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  • ID: I0380
  • Name: William (m1:NancyReece m2:NancyPatton) EDMONDS
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: BET 1806 AND 1807 in NC. No, he did NOT marry Margaret Reneau in Jefferson 13 Feb 1840. See
  • Death: MAR 1880 in Flat Creek, Buncombe, NC. See 1880 mortality schedule
  • Note:
    It's unfortunate that I have to use so much space documenting that this is not the guy who married Margaret Reneau. But apparently once a myth, always a myth even in the face of facts -- and if it's "published" on the internet it must be true. . .

    No, he didn't marry Margaret Reneau in Jefferson 13 Feb 1840.
    That was a different William Edmonds who stayed in Jefferson with their children and is documented
    -see below and

    No, he didn't die in 1840 or 1848 (he hadn't even married Nancy Patton yet or had the last batch of kids).
    If you copied from someone who said he did they also have the first wife and a few of the kids wrong.

    No, he didn't die in 1860 in Halifax County. That was William A. EDMONDSON who married Lucy SHAW.
    Our William is on the 1860 and 1870 censuses and the 1880 Mortality Schedule all in Buncombe, NC.

    I'm also looking for any kind of documentation that makes this guy's middle name Arthur.
    Everyone one I've asked who has it doesn't remember where they copied it from and the family bible doesn't list it.

    His name is never really seen as William "Jr." but that has become the tag
    some people have given him to distinguish from his father.


    The ending first:
    Thanks to Charlene (actual descendant) for finding this on the 1880 Mortality Schedule in the spring of 2011.
    If you have Ancestry it's located at
    Name: Wm Edmons
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Marital Status: Married
    Place of Birth: North Carolina
    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1807
    Age: 73
    Month of Death: Mar
    Cause of Death: Cronic dingah (chronic diarrhea)
    Census Year: 1880
    Census Location: Flat Creek, Buncombe, North Carolina
    Enumeration District: 37
    Line: 17 Archive Collection Number: M1805
    (also said he'd resided in the county for 73 years --that works except for the time the kids were born in TN but he was there for most of the 73)

    No one had looked for one of the 16 alternate spellings. She also found his first wife on the 1850 Mortality Schedule thereby verifying that Margaret Reneau was not his first wife. We know who Margaret Reneau married.

    Margaret Edmonds born about 1846/47 has "Nancy Reece" as maiden name of mother on her DC.

    Frances born about 1848 has "Reece" as maiden name of mother on her DC.

    A discussion about the two different Williams (one from Buncombe, NC and one from Jefferson TN) is below. They have been diced and minced for years all wrong.

    In May 2010 I examined/copied several Edmonds Civil War Pension files at the National Archives in Washington DC for Edmonds men who served from TN and western NC. In 1890, the William C. Edmonds in Jefferson, Tennessee who is on every census except the 1850 (every Edmonds except Joel was left off that census) applied as a "dependent father" for benefits for his eldest son's service in the Civil War. The names of his other children are also listed on his sons' Theodrick and William M. Edmonds' Civil War Pension records. In 1916 Wm M listed "Theodrick, John E and Marthena" as siblings.

    William C. (Jefferson, Tennessee) Edmonds' application states that he and Margaret Reneau were married 13 FEB 1840 in Jefferson, Tennessee and had four children (who all stayed in TN). He provided a certificate from the County Court Clerk stating that the marriage record was on file in his office (it has the same info as the one that I copied in the Jefferson Archive). One of his son's death certificate (indexed erroneously on Ancestry as W. M. EDWARDS) has William Edmonds and Margaret Reneau listed as parents. A copy is shown on my ancestry tree.

    Some people tell me the exact date of death of William's first wife was the exact date of birth of her last daughter (who they erroneously name as Margaret) in 1848 or 1849. Few people believe two consecutive censuses where Margaret is older than Frances. After 1870, both Margaret (m:Fulton) and Frances (m:Shewbert) seem to have changed birth dates with every census. Apparently with the new clicking capabilities on Ancestry not too many people even bother to look at censuses any more because many people have Frances being older than Margaret. I welcome any new data that anyone has.

    10 times out of 15 times when given the chance the kids from Buncombe from the first marriage say their mother was born in NC.


    There are MANY other copies of trees on the internet with the kids. I didn't put them all because I didn't do the research myself. But don't use any tree that says the husband of Elizabeth Eller (this William's assumed father) died in 1837 or has a ANY place or ANY date of death. They copied it from someone who made it up or used Elizabeth Eller's will date of 1837. This next link is a good source for Buncombe Co Edmonds group.

