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  • ID: I0144
  • Name: Elmore (mMaryChambers) EDMONS or EDMONDS
  • Sex: M
  • ALIA: Elmore /EDMONS/
  • Birth: JUN 1826 in Jefferson, Tennessee 1826 on 1900 census. 1825 on tombstone. No, we can't prove his parents.
  • Death: BET 24 AND 28 NOV 1900 in Jefferson, Tennessee (absolute day uncertain) "On or about the 28th day of November" is on Mary's widow's pension application
  • Burial: Mt. Horeb Cemetery
  • Note:

    The woman who "everyone" says is his mother doesn't have any sons under the age of 5 on the 1830 census. See separate entry for possible parents John Edmonds and Fanny . NOT PROVEN so I have not listed them attached to Elmore for obvious reasons. In Nov 1862 when he joined the Army he stated he was 36. SEE

    Check Edmonds, Edmunds, Edmands, Edmends, Edmond, Edmund, Edmand, Edmend, Edmons, Edmens, Edmuns, Edmans, Edmon, Edmun, Edman, Edwards, Edward. I've seen these guys under almost all of them.

    He is seen in records as Elmore, L. Moore, Moore and More. He might be shown once as Elbert in error in County records. Not verified yet. His first name wasn't Thomas and he didn't die in 1929. Neither did his son Thomas.

    John Edmonds and Fanny are NOT PROVEN as his parents.

    MARRIAGE::::::::::::::: Mary CHAMBERS 9 SEP 1850 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee


    Keep in mind that Elmore usually spelled his name EDMONS so always check that also when looking for him.

    1850 census: The whole family doesn't appear
    1860 census: Edmonds age 29 <1831>
    1861 Free White Males, Jan 1 1861 census--Everyone in town is Edmons (except Joel) Elmore's Civil War records under Edmonds
    1870: Edmons age 44
    1880: Edmons age 54
    1900: Elmore (indexed under first name) age 73
    Grave at Mt. Horeb, Edmons

    Many people have totally omitted his daughter Rhoda because they copied from someone who apparently didn't actually read the 1870 census. She was married by the 1880. They also have made Harris and Harvey two separate people. A lot of people have those two identical mistakes which means the information came from the same erroneous source --


    1. James was born Oct 1852 according to Elmore's Civil War Pension application. He married Rebecca LINDSEYand died 1914 in Anderson Co, TN.

    2. George Jackson "Jack" was born July 1854 according to Elmore's Civil War Pension application and was 7 on the 1860; 16 on the 1870; 26 in the 1880 census. He probably died 1918 in Anderson County. Probably m1: Agnes NORTON/WHORTON and m2: Belle SUTTLES.

    3. William J. was born August 24, 1858 per find-a-grave at Hills Union, 1859 in the TVA grave relocation database and died about July 1873 at the age of 14y 11m. TVA has him as EDMONS.

    4. Nancy Caroline (per death certificate) was born July 8 or 9, 1859 (one of each) per her father's two Civil War Pension applications. On the 1900 it says she was born Aug 1859. She married Emanuel SHAFFER. In the 1900 she and sister Rachel are neighbors. Find-a-grave has b. Jul. 9, 1859 d. May 8, 1922.

    5. Rhoda Jane was born Feb 29, 1862 or 1861 (one each) according to Elmore's two Civil War Pension applications but neither of those years was a leap year. Find-a-grave has her birth as Dec 29, 1861. She married Miles Wesley STRANGE. TN death index says she died 1909 in Jefferson, find-a-grave says 1909, but she's on the 1910 census. Maybe the information as given by a neighbor who didn't know she'd been dead for a year? Or the TN index is wrong? Remember that Find-a-grave is SUBMITTALS from people who often don't know how to read a census and believe everything they hear on the radio, see on TV and read on the internet. You must ask for documentation on everything.

    6. John E. was born Sept 21, 1864 per Elmore's CW Pension application. He died Oct 21, 1914. He's buried with his parents at Mt. Horeb under EDMONS.

    7. Rachel E. was born August 8, 1866 according to Elmore's CW Pension application. She married John R. BROWN. In the 1900 census she and John are living next to her sister Nancy and Emanuel "Shaver". She died after 1930.

    8. Malinda A was born May 20, 1868 per her father's Civil War Pension application. She married Kizer LINE and died after 1930.

    9. Thomas E was born around 1871 per the 1880 census, on July 19, 1871 per his father's Civil War Pension application and July 1871 per the 1900 census. He is listed on the 1930 so he was still alive on April 1, 1930, apparently not dying in 1929 as listed on his cemetery records which also list his birth date as 1887. Remember that some "cemetery records" seem to have been filled out when TVA flooded the valley om 1942. Too far after-the-fact for accuracy in some cases. Death certificate on line shows DOD July 3, 1932 Thomas is listed in three places as being older than Harvey.

