEL, Highland Co., wrote to Allen LATHAM. Claims title to land on which family possessed 30 years; learned LATHAM also claimed title; inquires to learn if it is a better one.
    (2) 1839, 10 Aug: Wm. H. LATHAM, Union Twp., wrote to "Uncle" Allen LATHAM. Asks aid in drawing line on land before it is sold; unable to purchase at present.
    (2) 1839, 16 Sep: William H. LATHAM, Washington, wrote to "Uncle" Allen LATHAM. Line to be drawn 26th of month; invites family to visit for a few days.
    (2) 1839, 24 Oct: Agreement. Allen LATHAM sold Maurice GENDSHAW 1757 1/2 acres in survey no. 12276 for $5272.50.
    (2) 1840, 24 Feb: Wm. H. LATHAM, Washington , wrote to Allen LATHAM. Asks for $25 to pay for some sheep purchased.
    (2) 1840, 7 Apr: J. E. JEFFERDS, Clinton Bank, Columbus, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Notice of appointment as a director of the institution.
    (2) 1840, 12 Jul: Wm. H. LATHAM, Washington, wrote to Allen LATHAM. George ROGGER estate for sale; wishes to purchase part of land if the Pike were to go through it.
    (2) 1840, 29 Jul: C. H. BROUGH, Lancaster, OH, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Invitation to attend meeting of Democratic Central Committee of Fairfield, OH.
    (2) 1840, 22 Oct: Wm. H. LATHAM, Washington, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Mr. Stephen YEOMAN appraised lands and farm; requests survey made by Mr. WHITE; requests notice given butcher of stock and meats for sale; asks loan of $200 till Christmas.
    (2) 1841, Feb: Wm. H. LATHAM, Union Township, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Requests loan; tells of purchasing yolk of oxen.
    (2) 1841, 7 Feb: Wm. H. LATHAM, Washington, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Mr. GREENLE purchased a farm so no longer a prospective renter; doesn?t know of anyone else who wishes to rent.
    (2) 1841, 12 Mar: Samuel JOHN, Patriot, Switzerland Co., INm wrote to Allen LATHAM. Offers to settle their difficulties as soon as LATHAM may arrange the business.
    (2) 1841, 10 Jul: James HALL, Cincinnati, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Copy of assignment of land warrants to Allen LATHAM by De Witt C. MOSBY; original to be sent for $100 cash by order of MOSBY.
    (2) 1842, 4 Jan: Henry HANNA, Hanging Rock, wrote to Hon. Allen LATHAM, member of the senate. Enclosed memoranda by citizens in favor of rechartering the specie-paying banking systems under restrictions.
    (2) 1842, 8 Jan: Wm. H. LATHAM, Med. College, Cincinnati, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Requests loan to continue studies.
    (2) 1842, 15 Feb: Jno. HOUGH, Chillicothe, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Information that Thos. G. FISK was indebted 11 or $12,000 and had assets of not more than $2000; understood LATHAM was his security and should know of it.
    (2) 1842, 28 Feb: Warrant nos. 6286 and 2370, Capt. Robert POWELL, Sr., entry nos. 11099 and 13766 assigned to LATHAM. Nos. 12975, 12976 and 14584 assigned to Allen LATHAM from Capt. David KIRKPATRICK?s heirs. Nos. 13967 and 13953 assignment to Allen LATHAM from heirs Richard DRANE.
    (2) 1842, 29 Aug: James McDOWEL, Mt. Carmel, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Sending son, Langham, for LATHAM?s guardianship; tells of unruly conduct and discourteousness to mother.
    (2) 1843, 25 Feb: Thomas J. DODD, Brownsville, Washington Co., MD, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Inquiry of land warrant no. 5908, his, but heard LATHAM also claimed it.
    (2) 1843, 24 Apr: S. H. PARKER, Land Office, Richmond, VA, wrote to Thos. H. BLAKE, 12 Apr. Heir of Littleberry MOSLEY stated certain persons falsely claiming heirship sold interest in four warrants to T. B. ANDERSON, J. ANDERSON, and Allen LATHAM. Requests no patent be issued. On 19 Apr, Thos. H. BLAKE, Newport, wrote to James TAYLOR, and on 24 Apr James TAYLOR wrote to Allen LATHAM. Sent on letter received from General Land Office. Notice of over-patent of 83 acres on assignment from LATHAM. TAYLOR requests LATHAM?s advice.
    (2) 1843, 10 Jul: Allen LATHAM deed to Wm. ROWE, for $2528.26, land yet unpaid and had bill against heirs for amount and interest.
    (2) 1843, 16 Dec: R. P. SPALDING, Columbus, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Jeffersonian Democrats requested him to write the liberal and rational men of the party to urge the importance of a general rally in Columbus on 8 Jan.