    1830: Buncombe Co, NC
    1 male 20-29
    1 female 20-29

    1840: Buncombe County, NC on the same page as the rest of the Edmonds... -- the extra children in the household probably belong to ANN EDMONDS, William's sister. SEE ANN AT:
    Wm. Edmonds (these kids in parentheses probably belong to Ann Edmonds, William's SISTER. They match the ages for her known children)
    1 males under 5 (Joseph)
    1 male 5-9
    1 male 10-14 (Fields)
    1 male 20-29 (Adam)
    1 male 30-39 William
    1 female 5-9 (Mary Jane)
    1 female 10-14 (Susanna)
    2 females 15-19 (Caroline) and ___?____
    1 female 30-39 (probably Ann Edmonds, William's sister)

    1850 Buncombe County, NC
    Wm Edmonds 46 **blacksmith** NC <1804>
    Tilman W. 9 TN (we do NOT know where in TN these kids were born)
    Elizabeth G? 6\ 2 survivors of triplets per bible <1844> TN ( I doubt this is Harriett Elizabeth and neither of those girls married William D. Pruett. He married Margaret Marthena Edmonds, daughter of the William C. Edmonds and Margaret Reneau in Jefferson, Tennessee in 1867. Wm. Derrick Pruett gave affidavit for her brother's Civil War Pension application stating he was Theodrick's "brothering law". William M. Edmonds gave affidavit in his Civil War Pension file also .
    Catherine S 6/ TN (Catherine Sarah) m: (William Riley Edmonds who d: 1924 in NC. DC on line)
    Margaret L 3 TN m: Hugh Fulton in Knox, died 14 Jan 1916 Newport, Cocke Co, TN) Has "Nancy Reece" on DC for mother.
    Frances 1 female NC THE FIRST WIFE'S LAST CHILD? Has "Reece" on DC for mother.

    1860: Bumcombe Co, NC
    William Edmonds 53 <1807> NC **miller**
    Nancy 38 <1822>
    Tilghman 19 TN
    Sarah 16 (Catherine Sarah -- censuses say Sarah and that's her name on her husband's DC even though he's widowed)) TN
    Elizabeth 16 (Elizabeth ) TN
    Margaret 13 TN
    Francis 12 female NC
    Nick Woodfin 10 (H Elize and Nick appear to have been reversed)
    Eliza 8
    Andy 4 (William Andrew) NOT Wm Arthur Andrew married Delilah (or Deliah) C. Ricker of Greeneville, TN.
    Laura 4 months

    1870: Asheville
    William Edmonds 64 **blacksmith** <1806> NC
    Nancy 49 <1821>
    H. E. 18
    N. W. 15 (Nicholas Woodfin) * HIS DC AT ANCESTRY confirms Nancy Patton maiden name of mother. But the birth date is wrong compared to ALL his censuses.
    W A P 16 (William Andrew Patton Edmonds) (Not William Arthur)
    L D 9 female (Laura) *HER DC AT ANCESTRY confirms Nancy Patton maiden name of mother.
    J. M. 7
    J. R.. 3 (James Reagan) * HIS DC AT ANCESTRY confirms Nancy Patton maiden name of mother. .

    1880: Mortality Schedule (third from bottom)
    Wm Edmons Flat Creek, Buncombe, North Carolina 1880 abt 1807 North Carolina White Male 73

    1880: Flat Creek, Buncombe, NC
    Edmans, Nancy, widow, 56 <1824>
    Andrew 22
    Joseph N? 17
    James R. 13
    Mary E. 9 (m: Ezekial MacDonald "Mack" Philips per bible)
    Nick is living just above with wife Sarah and son Jackson

    James Edmonds 34
    Millie L Edmonds 24
    Vista V Edmonds 11
    Ollie Edmonds 10
    Belle Edmonds 8
    Floyd Edmonds 2
    Emma J Edmonds 11/12
    Nancy Edmonds 74 Nov 1825 NC NC NC 1/1 not right

    1906: Death of Nancy


    Margaret Edmonds, b. July 29, 1848 [NOT]
    Nick Woodfin Edmonds, b. 1849 [NOT]
    Laura Edmonds (m: J M Buckner) b. Jan 1858 [ NOT]

