Mostly Jefferson County, TN . . . many EDMONDS, many islands . . . mostly prior to 1900

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  • ID: I0055
  • Name: Fanny maybe not PRATT
  • Sex: F
  • ALIA: //
  • Birth: BEF 1790 in NOT PROVEN wife of John. NOT PROVEN mother of all those kids. See notes for censuses and lost children and OTHER people in Jefferson who might be parents of all those kids. SEE NOTE FOR MONKEY WRENCH!
  • Death: BET 1850 AND 1860 in prob Tennessee. NO ONE KNOWS HER DEATH DATE. No guessing allowed.
  • Note:
    MONKEY WRENCH: Some people think she's the only Edmonds woman with children in Jefferson County in the 1840s. But there are two other households listed in the "scholastic population schedule" for 1841, 1842, and 1843 who have Edmonds women as heads of households:
    1. Mary (probably "Polly" Edmonds)-- 2 children between the ages of 6 and 16 or later age 21) each time
    2. Rachel Edmonds -- 1 child listed each time

    Just a quick note about the "supposed" death date for Frances's husband. The date of 1827 was the one the first researcher used for the death of John and I think it might be because he thought he was bondsman on 1827 marriage (he probably wasn't). John could have died one day before the 1830 census or any time around 1825 since there are no children under five on the 1830 census. Keep that in mind when you try to assign birth dates of 1826 and 1827 to some of the children. The sheer volume of trees copied from the SAME **ONE SOURCE** at WorldConnect. Then OneWorldTree, which was a database compiled by a computer-generated sweep (grab) of WorldConnect posts and other submittals which never had to be proven either, just keeps repeating the same dates but most neglect to even look at the ages or dates on the actual images of the censuses. Practice safe genealogy. Don't copy from anyone who can't tell you an official source for their information or can give you a really good disclaimer. Ask them!

    And another monkey wrench is that there's a "C. Edmonds" who in 1832 bought some items at John Swann's estate sale in Jefferson. Who is this C? It's clearly written C, but maybe it's G for George? He could be father of how many of the kids in town? Or one of the older sons of Fanny since no age is given?

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    No one has any data showing Fanny's maiden name was Pratt. An early Edmonds researcher came to the conclusion that Fanny's maiden name might be PRATT based on the fact that one of her first son's middle name was allegedly Pratt and that he once saw a piece of paper from Greene County, TN that had a Pratt and an Edmonds on the same page. I've looked but have been unable to find it. He admits the name has never been proven but he used deductive reasoning and his gut instinct. While he didn't originally submit that information to the person who put his work on WFT which was copied onto WorldConnect, through mails and message board posts he appears to have been persuaded.

    He also mentioned in a post that since John and Fanny had a son named ELMORE and the fact that there are Elmore families living nearby in Bumcombe NC near Nelly in the 1800 census and in Jefferson near Fanny in 1830 that ELMORE might be her maiden name.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    There are no documents. Long ago someone went through all the censuses in Jefferson, TEN and found men with the last name Edmonds. I think they tried to backcharge every single one of them except one into Fanny's family and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't and of course they missed all the females because their last names changed by the 1850 census so that means they didn't have a family bible or any documentation.

    This is a QUICK SUMMARY OF THE KIDS THAT ARE ATTRIBUTED TO HER. NONE OF THEM ARE PROVED as far as I can find though some look good through circumstances and proximity in censuses. Others look weak. All have their separate page with wives and children if possible. You'll have to look them up separately by their name. I won't put them here as Fanny's children because they aren't proved.

    Some of these guys left town or died before the 1850 census. They could be sons--OR NOT. Problem is trying to fit even the "big seven" (the "7 brothers" everyone copied from ONE 2002 WorldConnect post that was abandonded) into the 1830 census. They don't work and there are ** 3 girls ** on that census that no one ever mentions and the possibility of at least one girl who got married before the 1830 census. Not counting all the OTHER male Edmonds who show up in records.

    And George Edmonds (possibly, not proven brother of Fanny's alledged husband, John) with a wife old enough to have had other children already out of the house in the 1830 census had one son and 2 daughters. Where did they end up?


    --John Pratt Edmonds <1803> NC --married Jane (NOT Mary Ann) RENEAU. Her dad is with them in 1850 in Indiana listed as John Reno. We have their death dates but not locations from bible of Narcissa Edmonds.

