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  • ID: I0536
  • Name: George (m:Nelly) NOT PROVEN FATHER EDMONDS
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: in Not born in 1770 in London and didn't die at age 12. None of his kids were born in England, especially in 1790. ** SEE NOTES ** ONLY ANN is proven child of this couple.
  • Death: BET JUL 1780 AND 18 FEB 1782 in NOT 19 FEB 1782. ** SEE NOTES ** 1
  • Event: Aka (Facts Pg) These sons are NOT confirmed to be George and Nelley's
  • Note:
    It wasn't until some newbie got friskie with the international birth records that he found a George Edmonds born in London in 1790 and decided it must be the son of George and Ellender. So of course since the kid was born in England he made George and Nelley born in England. Since he had no real dates he found another George born around 1724 and decided he was the exact same person who was in Augusta County in America. He might as well have said they were both born in Paris. We do not know where or when either of them were born but the kid born in 1790 couldn't be theirs--but that doesn't stop people from copying the same information from a tree because they didn't bother to read anything. Actually, the man born in 1790 in England isn't even the same one who people are copying who died in 1868. It didn't take long to figure that one out!

    In 2009 the appearance of "born in London in 1770" appeared in AncestryTrees. Now it's an epedemic because of the shaky green leaves that tell people to copy someone who can't read.
    22 AncestryTrees as of July 2010,
    39 as of May 2012.
    43 as of 15 Sep 2012.

    The ones that have him born in 1770 have him dying TWELVE YEARS LATER in 1782 AT THE AGE OF 12 WITH A WIFE AND USUALLY FIVE CHILDREN.
    He didn't die on 19 Feb 1782. According to court records, that's the date a Margaret Edmonds, orphan of some (not proven ours) George Edmonds, deceased, (AGE UNKNOWN but probably NOT AN INFANT since the word guardian was not used and "bound" was) was bound "to" John Dalhouse. She was bound "out" the next year but it doesn't say she was returned to anyone and it doesn't say anything about guardians so she probably wasn't a baby or a 2-year old then either! SEE (if that doesn't work try here: )

    So George would have had to have been dead BEFORE 19 Feb 1782. There were only two court dates in February (remember WINTER IN WESTERN VIRGINIA) 1782 and it would be pretty well impossible for them to have had a court date set up ahead of time for a girl if the father was only going to die that morning. Someone just wrote down the date of Margaret's court records and it got into George's death column. No one knows where or when he died or who all his children are. Period.

    The next year:
    (7) Margaret Edmunds (formerly ordered to be bound to John Dalhouse) to be bound out.

    Scotch-Irish in VA - Vol. I, Order Book XX, pgs. 252-256
    OCTOBER 21, 1788.
    (page 612) "Following to be bound out: , , , , and the orphans of George Edmunds, deceased."
    I have seen the microfilm. The orphans are NOT listed by name.
    Is this George Edmunds the same guy who was the father of Margaret who was bound out in 1782?

    We don't know when he was born. 1750 or 1724 or 1770 are just guesses. The 1750 date is a different George Edmonds living in Princess Anne County, VA in 1783 and 1785 (after our George died) as seen on an AGBI file. OneWorldTree is wrong. OneWorldTree is a database compiled by a computer sweep (grab) from submitted family group sheets and trees, often by people who just copied from the person in the next seat. It is not a historical record.

    None of that London stuff is in the original research that Jim Mantooth did in the late 1990s to the early 2000s that ended up posted on WorldConnect that got in the computer sweep and ended up in OneWorldTree. We know that because of the typo that said BEFORE 19 FEB 1792 instead of 1782. NOR does that file list Fanny's maiden name because it was and still is unknown.

    He did not have a son in England in 1780 or 1790.

    Note the spellings: Edmonds, Edmunds, Edmens, Edmons, etc. You'll find some indexed as Edwards so also try asterisks instead of just Soundex. There are 17 variations I've seen for this family.

    The "proof" on this is non-existent. Great circumstantial if they were the only Edmonds family in town. But how do we know?

    I had to put the weird dates on his "profile" because there is no provision for giving "ranges" of dates and I wanted people to be able to find his and hopefully read the text.

    There are no tax or land records, censuses or other marriage, death or probate records in Augusta County VA that I could find. The National Archives and the DAR library in Washington doesn't have anything else. The McClung Library in Knoxville doesn't have anything. The State Library in Richmond only has a courts martial microfilm and it's almost illegible (see below).



    You wouldn't want a famly member convicted on the circumstantial evidence presented here.