    (2) 1843, 27 Dec: Survey no. 14911, 70 2/3 acres, for Allen LATHAM, by E. P. KENDRICK, District Surveyor. Attached, note, covered by another survey no. 15762.
    (2) 1844, 10 Jan: Survey no. 13946, 13 1/3 acres for Allen LATHAN, by A. D. KENDRICK, District Surveyor. Attached, certification warrant no. 6649 not yet satisfied.
    (2) 1844, 10 May: Th. L. HAMES wrote to Allen LATHAM. A. LALL(?) wrote to T. L. HAMES, 29 Apr. Finished surveying 50-acre tract BINGAMAN bought from LATHAM?s entry. Request by Mr. BINGHAM to close the business and secure title.
    (2) 1844, 10 Aug: Wm. H. LATHAM, Washington, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Offers property in Columbus as payment of debt; believes land prices to remain low if Texas "is annexed."
    (2) 1844, 9 Oct: Ross Co., OH, Sherriff?s summons to Alexander W. McCOY and William OTT, Sam F. MacCRACKEN, Allen LATHAM, James WORTHINGTON, and W. G. GILMORE suit $16000 by Thomas JAMES.
    (2) 1845, 10 Apr: Abraham K. JOHN, Alexandria, Campbell Co., KY, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Inquiry of possibility of purchasing some lands in litigation between father and LATHAM; requests secrecy from family of business.
    (2) 1845, 23 Oct: Allen LATHAM appoints Daniel GREGG power of attorney to collect accounts due and to sell some land.
    (2) 1845, 3 Nov: Northampton Co., VA, deed, two tracts of land $315.50 Eliz. T. NEAL sold Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1846, 6 Jan: Scioto. Summons for Allen LATHAM and Hiram POE to appear before Judge James S. McLAIN, $90 debts.
    (2) 1846, 2 Feb: John RAYMOND quit claim 200 acres of land to Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1846, May: Wm. COGSWELL, Gilmantown, NH, wrote to Allen LATHAM, form letter to graduates of Dartmouth College with question of biographical nature.
    (2) 1846, 22 Jun: Allen LATHAM sold Joseph KNOPF and Valentine WALLS 122 acres for $850 on terms.
    (2) 1846, 14 Aug: Allen LATHAM and J. MADEIRA settled partnership staging business, and divided proceeds, Chillicothe.
    (2) 1846, 9 Sep: Agreement. Allen LATHAM sold Thomas LOWRY 200 acres for $1000, 23 Oct 1843. Claim relinquished to LATHAM.
    (2) 1846, 28 Oct: Article of agreement. Allen LATHAM sold John HEADLEY, 110 acres, $233.33 total.
    (2) 1846, 2 Dec: Article of agreement. Allen LATHAM sold Wm. GROVES 202 acres, eight notes totaling $747.50.
    (2) 1847, 8 Feb: Harvy Langham EVANS of Columbus deed to Allen LATHAM 204 acres for $1500.
    (2) 1847, 4 Mar: One year lease of "Pratt Place," Allen LATHAM to Thomas G. McCOLLISTER and Jeptha PERILL.
    (2) 1847, 13 Mar: Article of agreement. Allen LATHAM sold 106 1/2 acres to James TOOPS and David GREEN for $426.
    (2) 1847, 12 Jun: J. F. REINMUND and J. H. WALTEN, Springfield, OH, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Unanimously elected honorary member of the Philosophian Society of Witherberg, which was to promote social, moral and intellectual improvement among members.
    (2) 1847, 26 Jun: Van S. MURPHY deeded 50 acres to Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1847, 3 Aug: Wm. Nouse, Washington, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Inquiry if widow of Col. ANDERSON had received pension.
    (2) 1847, 12 Sep: Jesse DOWNARD, Wilmington, Clinton Co., OH, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Inquiry if patent were obtained on land jointly owned; intends to bring suit to secure possession.
    (2) 1847, 6 Oct: Agreement, Charles HAMLIN sold to Allen LATHAM for $400 lands inherited from Col. and Fanny HAMLIN. Agreement, Wileman THOMAS, agent for Charles HAMLIN, sold land from Col. and Fanny HAMLIN to Allen LATHAM for $400.
    (2) 1847, 24 Nov: James HALL, Cincinnati, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Requests LATHAM to sell land belonging to Louise near Bainbridge to Mr. WOODRIDGE and invest at securities of 10%.
    (2) 1847, 9 Dec: Agreement, Allen LATHAM sold Isaac HAGLEN 113 acres of land at $3 per acre.
    (2) 1847, 31 Dec: Allen Latham MARK wrote to Allen LATHAM. Namesake writing to learn if he may expect land promised him according to his parents.
    (2) 1848, 12 Feb: Wm. H. AWS, Ohio Lunatic Asylum, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Refusal of admittance of Jno. HOUGH to institution because quota was filled from his county.