    --Joseph Edmonds NEVER SEEN AGAIN after a marriage to Margaret BLACK in 1827. John Edmonds JUNIOR was bondsman. But remember, back then Junior did NOT necessarily mean same name as dad. Meant "John the younger."

    --William C. Edmonds <1815> TN -- m1: Margaret RENEAU 13 Feb 1840 who had John E., Theodrick, William M., and Marthena. m2: Rhoda VANCE who had Eliza and Mary. He is NOT the Wm from Buncombe County, NC who m1: Nancy REESE m2: Nancy PATTON. William C and his family are not on the 1850 census but his and sons' Civil War Pension applications say they lived "on the Craig farm, now Nicholas farm, 5 miles South of Dandridge, on the French Broad River . . ."

    --George Jackson Edmonds m: Falby HALL and died in 1848 according to Falby's application for widow's pension for third husband Vineyard Brimer's War of 1812 pension.

    --Elmore Edmonds m: Mary CHAMBERS. If he were born in 1826 he's not on Fanny's 1830 census. He did not die in 1929 at the age of 103.

    --David TN -- m: Sarah THOMAS. THIS IS THE GUY WHO IS MOSTLY IN ROANE, LOUDON AND OTHER COUNTIES. I have no idea how he got attached to his family. Possible father or uncle named Mathew. REALLY STRONG connection to Roane County. His tombstone date is probably wrong which has been reported to say 1821. No, John Malone Edmonds is not his son. See his censuses for how old he thought he was!

    --James Campbell "Cam" or "Camel" -- (not Cameron per court records found at Jefferson County Archives TN July 2011) Edmonds TN m1: Delila HALL m2: Catherine WHITE. If he was born in 1827 he's NOT on Fanny's 1830 census. Check his 1870 census for age born close to 1821 which makes more sense if he's supposed to be Fanny's. Three of his children from Jefferson have his name as just plain Cam on their death certificates. He is serving on a Grand Jury in 1845--did they include 18-year-olds back then? Check the 1870 census for his age there! Delila Hall was only given the invented birthdate of 1829 because someone only used the 1860 census for Cam and arbitrarily decided the wife should be 2 years younger than the husband. SEE for the images of county and court records from Jefferson that have these names on them.

    --Joel Edmonds b:1820 TN In Jefferson County in 1850-1880 censuses m: Elizabeth CARMICHAEL. We don't know who his mother is but he never appears near other Edmonds in Jefferson, Tennessee. A Joel Edmonds got hit with a bastardy bond by an unknown Reneau girl in the early 1840s. Record in Knox, not Jefferson.

    --Shadrach b: abt 1806-1815 (depending on the census) m: Rachel RUSSELL in Jefferson. Left Jefferson before 1840, went through Blount, and ended up in Adair Co, MO. They are the parents of John Malone Edmonds.

    --John Edmonds -- TN In 1838 he might have been the John Edmonds who married Falby ELLISON in Jefferson County (who was born around 1821). That John died before 1847 when Phalbe/Falby remarried to Christopher CAREY. Two known Edmonds sons, John & Jonathan. There's always the possibility that Brice Anderson Edmonds who married Sarah STRANGE is theirs. But he could be anyone's. Anderson EDMONDS is NOT in Wilson Co, in 1850 with a sister named Phebe. That's an EDWARDS family as shown in the original 1850 census book I saw at NARA in May 2010 and tracked marriage of. That family is living with Happy EDWARDS widow of Wm Patterson.

    --John Edmonds -- unknown anything. Only record is a marriage to Elizabeth ROGERS in 1854 in Jefferson. He is not on the 1850 census and I can't find them after the marriage.

    --John Edmonds -- There is a John Edmonds buried in Swann's Graveyard (2 mi SE of Dandridge on Mack Swann's Farm, 1 mi E off road) with the dates May 25, 1813,- Jan 31, 1899 I can't find him on any censuses or records in the area (Jefferson, Sevier, Cocke). Speaking of Swann, there's a Nancy Edmonds who married Allen P. Swann 20 Feb 1856. (Allen Perry Swann?). Was she the widow of John?

    But we can't prove that John Pratt Edmonds is the father of any kid who stayed in Jefferson and didn't move to Indiana or that any other male was there then.

    --Brice A. Edmonds -- <1815> TN -- Marriage BOND in Jefferson, Tennessee 21 December 1831 for marriage to "Chelissa PATTERSON". No return that I can find. No entry in marriage book. Moved to Marshall, AL by 1850 census. It's highly unlikely that they got married in 1843 in Alabama and then came back to TN to have most of their kids as shown in MANY trees. No one I've asked has been able to support their listing him as son of George. If a family member has some information we'd love to be able to confirm him.

