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  • ID: I124
  • Name: Martin COFFEY
  • Surname: Coffey
  • Given Name: Martin
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 15 Sep 1762 in Essex County, Virginia
  • Death: 27 Nov 1867 in Russell, Wayne Co., Kentucky
  • _UID: A75354216A47274EAE13BBDC7BAB66BE37F5
  • Note:
    MARTIN COFFEY was born September 15, 1762 in Virginia or North Carolina and died November 27 , 1867 in Russell, Wayne County, Kentucky. He married (1) ELIZABETH BRONSON 1782 in Nort h Carolina. She was born 1762 in Possibly North Carolina, and died Abt. 1797. He married (2 ) NANCY PHELPS August 17, 1798 in Madison County, Kentucky, daughter of JOHN PHELPS and MAR Y LE GRAND. She was born Aft. 1775 in Kentucky, and died Bet. 1870 - 1880 in Russell County , Kentucky. He married (3) NANCY HERIFORD December 01, 1817 in Wayne County, Kentucky. Sh e was born Bet. 1793 - 1797 in Jamestown, Russell County, Kentucky, and died Bet. 1870 - 188 0 in Russell County, Kentucky. It is said he had 3 wives, 18 children and lived to be 105.

    Sept. 15, 1762 - Birthdate of Martin Coffey, according to family records and Bible records o f Albert Galatin Coffey and William Martin Coffey, two of his grandsons. Uncertain as to th e place of birth as the 1850 census lists N. C. and the 1860 census lists Va.

    ca 1782 - Married in N. C to Elizabeth Bronson, he was 20 and she was 17. Children; Joel, Pol ly, Lewis and Elizabeth. (This according to Nina Jean Coffey Deavers, great granddaughter o f George A.C. Coffey)

    Aug.17, 1798 - Madison County, Ky. marriage records show Martin Coffey married to Nancy Phelp s. Bond was Shad Phelps. (Shadrack Phelps, age 60-70 in Russell County, Ky. 1840 census. Poss ibly a brother of Nancy Phelps. Russell County Vital statistics lists a Shadrack Phelps bor n February 3, 1775 in Virginia. Died on September 24, 1855 in Russell County, Kentucky at th e age of 81.

    1799 - Green County, Ky. - Tax list: Martin Coffe, 1 white male over 21.

    1800 - Green County, Ky. - Tax list: Martin Coffy, 1 white male over 21.

    1802 - Adair County, Ky. - Tax list: Martin Coffee, 1 white male over 21. It is possible tha t Martin didn't move but his property became part of Adair County when it was created from Gr een County

    1803 - Adair County - Tax list: Martin Coffey, 1 white male over 21.

    1804 - Adair County - Tax list: Mortain Coffey, 1 white male over 21.

    1805 - Adair County - Tax list: Martin Coffey, 1 white male over 21 + 319 acres.

    Adair County court records 1802 - 1808, Vol. 1, Martin Coffey made proof for 319 acres on th e forks of the Roaring Lilly. Page 145, Monday, March 4, 1805. 1805 - Adair County - Tax lis t: Marten Coffey, 1 white male over 21.

    1807 - Adair County - Tax list: Martin Coffey, 1 white male over 21.

    February 26, 1809 - Wayne County, Ky., - William Ward and Polly Coffey married. Surety by Mar tin Coffey. Parents consent by oath of Martin Coffey. This would have been the daughter of hi s first wife, possibly Elizabeth Bronson.

    1810 - Did not find Martin in the 1810 census index but according to the marriage of the dau ghter in 1809, he must have been living in Wayne County.

    1812 - Wayne County, Ky. Court records - Martin Coffey fined $1.00 for rioting against John W aid and James Dean who were fined $2.00 each.

    December 1, 1817 - Wayne County, Ky. - Martin Coffey married Nancy Hereford (Hansford). Wayn e County marriages by Bork lists the bride's name as Nancy Hansford but close scrutiny of th e old marriage record, as recorded in the courthouse, by use of a magnifying glass clearly li sts the name as Heriford. One place it is spelled Herreford and found an Andrew Herriford i n some delinquent tax records. Since Nancy later named a son Andrew, maybe this Andrew Herrif ord could have been her father?

    September 7, 1818 - Wayne County, Kentucky, James Coffey born to Martin & Nancy Coffey. Dat e verified by family bible records.

    Wayne County census - 1820 - Martin Coffey - Head of household; 2 Male children under 10 (Jam es was 2); 2 Male children 16 - 26; 1 Male 26 - 45; 3 females under 10; 2 Females 10 - 16 ; 1 Female 16 - 26 (Wife, Nancy was about 23 at the time); Total of 9 children and at leas t 7 would have been step children of Nancy

    December 23, 1822 - Wayne County Court records show Martin Coffey & William Scott bound unt o George Mundy for a judgement against Martin Coffey for $25. James Dean, John Meadows and Gh olston Wilson were summoned to speak on behalf of Coffey in a matter of controversy. Martin C offey did not appear for trial and he was ordered to pay said Mundy $25 plus interest from Ja nuary 9, 1822 and the cost of the trial of 64 1/2 cents.