    Frances married Shewbird or Shewbert or any variation. Larkin later went by Schubert. Sevier County, TN.
    AGES IN CENSUSES: Date of birth just subtracted from year of census. Not exact.
    She gets disproportionately older as she ages.
    1850 1 <1849> TN
    1860 12 <1848> TN
    1870 22 Sevier County, TN <1848>
    1880 33 Sevier County, TN <1847> Henrys Cross Roads NC TN TN
    1900 54 Sevier County, TN says Dec 1845 which is an anomoly. Civil District 8 NC TN TN
    1910 63 Sevier County, TN <1847> Civil District 8 NC NC NC
    1920 74? Sevier County, TN living with son Larkin <1846> NC NC NC
    1926 Death Sevier County--- her death certificate is the one that lists "REECE" as the mother's maiden name. No first name.
    "Mrs. Mary Hodge" was the informant. That's her daughter, Mary Ann.


    Margaret couldn't have been born in July 1848 if Frances was born in Dec 1848 and vice versa. The only thing that seems pretty well nailed down is that Margaret is 1 or two years older than Frances based on two censuses when they were young. I cannot understand why there are so many trees that have Frances older than Margaret. I guess they didn't notice the first two censuses the girls were on together that might have made them put a disclaimer as to the ages the ladies ended up with in later censuses.

    1850 census:
    Margaret L 3
    Frances 1

    1860 census:
    Margaret 13
    Francis 12

    Margaret married Hugh Fulton.
    AGES IN CENSUSES: Date of birth just subtracted from year of census. Not exact.
    1850 3 <1847> TN
    1860 13 <1847> TN
    1870 24 Sevier County, TN <1846> TN
    1880 31 Sevier County, TN <1849> TN NC NC
    1900 52 Sevier County, TN says Jul 1848 TN TN TN
    1910 62 Sevier County, TN <1848> TN NC NC
    1916 Death Sevier County -- her death certificate is the one that lists "NANCY REECE" as the mother's maiden name.
    Informant was her daughter.


    In the Buncombe Births book 1858-1888 in the Buncombe Co Library in Asheville I found these notes:

    Edmonds, Miss Polly page 210 (7/10/1868) Labor natural, child a boy

    wife of Tilman page 307 (12/25/71) Labor natural, child a girl

    wife of W R p 166 (8/20/66) Labor very protracted and difficult. Did well. Child a girl

    " p 258 (1/9/1870) ". Child a boy

    wife of Wm. p 262 (6/26/70) son


    Mary Elizabeth Edmonds m: Ezekial MacDonald "Mack" Philips per bible. 30 Nov 1891.
    Had Nannie Evelyn Phillips (m: Wm Lafayette Edwards 9/12/1915).


    THE TWO WILLIAM EDMONDS and where they thought they were born

    1. WILLIAM EDMONDS <1808>-1877 Buncombe Co, NC --assumed son of Wm. Edmonds and Elizabeth Eller BUT PLEASE NOTE--in transcription of family bible there is a note that says "Francis L. Edmonds Borne 1779 VA Buried Millican Grove Cemetery, Sevier County, Tenn". We don't know who this is--male or female--or relation. He married second Nancy Patton--her maiden name confirmed on 3 kids' DCs. Most of his early kids (except Francis, the last one) were born somewhere in TN according to early censuses. There is no evidence that any of them were born in Jefferson County.
    1830 between 20-29
    1850 46-NC
    1860 53-NC
    1870 64-NC
    d: 1877

    2. WILLIAM C. EDMONDS <1815-aft1890> Jefferson, Tennessee -- assumed son of John Edmonds and Fanny UNK, maybe pratt maybe elmore, maybe not. William first married Margaret Reneau in 1840 and later married Rhoda Vance and then probably Mary Baker.
    1850 not shown on census
    1860 45-TN
    1870 54-TN
    1880 60-TN/TN/TN
    d aft 1890

    1. BUNCOMBE COUNTY, NC CHILDREN and birth states per censuses.

    Tilman (m1: Myra Duncan m2: Julia Adams)
    1850 9-TN;
    1860 19-TN;
    1870 29-NC
    1880 39-TN/NC/NC
    1900 59-TN/NC/NC
    1910 69-TN/NC/NC
    1920 78-TN/NC/NC
    d: 1920 -- no death certificate yet.