    -- NOT Calvin C. <1823> TN -- Highly UNLIKELY to be Fanny's son or John's son or anyone's son from Jefferson or East Tennessee. SEE for full details on how he got crammed into Jefferson County in error by power of suggestion and a misreading of a death certificate around 1999 or 2000. He is NOT the father of John P. Edmonds which was the ONLY reason anyone ever added him to the mix.


    -------------possible grandchildren or in-laws?

    -- "M" Edmonds <1829> m: Sally -- age 21 in the 1850 census who might be too young to be Fanny's (or not) since we have no evidence when John Edmonds died but could be her grandson by a son or unmarried daughter. We have no idea who he is or where he goes . . .

    --Elbert Edmonds (no age known) seen in 1850 in a Poll list for District 2. I wonder if this is a typo for Elmore because there are no other Edmonds listed on that poll list and we know Elmore was in the area.

    --Brice Anderson Edmonds in Jefferson TN -- who seems to come from nowhere who marries Sarah STRANGE in 1857 and disappears before the 1870 census OR he moves to Hamilton County and marries Margaret SHIPLEY and has more kids. This mix of Brice Anderson is found in court records in Jefferson in 1861 and 1862. You can't tell me Brice from Marshall County, Alabama came back to be a bondsman, be on a list of gun owners, sign a petition for new road and sign an affadivit in 1865 in support of Ann EDMONDS (m:Phillips) for her application for widow's benefits for her husband who died in the Civil War. (Repeat---he is not the Anderson in Wilson County in 1850 who is actually Anderson EDWARDS --whose full name might be Charles Anderson Edwards).

    I HAVE THE SIGNATURE OF B. A. EDMONDS from 1861 and1865 in Jefferson. NEED TO COMPARE if anyone has the signatures of either Brice Anderson Edmonds who married Margaret SHIPLEY in Hamilton, TN or the Brice A. Edmonds who married Chilnessa PATTERSON and went to Marshall, AL.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    THE 1830 CENSUS

    Also on the 1830 is George Edmonds age 50-60. It is ASSUMED that this is George, possible son of George and Ellender probably in Augusta County, VA in the 1780-1790s. He has only 1 boy listed (10-15) and 2 girls, 10-15 and 15-20. John, the father of Pheby doesn't belong in this family. That's an EDWARDS family from Wilson Co, TN. George might be the apprentice from Augusta Co, VA. We DO NOT know for sure. Who are the two girls?

    I'm rounding off the years to give an extra year leeway.
    Fanny was head of household in two consecutive censuses
    1830 Jefferson, Tennessee
    Edmonds Fanney
    2 males 5-9 <1820-1825> (just for argument sake--"M" as seen on the 1850 census fits into here. Cam fits here if you consider his 1870 census age 49 (which few people have bothered to find.) Elmore fits if he was born a little early. David would fit if he were born in 1822-24 -- if he's even her son. There aren't enough slots for the boys who we really think ARE her sons without trying to squeeze in extras. )
    2 males 10-14 <1815-1820> __________ and __________
    1 female 5-9 <1820-1825>
    1 female 15-19 <1810-1815> (these could be daughters or DIL or no relation!)
    1 female 20-29 <1800-1810>
    1 female 40-49 <1780-1790>

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    1833 LAND GRANT

    "Fanney Edwards" got land grant No.18458 on 22 Jan 1833, "100 acres, lying in [Jefferson County], South of French Broad river, on the waters of McQuire's Creek . . . Henry Parrott's corner . . .Denton's corner . . . . " Surveyed 7th Feb 1833, recorded in Nashville 5 Act 1833. (Book 18 page 519) She is listed as the last person (out of alphabetical order) in Capt. Taft's precinct on the 1833 tax roll in Jefferson County Archives. She's on the 1835 tax roll but we couldn't find her on the 1834.

    She sold 100 acres on McQuire's Creek (the creek to the south of Muddy Creek) to Jobe Parrott on 17 Sep 1850 for one hundred dollars (mentions Denton's corner and Henry Parrott's corner) and then DISAPPEARS.

    Witnesses: J Walker and Emanaline(?) Lane

    - - - - -THERE'S AN EMELINE EDMONDS WHO MARRIED WILLIAM LAIN IN 1847 IN JEFFERSON. I can't find them again. James Ellison was bondsman. James C. Ellison was married to a Nancy Edmonds.