    10. Harvey, who appeared as Harris on the 1880, was born June 10, 1874 per both of his father's Civil War Pension applications in April and July 1898. The children are listed in order of birth and Thomas is before Harvey--as he is on the 1880 census. Married Ammar LOVE. On the 1900 census someone in Harvey's house gave June 1873 as his birth date. That's an OK date with me as far as census dates go. No big surprise one year either way. The BIG addition of years between the 1910 and 1920 is an anomaly. By the 1920 census with his parents long gone his age suddenly surges to 49. Totally out of character of the first three censuses over a 40-year period that had him RIGHT ON THE MONEY! The date that many people have of 1871 came from his last two available censuses where he is listed as 49 and 59. The first three censuses were disregarded. I wonder why since the information would have come from the parents who were actually there when he was born as opposed to a wife or children who didn't know him when he was born. Since Elmore says twice that Thomas was born in July 1871 that sort of keeps Harvey from being born that year also. The date of June 15, 1870 on OneWorldTree came from one person who called him Harve Lewis Edmonds with no backup. Some people think OneWorldTree is accurate. It is a database compiled by a computer-generated sweep of submittals and trees that people have posted. The computer has no way of knowing if these people bothered to do any research. The description of OWT said that it gathered information and the "fact" with the most hits won as being the correct one. So 6 people could have the wrong information, 1 person have the correct information and the item that had 6 hits becomes the TRUTH and is accepted by OWT and published as fact.

    11. There is an eleventh child listed on Mary's 1900 census. It would be one of the two deceased but I can't find a grave that works.

    James Oct 14, 1852
    Jack July 8 1854
    Nancy July 8 1859
    Rhoda J. Feby 29, 1861
    John Sept 21 1864
    Rachel Aug 8 1866
    Malinda May 20, 1868
    Thos. July 19 1871
    Harvey June 10 1874

    James Oct 1, 1852
    Jack July 14, 1854
    Nancy July 9 1859
    Rhody June Feby 29, 1862
    John Sept 21 1864
    Rachel Aug 8 1866
    Malinda May 20, 1868
    Thomas July 19 1871
    Harvey June 10 1874

    Although three days off and in one case the year is off by one, the kids are listed in the ORDER IN WHICH THEY WERE BORN. Harvey is not older than Thomas. Harvey wasn't born in 1870. The information in later censuses and the cemetery stuff for Harvey has the wrong birth year. Family stories are hard to reconcile with early censuses aren't they, no matter how much you want to "believe". I've seen some people totally ignore death dates on birth certificates because they were told differently by someone years ago.

    Free White Males, January 1, 1861
    Surnames Beginning with D - G
    Jefferson, Tennessee, Free White Males 1861

    Dist. 11-- 1964 Joel Edmonds (parents unknown) NOTE: He's in district 11, nowhere near the rest of these guys.

    Dist. 3-- 494 Jonathan Edmons (Mother confirmed Falby ELLISON (father assumed John Edmonds)).
    Dist. 3-- 504 B. A. Edmons (parents unknown. A few options--see page for Brice Anderson Edmonds. The other Brice Edmonds who married Chelnessa Patterson is in Alabama by 1850 so it's not him! WHO IS THIS B. A.? Is it B. Anderson Edmonds who married Sarah Strange? Did he then move to Hamilton County and marry Margaret Shipley?)
    Dist. 3-- 505 Elmore Edmons (parents assumed but not proven John/Fanny)

    Dist. 4-- 763 Wm Edmons (Probably William C. Edmonds, parents assumed but not proven John/Fanny, who m1:Margaret Reneau m2: Rhoda Caroline Vance (who someone said was a Chambers but I can't prove it. That name came off Theodrick's DC but he's not Rhoda's son anyway) m3: Mary Baker.
    Dist. 4-- 764 John Edmons (If this is John E. Edmonds, he's the son of William C. Edmonds and Margaret Reneau. If it's not John E then it might be the son of Falby Ellison and John Edmonds along with Jonathan who is up in district 3. But John was still living with his mom in the 1860 census so I don't know if it's him. Open to other suggestions).

    Missing from this list is James Campbell "Cam" Edmonds, known to be in the county in 1861 (always shown with District 3 neighbors.)