    In Augusta County, VA between 1779-1792 the only Edmonds names mentioned are:
    (1) George (assumed father) who is in the local militia and is described as a "poor soldier" because he doesn't own a "musquet". He keeps getting in trouble for missing musters. Microfilm in Richmond!
    There are no tax records, censuses or other records in the county that I could find.
    George appears as the deceased father of
    (2) a Margaret in 1782, and again in 1783 bound out. Note she was BOUND not placed with a guardian. She was probably not two years old.
    (3) an Ann who gets married in 1792.
    (4) Ellender "Nelley" Fillis signs Ann's permission slip to wed as she's apparently under age. She didn't use the last name Edmonds. She did NOT sign Nelly Fillis with one "E". Anytime you see that you know you've got bad paper.
    Two sets of boys appear to be apprenticed to a cooper in 1790 and a carpenter in 1792.
    (5) George and
    (6) John [on the same piece of very large paper] without birthdates go to the cooper and George (same George?) and
    (7) William [on their same piece of very large paper] go to the carpenter. They were apprenticed through court order (from 1788) carried out by the Overseers for the Poor (See story under orphans of George Edmonds below).
    The 1792 pages give birthdates for the George and William.
    ................................................................................. .....

    It is NOT PROVEN that these seven people are one family. We could have aunts, uncles or cousins and we will never know. No marriage records exist other than those in the Augusta County Courthouse in Staunton. There are no records for George and Nelley, any Margaret, any George, John or William or any Nelly Edmonds marrying a Mr. Fillis (which is how she signs her name to give permission for Ann to marry in 1792. Why didn't she use the last name Edmonds if she hadn't remarried. But then who is the Nelly Edmonds in Buncombe Co, NC in the 1800?
    Remember to always check Edmonds, Edmond, Edmunds, Edmens, Edmons, etc.
    ..................................................................................... .......

    POSSIBLE DUPLCATIONS BELOW. I haven't edited it all yet.


    from a post on a list from df:
    "Old Augusta CO, Va, used to stretch to the Miss. River and included everthing
    west, including KY, IL, etc. County seat was Staunton, VA, near the first
    big land deal in the New World...near present-day Fishersville between
    Staunton and Charlottesville, VA. . . ."

    See the map of HUGE Augusta County before 1784 that included a lot of Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, part of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois and Wisconsin.


    Nelley might have remarried a Mr. Fillis after George Edmonds died before 1792 when she signed her last name "Fillis" for Ann's permission slip to marry. Or is Fillis her middle name?
    Two schools of thought:
    1. "1792--July 12, John Morgan and Ann Edmonds, spinster, daughter of Geo. Edmonds, deceased. Consent of Ellender Fillis, mother of Ann Edmonds." She signed it Nelley (WITH TWO e's) Fillis. Why would a maiden name appear here without her married name? Is that her middle name? If she hadn't remarried wouldn't she have been listed as Nelly Edmonds.
    2. There is a Nelly "Edmons" in Buncombe County in 1800 with the approximate right number and ages of kids. OR--someone came along later, found some men in the area and assigned them back to Nelley as might have happened with more than a couple of the kids in Jefferson County.

    Anyone who spells Nelly in their tree with just one "e" copied from someone else. They did NOT see the original in the Augusta County Courthouse marriage books.

    NO ONE KNOWS where George came from or when he died. Rumors are from Fauquier County --and there are a lot of Edmonds there but no mention of a George who would have been born before 1750. Request from an old reseacher for help on that avenue went unanswered. Fauquier County was a dead-end when I went there in 2006 looking for any connection. No Edmonds family in Fauquier is missing a George that I could find. They have a TERRIFIC genealogy center just outside town. (Don't bother with the library downtown).

    One LDS source says Geo born abt 1745 Place: OF NORTH CAROLINA Of course there is no documentation. I've seen some really obtuse stuff out there.


    Microfilm of original practically illegible handwritten courts martial records from Augusta County.

    Page 64: Capt. Robertsons Delinqents.
    . . . George Edmonds, Audley Hamilton, John Johnston, James Storrey & Joseph Sorrels are To be Summond To appear at Next Court Martial To Show Cause Why they Did not go out. . . .

    Page 81:
    Robertsons Delinquents.
    . . .George Edmonds, Audley Hamilton, John Johnson, James Storey, Joseph Sorrels, Jone Craige <(JOHN CRAIG THE COOPER?)> , John Kerr, William McNeeley, Thomas Rodger, & Robert Rodger are all acquitted for not going out when Drafted. . . .

    Page 129:
    . . .Its ordered that the Musquet Provided for George Palmer of Capt. Cunninghams Company be Delivered to Capt. Johnston for the use of George Edmonds a Poor Soldier in his Company. . . .

    Page 169: Capt. Johnsons Deliquents.
    . . .Returned for not appearing at one Private Muster 2th Nov 1779, David Frazier Acquited, George Edmonds Acquited.
    Ditto March 1780 . . .George Edmonds Acquited. . .
    Ditto for not appearing at one Funeral (?) Muster on 27th March 1780 . . . George Edmonds, Acquited. . . .