    (2) 1848, 23 Feb: Agreement, Allen LATHAM sold to Jesse LEE 107 acres for $749 plus interest.
    (2) 1848, 14 Mar: Allen LATHAM took oath before a justice of the peace as President of the B. P. and Cincinnati R. R. Co.
    (2) 1848, 4 Apr: Allen LATHAM deed to John FRANZ and Marcus MILLER 46 ft. of lot no. 46, Water St., Chillicothe, $1600 in notes.
    (2) 1848, 18 Apr: Telegraph Office, Columbus, OH, W. H. LATHAM to Allen LATHAM. Someone not as well as day before.
    (2) 1848, 3 May: W. B. THRALL, Columbus, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Seeking consent of relatives of Bela LATHAM to erect a monument to his memory in the Masonic Fraternity.
    (2) 1848, 12 Jun: Sarah Jane ANDERSON of Ross Co. sold Allen LATHAM survey no. 5139 for $1360.
    (2) 1848, 16 Jun: Allen LATHAM leased to A. A. SPICER survey no. 11346, Union Co., York Twp., 51 quarter acres.
    (2) 1848, 14 Aug: Agreement, Allen LATHAM sold Ottey ROSE, Alexander ROSE, and Polly SPARROW 600 acres in Pike Co. for $2400.
    (2) 1848, 16 Nov: Cecelia ANDERSON sold to Allen LATHAM survey no. 5139 for $668. Attached deed for R. C. ANDERSON to Cecelia ANDERSON and Judith KELLOG, 18 Nov 1825.
    (2) 1848, 2 Dec: Hall NEILSON and wife deed to Allen LATHAM for $10 title interest in survey no. 9900.
    (2) 1849, 6 Jan: Agreement. Allen LATHAM sold 100 acres of land for $400 to Vincent and Emanuel BROWN.
    (2) 1849, 10 Jan: Agreement, Allen LATHAM sold Geo. and Jacob TRUMPLER 90 1/4 acres for $361.
    (2) 1849, 9 Feb: W. H. LATHAM, Columbus, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Commenting "James" was a scholar and should continue his studies and not try mercantile business in spite of his ill health.
    (2) 1849, 23 May: Wm. H. LATHAM, Washington, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Unable to bring horse, mare, at present time but would later if requested.
    (2) 1849, 30 May: Receipt, $20 part-payment of subscription to M. E. Church by Allen LATHAM, Chillicothe.
    (2) 1849, 18 Jul: Catherine GLOVER deed to Allen LATHAM, for $267.
    (2) 1849, 13 Sep: Allen LATHAM sold to Ottey ROSE 150 acres $215.50 note due 1 Jan.
    (2) 1850, 16 Mar: Andrew D. KENDRICK sold to Allen LATHAM, for $417.60 at 96 cents per acre. Assigned 10 Feb 1851.
    (2) 1850, May: Allen LATHAM vs. Wm. ARCHER et al. Assigned to Wood JONES surveys listed.
    (2) 1850, 9 Dec: Chillicothe. Agreement. Allen LATHAM sold 163 acres to Josiah LEE for $350.
    (2) 1850, 12 Dec: Chillicothe. Allen LATHAM sold Geo. W. DICKENSON 100 acres for $290.
    (2) 1851, 1 Jan: James WORTHINGTON and wife sold to Allen LATHAM land on Paint Street for $1000, Ross Co., OH.
    (2) 1851, 27 Feb: James HALL, Cincinnati, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Comments on recovery of LATHAM?s health; had new daughter, Catharine, nite before.
    (2) 1851, 1 Mar: S. F. McCRACKEN and wife deed to Allen LATHAM land for $900.
    (2) 1851, 25 Mar: Deed. Andrew D. KENRICK and wife sold to Allen LATHAM 435 acres for $418.
    (2) 1851, 27 Mar: Receipt. Allen LATHAM paid $626.23 for land purchased at Sheriff?s sale in case of Edward JENNINGS vs. Wm. GILMAN.
    (2) 1851, 13 Jun: Chillicothe. Wm. GILMORE and wife sold to Allen LATHAM lot on Paint Street, Chillicothe, for $1294.42.
    (2) 1851, 19 Jun: W. H. LATHAM, Columbus, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Money due on land purchased and $200 debt additional; requesting loan.
    (2) 1851, 3 Sep: Agreement. Benjamin ROADS bought 179 acres for $439.65 from Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1851, 10 Sep: Chillicothe. Promissory note of Allen LATHAM. $1000 to McGINNIS and GREGG for land conveyed. Attached to agreement for sale of 2176 2/3 acres on above note. Deed. On same date, Allen LATHAM and wife sold to Daniel GREGG, for $2000, in Ross and Pike Co.