    What's the connection between Emeline and Nancy? Is Nancy widowed early from an Edmonds and remarries or is she an Edmonds? She's living next to Rachel Edmonds and her new husband Wilson Jenes in the 1850 census (with Rachel's assumed daughter Ann).

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    THE 1840 CENSUS
    Assuming the kids under 10 aren't hers.
    NOTE -- ABOVE HER is the John Chambers family with a bunch of kids. There is an Ann Edmonds who married a John Chambers on 8 MAR 1825 in Jefferson County.

    Fanny Edmonds
    2 m <5 <1835-1840> (just for argument sake--Brice Anderson fits into here--the one who married Sarah Strange. Also, John E, born 1839 according to the family bible--son of William (and Margaret Reneau) who are below in this census without a kid)
    1 m 5-9 <1830-1835>
    1 m 10-14 <1825-1830>
    1 m 15-19 <1820-1825> ( old enough to have a couple of kids-- son or son-in-law? Is this Joel or Cam or Elmore or the mysterious "M" from the 1850)
    1 f <5 <1835-1840>
    2 f 5-9 <1830-1835>
    1 f 10-14 <1825-1830>
    2 f 20-29 <1810-1820> ( her daughters or daughters-in-law or one each or neither?? Is one of them Mary who will have her own household next year and appear on the Scholastic Schedule? Or is Mary a widow of an Edmonds?)
    1 f 50-59
    NEXT DOOR IS PROBABLY WILLIAM C. EDMONDS AND MARGARET RENEAU, except they're supposed to have a 1-year-old John E. Maybe he's staying next door with Fanny? Or maybe he really wasn't born in 1839?

    1850: This family is nowhere to be found. Jim Mantooth said in a post that he did everything but tear the bricks down from the courthouse to try to find Fanny in the 1850 census. He appears to be the first to find that she sold the property two weeks before the 1850 census and disappeared. So no one can say she died in exactly 1860 like a lot of people have copied off other people's trees (which also erroneously says half of this family was born in Wayne County, KY).


    MORE at

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    There is no proof she was born in exactly 1780, since the 1830 gives a RANGE of years; ditto on the 1840; no proof she was born in TN or NC or VA. None of the alleged kids ever list KY or SC. If you copied KY from someone I know where you got it and you might as well throw out everything you copied from him.

    When looking at the 1880 censuses of the men we can find who are ALLEGED to be her sons, four survive:
    William and David (if he's even hers) said their mother was born in TN ,
    Elmore said VA, and
    John Pratt said NC.
    In the 1900 census only Elmore survives and he has switched to TN.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    There are three (3) girls listed in the 1830 census in Jefferson County TN with Fanny and in the other Edmonds family in town, George, are two (2) unknown girls. Out of those five girls, four of them are already marriageable age (starting around 14 sometimes in the old days).

    Here are some "lost" females found in Jefferson County before the 1850 census. I don't know who their parents are or what happened to most of them. Mostly as indexed in the marriage index or Archive files in Dandridge.

    1. Anny EDMONDS m: John CHAMBERS 8 Mar 1825. In the 1830 census there is a John Chambers with 3 boys under 5 and a wife. In the 1840 there is a John Chambers with seven children living RIGHT NEXT TO Fanny Edmonds. I think he dies between 1842 and 1849 and she remarries to George W. Russell and moves to Sevier for the next four censuses with some of the Edmonds kids shown in the Russell household.

    2. Miss Rainer? EDMONDS m: Wm. PACK 23 May 1833

    3. Polly (Mary?) EDMONDS (widow or daughter of WHO?) owed $20.63 in debtor's court in 1836.
    Is she the one who is found buying ". . . 1 yd of callico, 1 buntch beeds, 1 yd of check . . ." in 1836?
    Is this the same Mary shown in the 1841 Scholatic Population listing showing 2 children between the ages of 6 and 16 and on the 1842 Scholastic Population showing 2 children ages 6 and under 21?

    4. Emeline EDMOND m: Wm LAIN 31 Aug 1847 by John Russell. No trace of them. There's an Emanaline her X mark Lane on 17 Sept 1850 who is witness to Fanny Edmonds' land sale (100 acres McQuire's Creek very near Sevier border) to Job (Jobe) Parrott. I can't find them again.

    5. Nancy EDMONDS m: Allen P. SWANN 20 Feb 1856 (there is no Nancy Edmonds on the 1850) Is she an Edmonds widow or an Edmonds?