    Russell County census - 1830 - Martin Coffey; 2 Males under 5 ( John C. born 1828 and one oth er); 2 Males 5 - 10 ( Andrew & Gholson Wilson ); 1 Male 10 - 15 ( James, age 12 ); 2 Female s 10 - 15 (Artemasiah and Francis ); 1 Female 30 - 40 ( Nancy )

    Martin was living in Russell County during the 1830 census and again in the 1840 census, ye t he witnessed or was surety for two marriages in Wayne County. It is quite possible that hi s residence was nearer to the county seat of Wayne County than it was to the county seat of R ussell County. Russell County was created in 1825 from parts of Wayne and two other counties . With the flooding of Cumberland Lake and the flooding of huge areas it is difficult to dete rmine from modern day maps exactly where Martin lived in Wayne and Russell counties. It is do ubtful that he moved from Russell into Wayne and then back to Russell between the 1830 and 18 40 census.

    Russell County, Kentucky, 1840 census - Martin Coffey; 1 Male 10 - 15 ( John C. born 1828. On e child must have died since 1830 ); 2 Males 15 - 20 ( Andrew and Gholson W. ); 1 Male 60 - 7 0 ( Martin would have been 78 but other Martins do not fit in ); 1 female 15 - 20 ( France s ); 1 Female 40 - 50 ( Nancy )

    January 2, 1847 - Russell County, Kentucky, Martin & Nancy Coffey sold land to Andrew Meadow s for $200. Land had been deeded to Martin Coffey by James Jones of Wayne County.

    Russell County, Kentucky - 1850 census; Coffey, Andrew, age 26 farmer, born KY; Sara A, age 2 3, John W age 5; James W age 9/12; Martin, age 82, farmer, born NC; Nancy age 53 born KY. NO TE: In the 1850 census Martin gave his place of birth as N. C. When his son, James, married t he second time in 1879, he gave his Father's birth place as S.C. In the 1880 census, one yea r later, James said his Father was born in Ky.

    Russell County, Kentucky - 1860 census: Martin Coffey, age 94, farmer, born VA; Nancy, age 6 5, born KY.

    November 27, 1867 - The date of Martin's death as recorded in bibles of grandson's Albert Gal latin Coffey and William Martin Coffey. We would have to assume that Martin died in Russell C ounty, as that was where he spent the remaining years of his life as we know it, and he was l iving there in 1860. Using birth and death dates of family bibles he would have been 105 year s, 3 months and 12 days old at the time of his death. There is a discrepancy of 4 years betwe en census and bible records but that is not unusual.

    Martin Coffey's Parents: In the Adair Co., KY tax lists Martin Coffey seems to be listed adj acent to Elizabeth Coffey. This Elizabeth was apparently the Elizabeth (Franklin) Coffey, wh o was the mother of Gracie (wife of Rutherford). Maybe Martin Coffey was the eldest son of Cl eveland Coffey and Elizabeth (Franklin) Coffey? Gracie was born after March, 1780 (since sh e was under 21 when she married. This places the earliest limit on Elizabeth's birth at ca. 1 730-35, perhaps a few years later -she was well within range to have been the mother of Marti n (b 1762). Oddly, the 1810 POA recorded in Adair Co., KY was signed by Rutherford Coffey an d Martin Gryder. I wonder if the original was signed by Rutherford Coffey and Martin Coffey s ince there was a Martin Gryder in the area (born ca. 1790), the clerk could have made a trans cription error...