    Rank: Private
    Age: 36
    Enlisted: Nov. 15, 1862 Mustered: Nov. 15, 1862
    Remarks: Trans. Fr. 3rd TN. Inf. 3/1/65

    U.S. Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865
    about Elmore Edmonds also Elmore Edmons
    Side: Union
    Regiment State/Origin: Tennesee
    Regiment Name: 3 Tennessee Infantry
    Regiment Name Expanded: 3rd Regiment, Tennessee Infantry
    Company: K
    Rank In: Private
    Rank In Expanded: Private
    Rank Out: Private
    Rank Out Expanded: Private
    Film Number: M392 roll 5

    Enlisted in Company H, 4th Infantry Regiment Tennessee.

    "Elinore" is of course Elmore.,1239,443,1279&pid=92&ssrc=&fn=&ln=edmonds&st=g

    1850 CENSUS:
    I CAN'T FIND ELMORE and new wife Mary, OR HIS ALLEDGED BROTHERS, WILLIAM AND HIS WIFE (and John E, Theodrick, Wm M. and Marthena), OR JAMES CAMPBELL EDMONDS AND HIS WIFE DELILA HALL (and Edith and Fanny and one-month old John P) OR FANNY the assumed mother. Edy Hall, widow of Moses and and assumed mother of Delila is missing also. ALL HELP APPRECIATED.

    1860: Jefferson 13/349 (William C. Edmonds m1:MargReneau m2:RhodaVance are on previous page)
    Edmonds, Elmore 29
    Mary 25
    James 8 <1852>
    George 7 (he's in the age slot as "Jack" from the list. He's G.J. in the 1900 census)
    William 3
    Nancy 9/12
    Tennessee 21 MALE <1839>
    WHO IS THIS? IN JEFFERSON COUNTY ARCHIVES IS A BILLED DATED JUNE 29, 1867 TO THE COUNTY FROM T. HARRIS. Check if it was for medical or a coffin. I can't remember
    Nancy Williams 45 <1815> married (Elmore's sister? Mary's sister? Aunt? Widow of an uncle? total non-relative? I can't find an Nan* or an Edm" marrying a Wil* in TN that works )


    Elmore EDMONS 44
    Mary 37
    George J. 16 (Jack)
    William 12 -- * (William died Abt. July 1872 (or 1873???????) --buried Hills Unioni)
    Nancy C 9 -- Nancy C Edmonds m: E P Shaffer 2 Feb 1878 Jefferson
    Rhoda J. 7 -- m: Miles Wesley Strange 1878 Jefferson
    John 6
    Rachael E 4
    Malinda A 2

    EDMONS, Elmore 54 TN TN VA (says his father born TN; mother born VA)
    Mary 52 TN TN TN
    John 15 (IF NOT PROVEN, this is the John E who married Nancy Shaver in Sept 1880 he was 15 or just 16. I can't find a Nancy Shaver (or a Martha Shaver around that age).
    Rachel 14
    Malinda 12
    Thomas E. 8
    Harris 7 (Harvey) His sister Rachel named a son Harris.
    EDMONDS, James 27 (son James who married Rebecca Lindsey)
    Rebicka 25
    John E. 12
    Fabia J. female 9
    William 7 <1872>
    James M. 5
    Sallie 1

    1887 and 1888
    Elmore gave depositions on behalf of Civil War Pension claim for Benjamin Ellison. Elmore's address is listed as Kansas,
    1890: Database: TN 1890 Veterans Schedule
    Elmore Edmonds TN Jefferson County Ed 143 1890

    Elmore Edmunds TN Jefferson County Dist. 4 -Male Voters- 1891

    Edmans Elmore 73 LISTS JUNE 1826 TN TN TN (says his father born TN; mother born TN]
    Mary Elmore 72 LISTS OCT 1827 TN TN TN 11/9? ( #1 William died Abt. July 1872, and #2________)
    George Samon 30 (Lawson)
    HARVEY male born in June 1873 married 4 years.
    Wife: Ammer LOVE m: 22 Mar 1896 Jefferson Co.
    Samuel Love and "Faba" Edmonds and their 4 kids
    Martin Mooree Moore? Moree? ((rememeber there is a DIFFERENCE between the Moree family and the Moore family))
    Elizabeth H.. then ? Sept 1860 31 married 1/6 year? what's that? 2 months??
    Jennie Sept 1873 26

    Another case of carelessness and accepting the first name you find that matches what you're looking for. Someone submitted that there was a daughter named Rachel Nancy Edmonds born 28 Dec 1867 in Sevier Co, died 25 Sep 1945 in Jefferson. That is the dau of Jonathan Edmonds & Laurinda Petty who married William Young Fain. She has a FIND-A-GRAVE.
    No daughter by any name matches Dec 1867 on Elmore's Civil War application, and with Malinda being born in May 1868 that's a little tight.
    BORN JUNE 25, 1825
    DIED NOV. 28, 1900
    AGED 75YR., 5MO., 3DA

    BORN SEPT. 21, 1865 ((NOTE THE ONE YEAR DIFFERENCE in the age as seen on both of Elmore's pension applications. Might be right--might not.)
    DIED OCT. 21, 1914

    OCT. 1, 1833
    AUG. 11, 1903

    Insolvent Estate Records, Jefferson County. (says it's on page 108 of the book, but it's image 79 if you get lost)
    (you have to register and then sign in to see the image)
    On Dec 14, 1900 Sam M. Holtsinger instructions to J. J. Coile, Administrator of the estate of Elmore Edmonds to post and advertise for claimants of the estate to file with him.