    6. Anna EDMONDS m: Jeremiah PHILLIPS, 16 Aug 1857 (is she "Ann Edmonds" who was living with Rachel Edmonds & Wilson Jones/Jenes on the 1850 census??) She IS confirmed mother of Millie Phillips born 1858 per pension file (assumed to be the Millie Caroline who married Sam Griffin in Jefferson, Tennessee . . see . . . no proof] and a James N born in 1861who died young.

    7. Rachel EDMONDS m: Wilson "JEANES" 7 Jan 1843. Rachel died 1850-1860. Wilson JENES m2: Sarah Jane Reneau.
    We know what happened to Rachel but we don't know who her parents are.
    Is this the same Rachel who appears in the 1841 and 1842 Scholastic Populations showing 1 child age 6 and under 21? (which might be the Ann Edmonds (#6 above)? Is she an Edmonds widow or an Edmonds? In the 1843 Scholatic Popluation schedule Wilson Jenes is shown with one child of school age.

    8. Nancy EDMONDS m: James C. ELLISON 19 Oct 1848 and is living NEXT TO #7 above on the 1850 census. Is she an Edmonds widow or an Edmonds?

    9. Rachel Edmonds & James Chambers 10/14/1839. Bond only. No return?

    10. Susan Edmonds & Alexander J. Miller -- bond Oct 31, 1843; November 1843

    This girl is solved:
    Margaret E. EDMONDS m: William D. PRUETT 28 Jan 1867
    (confirmed --she is Margaret Marthena Edmonds, daughter of William C. Edmonds and Margaret RENEAU.)

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    No proof she died in 1860 and especially in KY like someone has on their tree. They also had her born and married in Kentucky. We know that she sold 100 acres on 17 Sept 1850 to Job (Jobe) Parrott and is never seen again (unless she's the one in Hamilton in 1851--see below for Hezekiah Reneau affidavit). The 1860 date was made up by someone and copied by unsuspecting people who thought they were getting true data from a reputable site. OneWorldTree is not such a site. It's a database made by a computer sweep (grab) through various family trees posted by people who didn't know what they were doing.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    EDMONDS IN THE 1840 CENSUS IN JEFFERSON iid=TNM704_526-0322&fn=William&ln=Edmonds&st=d&ssrc=&pid=1860055
    All on the same page:
    --John Chambers who might be the guy who married Anny Edmonds in 1825 next name to
    --Fanny Edmonds next name to
    --Wiliam Edmonds (just him and Margaret RENEAU both 20-30) four names down to
    --Jackson Edmonds (just George Jackson married to Falby HALL) seven names down to
    --Jonathan Ellison (whose daughter Phalby/Falby married first a John Edmonds) two names down to
    --Brice Edmonds (4 boys, 1 girl, wife, Chilnessa PATTERSON) (They're in Alabama by 1850) two names down to
    --Isaac Reneau (his daughter (not born yet) Mary Ann RENEAU will marry John P. Edmonds in 1868, son of James "Cam"pbell Edmonds and Delila Hall

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    There are some sons who have good circumstantial evidence as being Fanny's. In the 1850 census we would expect to see
    --William ( the widower of Margaret Reneau and his children John E, Theodrick, William and Marthena/Margaret) who will remarry Rhoda Vance in Dec 1850;
    --Elmore (who can't be too far away because he married Mary Chambers in Sept 1850 eight days before Fanny sold her 100 acres);
    --James Campbell "Cam" with his wife Delila HALL and their daughters Edith Jane (m: W H Strange) and Fanny (m: Harry Chambers) and soon-to-be-born son John P Edmonds (who marries Mary Ann RENEAU in 1868 and does NOT have children Emily, Parmelia, etc. Those children belong to Aaron Leander RENEAU);
    --Edy Hall, widow of Moses Hall, possible mother of Falby/Phalby Hall who married Geo. Jackson Edmonds, then Thos Moore, then Vineyard Rhoten Brimer;
    --Wm Lane whose wife Emeline signed as witness in 1850 when Fanny sold land;
    --12-year-old Brice Anderson Edmonds (the one who married Sarah Strange) and his parents.

    Because NONE OF THOSE PEOPLE appear on the 1850 it leads me to believe that they all lived near each other and their page wasn't microfilmed or they were missed by the enumerator in the area or their cards got lost or they were all out of town all at once.