    (2) 1851, 18 Sep: James RUSSEL purchased of Allen LATHAM 26 acres for $91.
    (2) 1851, 11 Oct: Bill in Chancery Court of Common Pleas. Allen LATHAM against Wm. ARCHER and others. Wm. K. McMILLEN, sheriff, Ross Co., and Special Master Commissioner Deed to Andrew D. KENDRICK.
    (2) 1851, 18 Oct: Agreement, Allen LATHAM sold Robert ALLEN 50 acres for $225 to be paid within 10 days. Plat on reverse.
    (2) 1851, 18 Nov: Allen LATHAM deed to Lewis DEMOSS 194 acres for $1200.
    (2) 1852, Jan: Geo. WILLIAMSON?s promise to procure for Allen LATHAM, agent and trustee for heirs of Richard C. ANDERSON, a patent on survey no. 4481 for 200 acres; also promises $14 fees with interest.
    (2) 1852, 12 Feb: Sam KENDRICK, New Vienna, wrote to Mr. and Mrs. LATHAM. Letter of thanks for advice, etc; hopes to marry within a month.
    (2) 1852, 28 Feb: Chillicothe. Agreement. Allen LATHAM sold 104 acres to John McGHEE $416 with interest.
    (2) 1852, 17 Mar: Wm. H. LATHAM, Washington, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Requests acknowledgment of $200 paid; undecided whether to let son go to school or to have him work.
    (2) 1852, 10 Apr: Wm. H. LATHAM wrote Uncle for advice about business investment in a city car line; gives details of proposition and advantages and disadvantages of the venture.
    (2) 1852, 29 May: Agreement, Allen LATHAM sold Jaocb and Chas. BRUNNEY 166 acres for $830.
    (2) 1852, 1 Jun: Wm. H. LAATHAM, Columbus, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Meeting "opposition" from Samuel; asks for influence to change attitude of board members. Three cent stamp affixed.
    (2) 1852, 9 Jul: Agreement, Allen LATHAM sold John ELLIOTT survey no. 12954 for $6 per acre.
    (2) 1852, 11 Aug: Allen LATHAM and wife deed land to Daniel GREGG for $1200.
    (2) 1852, 23 Aug: Agreement, Allen LATHAM sold Hartman GINDER and Godfrey GINDER 100 acres for $500.
    (2) 1852, 19 Oct: Wm. H. LATHAM, Washington, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Sent a letter from a prospective buyer from KY of his farm and asks information of him.
    (2) 1852, 22 Nov: Wm. H. LATHAM, Washington, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Requests name of gentleman who wrote from KY regarding purchase of farm.
    (2) 1852, 24 Nov: Agreement, James W. ADAMS bought of Allen LAATHAM 143 acres of survey no. 11346 for $429.
    (2) 1852, 2 Dec: Wm. H. LATHAM, Columbus, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Asks advice about two propositions to take for life; continuing profession of teaching or to go to IA to seek opportunity in Deaf and Dumb institution.
    (2) 1852, 8 Dec: Allen LATHAM and wife deed 176 acres to Edward KING for $792.
    (2) 1852, 20 Dec: Agreement, Allen LATAHAM sold 465 1/2 acres to Francis W. McCONNELLl for $1055.
    (2) 1853, 28 Jan: Guysville, OH advertisement of "Reichert?s Falling Post and self securing flood fence," Allen LATHAM wrote a paragraph of approval.
    (2) 1853, 2 Mar: Agreement, Allen LATHAM sold E. OGAN 96 1/4 acres for $365.
    (2) 1853, 10 Mar: Agreement, Allen LATHAM sold Robert THOMPSON part of survey no. 5139 for $6 per acre.
    (2) 1853, 13 Jun: W. H. LATHAM, Washington, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Expects to have $3000 and wants to go West to purchase lands; asks if he has any warrants to sell.
    (2) 1853, 4 Jun: James McCLINTICK deed to Allen LATHAM. Sheriff?s sale of land formerly owned by CORAM heirs.
    (2) 1853, 5 Jun: E. B. PPERKINS, Marietta, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Invitation to attend Dartmouth class reunion.
    (2) 1853, 4 Jul: Montreal Hotel, receipt, $5.17 Allen LATHAM paid for board, room, and bath.
    (2) 1853, 14 Jul: Boston hotel bill $11.00 paid by Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1853, 11 Sep: M. LENE. Indianapolis, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Requests account of amount expended for traveling expenses.
    (2) 1854, 8 Feb: John SCOTT and wife deed to Allen LATHAM for $400 parts of lots 16 and 19.