    1891 tax list Putting here because it seems like a good place. Rearranged by district from the original order.

    John Edmonds TN Jefferson County Dist. 3 -Male Voters- 1891 (the John P who married Mary Ann Reneau?)
    John Jr. Edmonds TN Jefferson County Dist. 3 -Male Voters- 1891 (m:Sallie Hughes?-grandson of WmC below?) Remember back then "Jr." meant just the younger of two local John's, not necessary son)
    Theodrick Edmonds TN Jefferson County Dist. 3 -Male Voters- 1891 (son of WmC below)
    W. C. Edmonds TN Jefferson County Dist. 3 -Male Voters- 1891 (WmC.Edmonds m1MargReneau;m2RhodaVance;m3MaryBaker))
    William Edmonds TN Jefferson County Dist. 3 -Male Voters- 1891 (there are 3 of them in Jefferson this year. Possibly William M, son of Wm C above, since it's in the same district, OR William, son of John and Sallie Hughes)

    Elmore Edmunds TN Jefferson County Dist. 4 -Male Voters- 1891 (Elmore Edmonds)

    John Edmonds TN Jefferson County Dist. 5 -Male Voters- 1891 (which one?)

    J. A. Edmonds TN Jefferson County Dist. 10 -Male Voters- 1891 (James A?? m: Laura Smelcer?)
    Joel Edmonds TN Jefferson County Dist. 10 -Male Voters- 1891 (m:Carmichael) I STILL CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHO HIS PARENTS ARE!

    Martin Edmonds TN Jefferson County Dist. 17 -Male Voters- 1891 (possibly Wm Maston Edmonds)

    =========== QUESTION:

    A C. W. EDMONDS was a witness in 1903 for the will of Mary Chambers Edmonds. She left everything to her son, George Jackson Edmonds. Who is C.W.? Is it Charley, the son of George Jackson Edmonds? Or a female named C_______ married to one of her sons? They would have had to have been at least 18 (possibly at least 21) to have witnessed a will so that means they were born BEFORE 1885. I've never seen the middle initial "W" before for Charles who was born 1877 probably to first wife, Agnes (Angie) Norton.

    Father: Unknown-Don't GUESS.
    Mother: Unknown-Don't GUESS.

    Marriage 1 Mary CHAMBERS b: OCT 1827 in 1827 on 1900 census. 1833 on tombstone. NOT dau of Eliz Jennings.
    • Married: 9 SEP 1850 in Jefferson, Tennessee
    1. Has Children James (m:RebLindsey) EDMONDS b: 14 OCT 1852 in TN per Elmore's pension application and censuses. Nov 1849 on DC
    2. Has Children George Jackson "Jack" EDMONDS b: 14 JUL 1854 in per father's pension application. prob Jefferson Co TN
    3. Has No Children William J. (s of Elmore) EDMONDS b: 24 AUG 1858 in Jefferson, Tennessee
    4. Has Children Nancy Caroline EDMONDS b: 8 JUL 1859 in Jefferson, Tennessee per DC Date per father's pension application. prob Jefferson Co TN
    5. Has Children Rhoda Jane EDMONDS b: FEB 1861 in dad said Feb 29 1862 and then 1861 but neither was a leap year and FTM won't let me put Feb 29, 1861
    6. Has No Children John E. (s of Elmore) EDMONDS b: 21 SEP 1864 in Jefferson, Tennessee
    7. Has Children Rachel Elizabeth (mBrown) EDMONDS b: 8 AUG 1866 in Jefferson, Tennessee
    8. Has Children Malinda A EDMONDS b: 20 MAY 1868 in per father's pension application. prob Jefferson Co Tennessee
    9. Has Children Thomas <Elbert> EDMONDS b: 19 JUL 1871 in per father's pension application. prob Jefferson Co TN. I'm still looking for any documentation that his middle name is ELBERT! Thanks.
    10. Has Children Harvey Louis (YES , he's the Harris) EDMONDS b: 10 JUN 1874 in Jefferson, Tennessee. Not born in 1870. Father's pension application says 1874. 1900 census says June 1873

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