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Mostly Jefferson County, TN . . . many EDMONDS, many islands . . . mostly prior to 1900

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  • Name: William (possible son? mElizELLER) EDMONDS
  • Sex: M
  • Death: in Not 26 JAN 1837 or 1826 in England or France.
  • Note:

    If you copy *anything* off this page please put this next sentence.

    IT IS NOT PROVEN that the William apprenticed out below is actually the son of George and Ellender or that this William is the one that married Elizabeth ELLER. IT IS PLACED HERE FOR INFORMATION ONLY.


    Not son of Susanna Fletcher of England.

    Family legend is that he deserted family before 1820 since Elizabeth is the head of household in 1820 and 1830. Somewhere along the line someone decided he must have died on the exact day Elizabeth wrote her will (26 Jan 1837). More careless reporting.

    I'm not going to list all of Wm and Elizabeth's children here because they are elsewhere on the internet. Check the Eller and Biffle sites for best info.

    William's son, John Wesley was born in 1815ish, not 1825. 1850 and 1860 have him born around 1815. Some World Connect posts copied other people wrong.

    REPEAT::::::::::::::::: IT IS NOT PROVEN that the William apprenticed out below is actually the son of George and Ellender or that this William is the one that married Elizabeth ELLER.


    18th Century Virginia Law regarding poor orphans

    . . . A child whose father had died was an orphan
    in that era, even if her mother was living. The father in his will
    could name a guardian or guardians for his infant children (infant was
    the legal term for under age) to manage their estates and arrange for
    their education. If he did not do so or if he died intestate, the court
    could name the guardian unless the child was 14 or older, in which case
    he or she could choose one. However, " where the estate of the
    orphan be so small value that no person will educate and maintain him
    for the profits thereof, such orphan shall be bound apprentice, every
    male to some tradesman, merchant, mariner, or other person approved by
    the court until the age of 21." Females were similarly bound
    but to age 18. The master or mistress of every servant was to provide
    "diet, clothes, lodgings and accommodations and teach him to read
    and write and at the expiration of his apprenticeship to give him the
    same allowance appointed for servants of indenture". . .


    If you copy anything off this page please put this next sentence.

    IT IS NOT PROVEN that the William apprenticed out below is actually the son of George and Ellender or that this William is the one that married Elizabeth ELLER. IT IS PLACED HERE FOR INFORMATION ONLY.

    This Indenture made this 25th Day of Feb, 1792, Witnesseth that I Thos. Frame Overseer of the poor in the second District of Augusta County doth by virtue of an order of Court of Said County Beary [sic] Date, Feb the 21st, 1792, to me Directed, Bind out William Edmens an orphan Boy 10 years old the 26th of December last, as an apprentice to James Burgis at Said County to learn the art trade or mistery of Carpenter work and with him to dwell continuly and serve him from the date of these presents untill the said William Edmens shall arive at the Age of 21 years, (If you are reading this paragraph and there is no credit of the source and person who transcribed it and the date and location and no disclaimer on the page stating that we do not know that the William apprenticed out is actually the son of George and Ellender or that this William is the one that married Elizabeth Eller then someone is a copy cat who doesn't do good research and you'd better not copy anything from them. They will mess up your tree.) During which time the said apprentice his said master faithfully shall serve, his secrets keep and all his lawfull commands everywhere gladly obay; ___?___ to his said master he shalll not do nor suffer it to be done by others without giving timely notice thereof to his said master, The goods of his said master he shall not waste, nor imbezzle, nor lend them unlawfully to any, at Cards, dice, or any other unlawfull game he shall not play, taverns or tipling houses he shall not frequent, Furnication he shall not commit, Matrimony he shall not contract within the said term of his servitude; he shall not be absent himself from his said masters service without his consent, but shall in all things behave himself as a faithfull apprentice ought to do during the whole of his apprenticeship--and the said master shall teach or cause to be taught his said apprentice the art, trade or mistery aforesaid and shall also find and [provide for his said apprentice sufficient] (the bracketed part was written but lined out) teach or cause to be taught his said apprentice to Read the Bible and write a Leagable hand and Cypher through the Single Rule of three: and shall also find and provide for his said Apprentice sufficient Meat, drink, washing, Lodging apperl of linning and wollen fiitting for such an apprentice during the time of his servitude and at the End of the same give him such freedom dues as the law directs, and for the true performace of the said covenanted agreements each of the parties hath here unto set their hands and seals the Day and year above Writen--
    Seigned Sealed
    in the presents of Thos. Frame (seal)
    Sam S. Frame
    Wm Jones James Burger (seal)
    [transcribed by 2006
    Augusta County Courthouse
    Staunton, Augusta Co VA]


    Jacob Eller is listed right above Nelly Edmons on the 1800 Buncombe census. He is the assumed father of the Elizabeth Eller, who married William Edmonds. Someone on the internet said they got married about 1797 in Sullivan County, TN so he might be on the 1800 census with just him and wife and a kid or two by then. I can't find him on 1800 in TN or NC. They are not living with her parents. "Nelly Edmons" census has room for them but no proof. There is ONE male under 10.


    1810 census: Buncombe County, NC
    William Edmonds
    3 males under 10
    1 male 26-44
    2 females under 10
    1 10 - 15 (means born before the 1800 census. But not listed on Nelley's census in 1880 so it doesn't appear as if William and Elizabeth were living with her then) ]
    1 26-44

    1820 census: Buncombe Co., NC
    Elizabeth Edmonds
    2 males under 10
    2 males 11-16
    1 male 16-18 (duplicate 1 males 16-26)
    1 female under 10
    1 female 10-16
    2 females 16-26
    1 female 26-45

    Betsy Edmonds
    1 male under 5
    3 males 15-20
    1 male 20-30
    1 female under 5
    1 female 5-10
    1 female 10-15
    1 female 20-30
    1 female 40-50

    In each of those censuses a neighbor is John Chambers. He is one of the witnesses on her will in Jan 1837.


    Is Mary Eller, Elizabeth Eller's niece?

    North Carolina Bastardy Bonds, Buncombe County, NC
    Mother Date Bondsmen

    Mary ELLER July 1840 John W. EDMONDS and William EDMONDS

    Who is this John? Possibly 25-year-old John Wesley Edmonds, son of William the Original. The William who is the bondsman is probably his older brother since Pops seems to have ran off (?) before the 1820 census? Mary Eller might be his cousin. Things work in the censuses but no proof. I repeat. NOT VERIFIED--NO PROOF.

    Father: George (m:Nelly) NOT PROVEN FATHER EDMONDS b: in Not born in 1770 in London and didn't die at age 12. None of his kids were born in England, especially in 1790. ** SEE NOTES ** ONLY ANN is proven child of this couple.
    Mother: ELLENDER Nelly NOT PROVEN MOTHER possibly FILLIS b: BEF 1755 in Not England. Ann is the only documented child of this couple. Might not evem be Fillis! ** SEE NOTES **

    Marriage 1 Elizabeth ELLER b: in NOT PROVEN SAME GUY ABOVE married her. See Eller/Biffle trees for her and children.
      1. Has Children William (m1:NancyReece m2:NancyPatton) EDMONDS b: BET 1806 AND 1807 in NC. No, he did NOT marry Margaret Reneau in Jefferson 13 Feb 1840. See
      2. Has Children John <Wesley?> EDMONDS b: ABT 1815 in Buncombe Co, NC SEE:
      3. Has No Children George N. EDMONDS