    (2) 1854, 4 Mar: John WILSON, General Land Office, wrote to Wm. L. LATHAM. Enclosed Virginia Military patent for 904 1/4 acres in favor of Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1854, 3 Apr: Allen LATHAM and wife deed to Daniel GREGG, 1953 acres. On same date, Survey no. 14912 and warrant no. 1159 to Smith SNEAD, 155 acres, Allen LATHAM assignee of Elias E. BUCKNER.
    (2) 1854, 10 Apr: Patent U.S. land grant to Allen LATHAM, 80 acres.
    (2) 1854, 29 May: John WILSON wrote to Allen LATHAM. Enclosed Virginia military patent on 712 acres in favor of heirs of Littleberry MOSBY assigned to Tennison B. and John ANDERSON.
    (2) 1854, 30 May: Land Grant to Allen LATHAM 260 acres, U.S. General Land Office seal.
    (2) 1854, 7 Jul: Allen LATHAM, Chillicothe, wrote to Hanson L. PENN. States Daniel GREGG to receive any money collected for him; to return to Cincinnati in cooler weather.
    (2) 1854, 16 Sep: Allen LATHAM deed 131 acres part of survey nos. 12642, 15685, and 12628 and 9, Chillicothe, to Henry DICK for $5 per acre.
    (2) 1854, 20 Sep: Court of Common Pleas. Allen LATHAM against Robert CLARK, Eliz. CLARK Sr., Eliz. CLARK Jr., Nancy CLARK, Joseph CLARK, Henry and Sarah BYRON. Question of rightful possession of land.
    (2) 1854, 21 Dec: Stephen O. HAND wrote to Daniel GREGG. Leased shoestore to Allen LATHAM for $300.
    (2) 1855: Paxton township, Ross Co., OH. Allen LATHAM?s bill of sale. Brief description. Description, title, and purchase of land sold by Allen LATHAM and wife to Lafayette ROSE.
    (2) 1855, 16 Jan: Allen LATHAM assigned 200 acres of survey no. 12017 of warrant no. 6508 to Daniel GREGG for value received.
    (2) 1855, 19 Jan: Daniel GREGG, Chillicothje, wrote to W. L. LATHAM. Requests aid to procure patent for Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1855, 30 Jan: Daniel GREGG wrote to J. M. RICKEY. Answer by agent; $3 per acre asked. Land owned by Allen LATHAM and not KENDRICK.
    (2) 1855, 7 Feb: Article of agreement, Allen LATHAM sold James COTTREL 43 1/2 acres for $174, survey nos. 14642 and 15681.
    (2) 1855, 27 Feb: Stephen LETTERST and wife deed to Allen LATHAM lot 273 in Chillicothe.
    (2) 1855, 27 Feb: John WILSON, General Land Office, wrote to Milton LATHAM. Enclosed patent on VA military survey no. 15705 for 1742 acres in name of Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1855, 5 Mar: J. K. HAMILTON, White River Junction, VT, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Information of judgment rendered on property of Latham and Co.
    (2) 1855, 23 Mar: Survey and plat for A. LATHAM 70 1/2 acres, John WINDAL, surveyor.
    (2) 1855, 7 Apr: Agreement, Allen LATHAM sold William WATSON 70 1/2 acres for $50.
    (2) 1855, 14 Apr: John WILSON, General Land Office, wrote to Daniel GREGG. Complications concerning issuance of patent for Allen LATHAM on survey no. 16133 for 81 acres.
    (2) 1855, 23 Apr: Chillicothe. Allen LATHAM assigned D. N. BARNEY a chattel mortgage executed by the Rutland and Washington R. R. Co., dated 18 May 1854.
    (2) 1855, 18 May: Agreement, Allen LATHAM sold James WALKER 100 acres on survey no. 14859 for $650.
    (2) 1855, 24 May: Hanson L. PENN deed to Allen LATHAM for $50 part of survey no. 10938.
    (2) 1855, 5 Jun: Survey no. 851, 60 acres for Allen LATHAM, warrant no. 1022, Nath. MASSIE, surveyor. Attached the certification of warrant not being completely satisfied, E. P. KENDRICK.
    (2) 1855, 16 Jun: Agreement, Allen LATHAM sold Joseph COCHENOUN 106 3/4 acres for $525. On same date, Ross Probate Court, Allen LATHAM vs. Samuel RHINHART, $6.36 received of Daniel GREGG for sheriff?s costs of case.
    (2) 1855, 3 Jul: E. EDGINGTON, Rutland, VT, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Concerning application to clerk of court for copy of execution of John B. PAGE vs. Arthur LATHAM.
    (2) 1855, 18 Jul: Lyme, NH. Receipt. B. LATHAM and O. LATHAM assign to Larz ANDERSON the business for value received. On reverse, agreement between Allen LATHAM and B. LATHAM. Allen sold one equal moiety of his interest in the omnibus lines of Wm. A. LATHAM and Co.
    (2) 1855, 25 Oct: Survey of 40 acres sold by Allen LATHAM to Mary RINEHART, $120.