    Elizabeth (Disappears after 1860. She did not marry a Pruett)
    1850 6-TN
    1860 16-TN

    Sarah Catherine (m: Wm Riley Edmonds)
    1850 6-TN
    1860 16-TN
    1880 37-NC/NC/NC
    1900 57-TN/NC/NC
    1910 67-TN/TN/TN
    1920 80-NC/TN/SC
    d: 1923 -- death certificate not found

    Margaret (m: Hugh Fulton)
    1850 3-TN
    1860 13-TN
    1870 24-TN
    1880 31-TN/NC/NC
    1900 52-TN/TN/TN
    1910 62-TN/NC/NC
    d: 1916 - death certificate lists Nancy Reece as mother's name. Info from daughter.

    Frances (m: Wm Shewbert)
    1850 1-NC
    1860 12-NC
    1870 22-NC/TN/TN
    1880 33-NC/TN/TN
    1900 54-NC/NC/NC
    1910 63-NC/NC/NC
    1920 74?-NC/NC/NC
    d: 1926 -- death certificate lists Reece as mother's name (no first name). Informant was her daughter, Mary Ann Hodge

    2. JEFFERSON COUNTY, TN CHILDREN and birth states per censuses
    (note how weird the ages are on the censuses)

    John E.
    1850 not found
    1860 19-TN
    d: 1864 in war - no death certificate

    Theodrick (m: Josephine Baker)
    1850 not found
    1860 17-TN
    1870 25-TN
    1880 33-TN/TN/TN
    1900 55-TN/TN/TN
    1910 65-TN/TN/TN
    d 1917 - death certificate lists Rhoda Chambers as mother's name (but William's records indicate that only John E., Theodrick and Marthena are full siblings) so that mother who raised him got on the DC, not his biological mother.

    William M (m1: Rebecca Moore m2: Minerva Cruze)
    1850 not found
    1860 15-TN
    1870 32-TN
    1880 30-TN/TN/TN
    1900 54-TN/TN/TN
    1910 66-TN/TN/TN
    1920 75-TN/TN/TN
    1930 85-TN/TN/TN
    d:1931 - death certificate lists William Edmonds and Margaret Reneau as parents

    Marthena (m: William Derrick Pruett)
    1850 not found
    1860 12-TN
    1870 20-TN
    1880 32-TN/TN/TN
    1900 52-TN/TN/TN
    d: 1903 -- no death certificate

    Father: William (possible son? mElizELLER) EDMONDS b: 26 DEC 1781 in NOT PROVEN son of George/Nelley. NOT PROVEN THAT THAT DATE BELONGS TO ELLER'S HUSBAND. SEE for EVERYTHING about Wm.
    Mother: Elizabeth ELLER b: in NOT PROVEN SAME GUY ABOVE married her. See Eller/Biffle trees for her and children.

    Marriage 1 Nancy PATTON b: BET 1821 AND 1825 in NC
    • Married: 24 APR 1851 in Buncombe Co, NC 1
    1. Has No Children H. Elizabeth "Eliza" EDMONDS b: ABT 1852
    2. Has Children Nick Woodfin EDMONDS b: BET 3 FEB 1853 AND 1854 in Buncombe Co, NC (DC says 3 Feb 1853)
    3. Has No Children William Andrew (s of NPatton) EDMONDS b: ABT 1856 in Buncombe Co, NC
    4. Has No Children Laura EDMONDS b: BET JAN AND APR 1860 in Buncombe Co, NC based on age of 4 months on the 1860 census. see note
    5. Has No Children Joseph N EDMONDS b: ABT 1863
    6. Has No Children James Reagan EDMONDS b: 14 APR 1865 in NC. DC confirmed Nancy Patton is maiden name of mother.
    7. Has Children Mary Elizabeth EDMONDS b: BET SEP 1870 AND MAY 1871

    Marriage 2 Nancy REECE b: ABT 1816 in NC per most of her children's censuses. Two daughters list Reece and Nancy Reece as their mother. Help needed to verify.
    1. Has No Children Tilman W. EDMONDS b: 3 MAR 1841 in TN per his Civil War pension application and all his censuses but one ((not BUG MUD CREEK, NC)) and we do NOT know it was Jefferson County!
    2. Has No Children Elizabeth J EDMONDS b: 1844 in NC didn't marry Wm D Pruett -- didn't marry Bradley Pratt. Not proven.
    3. Has Children Sarah Catherine EDMONDS b: 1844
    4. Has Children Margaret (mFulton) EDMONDS b: BET 1847 AND JUL 1848 in TN
    5. Has Children Frances (mShewbert) EDMONDS b: BET 1847 AND 1849 in NC. No one knows real date. Censuses vs DC. Her first two match!

    1. Title: The oldest marriage book in Buncombe.
      Note: The oldest marriage book in Buncombe at the Old Historical Society.
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