    Therefore, without hard data (real documents or court records) whatsoever, I'm going to put William, Elmore and Cam as probable (that's better than possible) sons of Fanny. I still have reservations about David and we know Calvin isn't theirs. He was a total goof-up from the beginning. I have no idea what to do with names that I found in 2011 in Jefferson County Archives files including Mary and Elbert (possible typo for Elmore?). Any help out there for these folks? Who is Mary's husband? No marriage or other records found.

    Others who haven't been attributed as Fanny's grandchildren yet include Anderson Edmonds (born around 1838 to one of Fanny's sons???) who married Sarah Strange. He could be the older brother of Jonathan Edmonds who married Laurinda Petty for all we know. This Anderson is not the brother of a Pheby EDWARDS from Wilson County, TN found in the 1850 census there. See the very long comment on the separate page for Brice Anderson (m:SStrange) Edmonds in this database.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    If anyone has any hard data please contribute. Thanks.

    Stories in Stone
    Vol. I, which are the cemeteries in Jefferson County South of the French Broad River and in Dumplin Valley.
    Vol 2 covers Dandridge and White Pine.
    Vol 3 covers Jefferson City, New Market, Strawberry Plains, and Talbot.
    (HINT: there are mistakes in Stories in Stone. Some headstones were placed YEARS after the death and usually the person who placed it wasn't present at the birth of the deceased. Hence. . . . . stones that don't match five censuses).

    There's not anyone who matches in the 1850 Hamilton census and I don't know of any other Francis Edmonds in Jefferson in 1813.)

    Found in the application for claim of Ruth BRIMER (Reneau), widow of Hezekiah Reneau at NARA (I copied 2011)--AFFIDAVIT OF FRANCES EDMONDS IN THE MATTER OF PENSION APPLICATION FOR RUTH, WIDOW OF HEZEKIAH RENEAU. Shows Frances was in Jefferson County the day after the marriage of Hezekiah and Ruth Brimer-- 20 MAR 1813. If she's about 63 in 1851, then she was born around 1788.

    Of course I can't help but wonder if she's the mysterious "Fanny" Edmonds shown on the 1830 and 1840 censuses in Jefferson who is NOT FOUND ANYWHERE on the 1850 census.

    Or the Francis L. Edmonds born in Virginia in 1780 who is reported by the Buncombe Co, NC Edmonds family to be buried in Millican Grove Cemetery in Sevier (no death date of course). Who are these two Francis/Frances people--Is Francis a male. I know--you can't trust spelling back in those days).

    Typed as shown on paper. (?) means I couldn't make out the word clearly or part was missing in image..

    "State of Tennessee)
    Hamilton County )

    This day personally apeared before me William H. Lewis an acting Justice of the peace in and for Said County Frances Edmonds aged about sixty three years and after being duly sworn states that she was well aquanted with Hezakiah Reneau and his wife Ruth and that acquaintence has continued from before their marriage until the present. And that she was not at the marriage of the above named Reneaus, but heard Esq. Daugherty say the day after that he had married the said Hezakiah Reneau and Ruth Brimer the evening before. That they have continued to live together as such and have been allways respected as man and wife. And have raised a family of Eight Children and further states that she saw said Hezakiah Reneau marching off in the company of Drafted Militia about the time stated in the declaration of Ruth Reneau. And that she believes he served his term out, but as to the perticular dates she dose not now recollect, but believes that the st(?) ma(?) by Ruth Reneau in her foregoing declaration is correct as near as her recollection will serve.

    Sworn to and subscribed
    Frances herXmark Edmonds
    before me this 11th day of March 1851.
    Justice of the peace for Hamilton County

    This will certify that I am rirsonally acquainted
    with the applicant, and believe the statements
    therein made to be true.
    Sam A. McKenzie

    obtained by ssbosco@aol, May 2011 NARA, file of soldier Hezekiah Reneau

    Marriage 1 John (possible son? m:Fanny?") EDMONDS b: ABT 1780 in NOT PROVEN son of George and Nelley <"fillis">. See BIG NOTES under Fanny
    • Married: AFT 1800 in Possibly somewhere between Buncombe Co, NC and Jefferson, Tennessee
    1. Has No Children daughter "a" EDMONDS b: BET 1800 AND 1809
    2. Has No Children multiple males SEE NOTES not proven EDMONDS b: BET 1803 AND 1827 in See notes for list of the males
    3. Has No Children daughter "b" EDMONDS b: BET 1810 AND 1814
    4. Has No Children daughter "c" EDMONDS b: BET 1830 AND 1834

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