    (2) 1855, 26 Oct: Survey of 20 acres sold by Allen LATHAM to John R. THOMPSON $135.
    (2) 1855, 14 Dec: Agreement, Allen LATHAM sold Thomas DURHAM land for $350.
    (2) 1856, 7 Jan: Edwin N. TENNEY, Chelsea, VT, wrote to Allen LATHAM. Concerning problems of finances; one year to finish college.
    (2) 1856, 7 Jan: Allen LATHAM and wife deed to Isaac P. DAVIS, $250.
    (2) 1856, 20 Jan: Arthur LATHAM sold Daniel GREGG for $150 lots in Chillicothe.
    (2) 1856, 7 Apr: Survey, 168 acres on no. 15705 patented to Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1856, 26 Aug: Allen LATHAM and wife deed to Daniel GREGG lot in Chillicothe for $171. On same date, Allen LATHAM and wife deed 112 acres for $372; part of survey nos. 14642 and 15681. On same date, Survey nos. 17642 and 15685, 140 acres patented to Allen LATHAM, deeded to Henry DICK.
    (2) 1856, 30 Sep: Allen LATHAM, deed to Jacob MORGAN 50 acres for $300.
    (2) 1856, 26 Nov: Daniel GREGG contracted with E. P. KENDRICK to assign plat and certificate to Allen LATHAM at $1.50 per acre, 42 acres; also 35 acres assigned to GREGG.
    (2) 1857, 31 Jan: Agreement, Allen LATHAM sold to C. McDANIELS 168 1/2 acres, 130 1/2 acres, 91 1/2 acres, 100 acres, 100 acres, 100 acres, $2244.12, L. L. McDANIEL, John McDANIEL, Levi McDANIEL Jr., Alfred McDANIEL, Joshua McDANIEL, and Levi McDANIEL Sr.
    (2) 1857, 14 Feb: Deed. 35 1/2 acres on survey no. 12779, no. 14582 patented to Allen LATHAM, deeded to Geo. PENISTON. On reverse, figures of interest to 27 Jan ?66.
    (2) 1857, 16 Mar: Allen LATHAM and wife sold Daniel GREGG 1652 acres for $6000.
    (2) 1857, 10 Apr: Allen LATHAM deed to Isaac PHILIPS 234 acres for $936.
    (2) 1857, 12 May: Sam KENDRICK, Chillicothe, wrote to "Andrew." Described large fire, Cadwallader WALLACE foreclosed mortgages, Dr. WATTS wanted amount due for calf sold; called LATHAM a shylock.
    (2) 1857, 29 Jun: Allen LATHAM deed 143 acres to Allen MOATS for $575.
    (2) 1857, 6 Oct: Allen LATHAM appointment of Daniel GREGG as attorney in fact to settle all accounts with administrators of Hanson L. PENN, deceased.
    (2) 1857, 2 Nov: Promissory note A. D. KENDRICK to Allen LATHAM, $2700 (Copy) Original filed as valid claim against the estate of A. D. KENDRICK, deceased. Sam KENDRICK accused of incorrect settling of brother?s estate. LATHAM asking for payment of note against estate; return explaining income and expenses in defense of letter written by Allen LATHAM, 4 Mar 1854.
    (2) 1858, 28 Jan: Allen LATHAM sold William LONEY 100 acres for $300, part of survey nos. 14642 and 15679.
    (2) 1858, 26 Mar: Allen LATHAM and wife deed to Daniel GREGG 100 acres for $100, part of surveys patented to Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1858, 29 Jun: Deed. Allen LATHAM to Robert MONTGOMERY, 50 acres for $200, part of survey no. 12345.
    (2) 1858, 9 Jul: Allen LATHAM, Cincinnati, wrote to Daniel GREGG. Sent copy of Col. John?s affidavit in widow?s account against estate of A. D. KENDRICK.
    (2) 1858, 4 Sep: Deed. Allen LATHAM to James LIGHTLE, for $75, 15 acres on part of survey no. 12630, 1, 2, and 3.
    (2) 1858, 20 Sep: Agreement, Wm. H. SKETTETT [SKERRETT?] sold to Allen LATHAM survey no. 4140, 100 acres in name of John WILLIAMS.
    (2) 1858, 26 Nov: Allen LATHAM sold 104 acres to T. R. DAVIS at $3.50 per acre.
    (2) 1858, 3 Dec: Ohio Military Academy Bill to Allen LATHAM, $25 for tuition of term ending 31 Jan 1859, for $2500 for nephew Allen LATHAM. Receipted, John H. ALLEN.
    (2) 1859, 11 Jan: Bond. Allen LATHAM sold 75 acres to Vincent LAKE for $425, survey nos. 14642 and 15679.