    Page 184:
    Capt. Johnston Deliquents.
    . . .Returned for not appearing at one Private muster 10th April 1780 . . . George Edmonds find [sic] . . .
    Ditto 29th July 1780 . . . Acquited. . . .

    Page 221:
    . . .George Edmonds is Exempted from Duty in future he Having obtained the approbation of the Company for the Purpose. . . .
    (I couldn't read the date)

    From: Augusta County, Courts Martial Records 1756-1796, Reel 111
    Researched by SS March 4, 2006
    At State Library of Virginia, Richmond
    transcribed by SSBosco 2006


    18th Century Virginia Law regarding poor orphans

    . . . A child whose father had died was an orphan
    in that era, even if her mother was living. The father in his will
    could name a guardian or guardians for his infant children (infant was
    the legal term for under age) to manage their estates and arrange for
    their education. If he did not do so or if he died intestate, the court
    could name the guardian unless the child was 14 or older, in which case
    he or she could choose one. However, " where the estate of the
    orphan be so small value that no person will educate and maintain him
    for the profits thereof, such orphan shall be bound apprentice, every
    male to some tradesman, merchant, mariner, or other person approved by
    the court until the age of 21." Females were similarly bound
    but to age 18. The master or mistress of every servant was to provide
    "diet, clothes, lodgings and accommodations and teach him to read
    and write and at the expiration of his apprenticeship to give him the
    same allowance appointed for servants of indenture". . .


    see 1880 census in Buncombe Co, NC

    see for Full George file with scans.



    (Nothing in the Augusta County Courthouse other than what's listed above, nothing in the library in Staunton except what's listed above, nothing in the Fauquier County Library or the Genealogy Society Buiding period!)

    Virginia State Library, Richmond, VA

    1. "Here Lyeth" tombstone inscriptions of most cemeteries in Riverheads District of Southern Augusta County, Staunton, VA.

    2. Augusta County marriages 1748-1850

    3. Excerpts from Augusta County Chancery Drawers 118-258 and other charts.

    4. Augusta County, VA Land Tax Book 1782-1788
    5. ditto; 1788-1790

    6. 1787 Census of Personal Property Tax (no Fillis)

    7. Claims Presented to Court of Augusta 1782-1785

    8. History of Augusta County, VA, by J. Lewis Peyton c1986

    9. My Augusta; A Spot of Earth Not a Woman

    10. Prominent Families of Augusta County and Rockingham County, VA

    11. Baptismal Records 1740-1749

    12. Naturalization Records, Augusta County, 1752-1902

    13. First Marriage Record, Augusta County, 1785-1813

    14. Supplement to First Marriage Record, 1785-1813

    15. Augusta County, VA Families and History

    16. Virginia Publick Claims, Augusta County

    17. Augusta County, VA Heritage Book (one of those things where people send in stories about their families), 1732-1998

    18. Virginia wills and Administrations 1632-1800

    19. American Genealogy Biographies Index

    Books in Pitt County Library, Greenville, NC:

    1. Virginia Vital Records from Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, the William and Mary Quarterl, and Tyler's Quarterly.

    2. Virginia Land Records from ditto

    3. Virginia Marriage Records from ditto

    4. Virginia Will Records from ditto

    5. Genealogies of Virginia Families

    6. Abstract of North Carolina Wills

    7. Index to Revolutionary War Service Records

    8. Green County, TN Marriages 1783-1868

    Everything for the county in the DAR Library in Washington, DC.

    Everything for the county in the Family History Center in Salt Lake City,

    Everything at the McClung Library in Knoxville.

    The 1790 census.

    Nothing in any of those places that worked.

    Marriage 1 ELLENDER Nelly NOT PROVEN MOTHER possibly FILLIS b: BEF 1755 in Not England. Ann is the only documented child of this couple. Might not evem be Fillis! ** SEE NOTES **
      1. Has No Children Ann EDMONDS b: in The ONLY documented child of George & Nelley
      2. Has No Children Margaret EDMONDS b: in not proven which George Edmonds was her father. Prob not infant in 1782.
      3. Has Children George (possible son?) EDMONDS b: 2 JAN 1778 in ? (date per apprentice papers). NOT PROVEN son of George and Nelley . NOT CONFIRMED father of Brice.
      4. Has Children John (possible son? m:Fanny?") EDMONDS b: ABT 1780 in NOT PROVEN son of George and Nelley <"fillis">. See BIG NOTES under Fanny
      5. Has Children William (possible son? mElizELLER) EDMONDS b: 26 DEC 1781 in NOT PROVEN son of George/Nelley. NOT PROVEN THAT THAT DATE BELONGS TO ELLER'S HUSBAND. SEE for EVERYTHING about Wm.

      1. Title: Last seen at a courts martial where he was released from the local militia-- he never showed up for musters. Says "poor" soldier... didn't own gun.
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