    (2) 1859, 2 Feb: Allen LATHAM sold to Thomas EVANS lots 10 and 11, 165 acres, $3.50 per acre.
    (2) 1859, 11 Feb: William LANGSTON and wife deed to Allen LATHAM lot 219 for $110.
    (2) 1859, 28 Mar: Survey nos. 14642 and 15679 and 80, 50 acres, Allen LATHAM sold to Amos BISHOP. On same date, Surveys of 300 acres patented to Allen LATHAM; one for 222 acres.
    (2) 1859, 26 Apr: Survey of 148 acres patented to Allen LATHAM. On same date, Allen LATHAM sold Martin CONOLY and Patrick JOYCE lot 6, 148 acres, for $3.50 per acre.
    (2) 1859, 20 Aug: Bond, Allen LATHAM sold to Allen O. BISHOP 40 acres for $240, survey nos. 14642 and 15679.
    (2) 1859, 28 Sep: Bond, Allen LATHAM sold to Edmund B. COUSINS 100 acres for $1000, survey nos. 12777, 78, and 14582.
    (2) 1859, 21 Nov: Allen LATHAM and wife to Daniel GREGG 50 acres on survey no. 14639 for $280.
    (2) 1859, 20 Dec: Survey no. 15763, Allen LATHAM sold to Isaac PHILIPS for $375.
    (2) 1859, 27 Dec: Jos. WILSON, General Land Office, wrote to E. P. KENDRICK. Enclosed patent in name of Allen LATHAM, survey no. 16165 on warrant no. 512.
    (2) 1860, 7 Jan: Notes on survey no. 14642, Allen LATHAM sold 80 1/2 acres to Samuel GREGG for $350.
    (2) 1861, 8 Jan: Allen LATHAM sold to John MARNS 110 acres at $3 per acre.
    (2) 1860, 10 Feb: Chillicothe, OH, Survey nos. 14642 and 15681, Allen LATHAM sold 150 acres to Ottey ROSE for $495.35.
    (2) 1860, 3 May: Chillicothe, Allen LATHAM sold Christian DETTER 100 acres for $500, survey no. 12646.
    (2) 1860, 15 Aug: Joseph REDMON contracted with Allen LATHAM for purchase of 100 acres.
    (2) 1860, 5 Sep: Chillicothe, agreement, Allen LATHAM to sell part of survey nos. 14642 and 15679, 50 acres, to Charles DEACON for $200.
    (2) 1861, 8 Jan: Allen LATHAM sold to John MARNS 110 acres at $3 per acre.
    (2) 1861, 18 Mar: Chillicothe. Agreement. Allen LATHAM sold John STRITENBERGER 100 acres for $300 parts of survey nos. 10559, 10564, 12630, 1, 2, 3. Surveyed 5 Jul.
    (2) 1861, 18 Mar: Agreement. Allen LATHAM sold to Fredrick PFEIFER 100 3/4 acres for $500; part of survey nos. 14642 and 55689.
    (2) 1862, 1 Jan: Samuel KENDRICK vs. Sarah A. KENDRICK, Larz ANDERSON, Daniel GREGG and Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1862, 29 Mar: E. P. KENDRICK deed to Daniel GREGG 129 acres for taxes and penalty $5.096 due in name of Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1862, 31 May: Daniel GREGG deed to Allen LATHAM 296 8/27 acres for $25 and 148 4/27 acres for $12.
    (2) 1862, 11 Jul: Settlement between Allen LATHAM and James M. DOHERTY, Cincinnati.
    (2) 1862, 30 Oct: Allen LATHAM deed to Daniel GREGG 12 acres for $15.
    (2) 1864, 26 Feb: Court of Common Pleas, Pike Co., Nimrod ASHBOUGH vs. Allen LATHAM and Zackariah LINN.
    (2) 1864, 25 Apr: Allen LATHAM deed to Alexander BROWN 133 3/4 acres for $536. Survey, 133 acres patented to Allen LATHAM, deeded to Alexander BROWN, 15 Dec.
    (2) 1865, 14 Mar: Allen LATHAM and wife deed to Daniel GREGG 80 acres of survey nos. 15683 and 16102 for $100. Five cent Internal Revenue stamp affixed. On same date, survey for deeds of Allen LATHAM and wife to Wm. RITTENHOUSE, 647 acres, $6470.
    (2) 1865, 15 Apr: Agreement, Allen LATHAM sold to Charles DEACON 16 acres for $1 and 58 acres for $118.
    (2) 1865, 17 Apr: Agreement, Amos BISHOP and Allen LATHAM; division lines between lands in Pike Co.
    (2) 1865, 24 May: Survey, 100 acres, patented to Allen LATHAM. Wm. LOREY?s deed to A. LATHAM for 100 acres.
    (2) 1865, 15 Dec: Allen LATHAM and wife deed 70 acres on survey no. 15279, for $245, purchaser unnamed. Fifty cent Revenue stamp affixed.
    (2) 1865, 20 Dec: Agreement, Allen LATHAM sold to Charles DEACON 50 acres for $275.
    (2) 1866, 16 Feb: Contract of sale to Michael CARROLL, 70 acres, party of survey no. 15705, promissory notes to Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1867, 15 Nov: Agreement, Allen LATHAM sold Daniel F. WEST survey no. 12345, 115 64/100 acres, for $1965.88; $310 paid 2 Jul 1872.
    (2) 1868, 31 Jan: Chillicothe, agreement, Allen LATHAM to sell Alexander VINCENT 216 acres for $1120, part of survey no. 14642. Chillicothe, Alexander VINCENT promissory note of $1120 to Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1868, 30 May: John R. GREEN, near Kenton, OH, wrote to Daniel GREGG. Lists portions of Allen LATHAM?s land sold; sent survey made of mortgaged land to determine quality and quantity.
    (2) 1869, 24 Jul: Peter CRABTREE and Wm. J. CRABTREE mortgage deed with dower to Allen LATHAM, 136 acres for $150, Scioto Co., OH.
    (2) 1872, 16 Apr: Geo. KERNS auditor's deed to Daniel GREGG 1009 acres for $39.86 overdue taxes unpaid by Allen LATHAM.
    (2) 1872, 4 Jun: Plat and survey nos. 14642, 12624, and 12625 patented to Allen LATHAM, deeded by Daniel GREGG, executor of last will and testament of A. L. deceased, to Barbara CAPLINGER, 145 acres.
    (2) 1873, 20 Feb: Allen LATHAM's executor deed to Ira WILLIAMS for $1271 for 70 acres, part of survey no. 12345. Daniel GREGG, Agent.
    (2) 1876, 11 May: NOBLE and ORRICK, St. Louis, wrote to COLLINS and HERRON. Requests letters of testimony of Daniel GREGG, executor in OH of LATHAM estate, for Judge of Probate Court.
    (2) 1880, 28 Dec: Daniel GREGG, executor of the will of Allen LATHAM, agreement with Wm. GOODALL to make cemetery monument, $1000. Three pages and sketch of planned monument.
    (2) 1881, 7 Aug: A. L. ANDERSON, Cincinnati, wrote to Daniel GREGG. States monument for Uncle Allen LATHAM was completed satisfactorily without blemishes. Reply for Daniel GREGG, 11 Aug, requests copy of exact inscription on monument; too ill to go to Cincinnati at the time.
    (2) 1882, 21 Apr: John W. HERRON, Cincinnati, wrote to R. G. LEWIS. States it unnecessary to notify Maria LATHAM of an appraisement to be made in Chillicothe; to post two notices.
    (2) Allen LATHAM papers are in at library at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, on Richard Clough ANDERSON papers. Includes data concerning Allen LATHAM's life; Allen LATHAM?s pension claims; elevation and plan of the Earl of Butes House in Luton Park, Bedfordshire; correspondence, both professional and personal. Undated letters include letter dated Northampton, MA, addressed, "Dear Father," signed L.A.L. to Allen LATHAM; letter dated Northampton, MA, Signature L.A.L. to Allen LATHAM; letter from Wm H. LATHAM addressed "Dear Uncle" to Allen LATHAM; letter addressed to Allen LATHAM, Esq., Chillicothe, OH, from Wm. H. LATHAM. Undated U.S. land patents include patent on warrant no. 6555 issued to Rob?t MOSLEY, assigned to Allen LATHAM and heirs, recorded 19 Nov 18??; patent on original warrant granted to John WALKER and James CARNEY, assigned to Allen LATHAM; several patents on warrants, numbers destroyed, granted to Allen LATHAM by President Zachary TAYLOR. Undated land surveys include survey on land patent issued to Allen LATHAM; survey on A. LATHAM?s 349 acres, surveyed into lots; entry of Allen LATHAM, land grant warrant no. 10952. Undated deeds include Wm. MURPHY to Allen LATHAM, 80 acres in Pike Co. [probably OH]; Amaziah BEESON to James GRANT, 50 acres, assignment to Allen LATHAM of title and claim on Amaziah BEESON by James GRANT; Survey no.11347, patent for 280 acres, warrant no. 6658, Allen LATHAM assigned by Samuel H. SAUNDERS who was assignee of Wood JONES; Survey no. 16103 for Allen LATHAM, 340 acres, warrant no. 6555; Agreement, Allen LATHAM sold Samuel RINEHARD 250 acres in Ross and Pike Cos $1358.
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    Marriage 1 Maria W. Anderson b: 1 Sep 1798 in , Jefferson Co., Kentucky
    • Married: 16 Mar 1822
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