    Martin Coffey is said to be a son of the so-far unfound Chesley and Jane Cleveland Coffey. A Martin Coffey is known to have married two or three times. His first wife was Nancy Phelp s who he married on Aug. 17, 1798 in Madison Co., KY. There were at least six children born t o this union: Mary, born Sep. 16, 1799, died Aug. 24, 1881. She married Henry Meadows on Mar . 24, 1818 in Barren Co., KY. He was born Mar. 28, 1797 in Russell Co., KY, and died in Berwi ck, Warren Co., IL on Jan. 13, 1851. They had children: James V., born 1825, died 1911; Henr y Winfrey, born 1831, died 1896; Althea, born 1834, died 1924; Artemesia, born 1836, died 191 9, and Erastus, born 1842, died 1882. Martin, born c1804 and Elizabeth, born c1811 - nothin g known Nancy Ellen, born c1813, married William Perry Meadows on Apr. 15, 1831 in Barren Co. , KY. He was born Jun. 26, 1811 in Wayne Co., and died Apr. 24, 1870 in Warren Co., IL. I d o not know of any children. Artemesia, born c1817 in Wayne Co., married William Kelsay on Sep . 10, 1835 in Wayne Co. He was born c1810 in TN and died c1850 in Russell Co. Joel, born c181 8, married first to Permilia Haynes. She was born c1818 in Russell Co. They were married Jul . 31, 1836in Russell Co. There were at least three children born to this marriage: Martha Ell en, born c1838, Logan C., born c1843 and Quincy, born c1844. Permilia died sometime before 18 55 when Joel married for a second time, this time to Mary Ann Mann. She was born c1835 in Vir ginia. Their children were: Baxter, born c1857, James W., born c1859, Theodore, born c1861; V iola O., born c1863, Ebenezer, born c1866 and Helen M., born c1870. Joel and his family wer e in Russell Co. at least from 1836 through 1880. I do not have a death date for him. Martin 's second wife is said to be Nancy Heriford (var). She was born 1795 in Jamestown, Russell Co ., and died there in 1875. Their children were: James, born Sep. 7, 1818, died Jul. 27, 1897 . He married first on Jun. 30, 1836 to Martha (Patsy) Tucker, born Dec. 7, 1818 in Wayne Co. , KY and died Mar. 7, 1877 in McKinney, Lincoln Co., KY. Their children were at least 12: Jam es Washington, born 1837, died 1840, William Martin, born 1838, died 1890, Francis Marion, bo rn 1840, died 1933, Moses, born 1843, died 1902, George Alfred (Dr.), born 1845, died 1919, A lbert Galatin, born 1847, died 1929, Henry Jackson, born 1850, died 1929, Robert Blain, bor n 1852, died 1927, Mildred Ann, born 1854, died 1935, Nancy, born 1857, died 1928, Eliza Ann , born 1859, died 1861, and Sarah Elizabeth, born 1861. James' second wife was Clarinda Estes , born c1826 in KY. They were married Jan. 8, 1879. I do not know of any children. Frances, b orn c1819 in KY, married George M. Brown Aug. 28, 1843 in Russell Co. I have not found any ch ildren yet. Golson Wilson, born 1822 in Jamestown, Russell Co., married Rebecca Ann Shacklefo rd Sep. 10, 1895 in KY. She died c1891. Their children were William F., born 1844, Ruben G. , born 1847, Martin, born 1855, Nancy J., born 1856, James R., born 1858, Laura B., born 1859 , and SarahF., born 1861. Andrew, born c1823 in Jamestown, married there on Jun. 29, 1844 t o Sarah A. Bernard, born c1826 in KY. Their children were: John W., born 1845, James W., bor n 1850, Golson W., born 1851, Lucinda Jane, born 1853, Frances A., born 1855, Walton N., bor n 1858, Elizabeth Ann, born 1860, Nancy, born 1862, Thomas A., born 1865, Edgar, born unknown , and Bryan A., born 1871. John C., born 1828 in Jamestown, married Nancy LNU. Children wer e Martin A., born 1851, David F., born 1853, James W., born 1855, William Jefferson, born 185 7, and Minerva E., born 1859.
    Some researchers believe a third wife - actually his first wife - was Elizabeth Bronson (1762 -1798). I have not been able to confirm any information. One proposed descendant of this mar riage was Joel Coffey who married Ann Sharp[e] of Virginia.
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    Marriage 1 Elizabeth BRONSON b: ABT 1762 in North Carolina
    • Married: 1782 in North Carolina
    • Note:
      ca 1782 - Married in N. C to Elizabeth Bronson, he was 20 and she was 17. Children; Joel, Pol ly, Lewis and Elizabeth. (This according to Nina Jean Coffey Deavers, great granddaughter o f George A.C. Coffey) I personally have found no basis for this having searched the old marri age records in the N.C. state archives.

      ca 1782 - Married in N. C to Elizabeth Bronson, he was 20 and she was 17. Children; Joel, Pol ly, Lewis and Elizabeth. (This according to Nina Jean Coffey Deavers, great granddaughter o f George A.C. Coffey) I personally have found no basis for this having searched the old marri age records in the N.C. state archives.

    Marriage 2 Nancy PHELPS b: 1782 in Kentucky
    • Married: 17 Aug 1798 in Madison County, Kentucky
    1. Has No Children Mary Ann (Polly) COFFEY b: 26 Sep 1799 in Kentucky
    2. Has No Children Martin COFFEY Jr. b: ABT 1800
    3. Has No Children Elizabeth A COFFEY b: 11 Mar 1805 in Kentucky
    4. Has No Children (Infant Daughter) COFFEY
    5. Has No Children Nancy Ellen COFFEY b: ABT 1813 in Wayne County, Kentucky
    6. Has No Children Joel Anderson COFFEY b: 2 Apr 1819 in Russell County, Kentucky

    Marriage 3 Nancy HERRIFORD b: 1793 in Jamestown, Russell Co., Kentucky
    • Married: 1 Dec 1817 in Wayne County, Kentucky
    • Note: Marvin D. Coffey, compiler, James Bluford Coffey and his Descendants, (Medford, OR: Marvin D . Coffey, 1984), Page 103. "Another "mystery" Coffey is Martin. According to an old Bible rec ord [footnote 56 in source] he was born September 15, 1762 and either in Virginia or North Ca rolina [footnote 57]. He appears in Green County Kentucky as early as 1799 (tax list) and i s on the Adair County tax lists from 1802 to 1807. He is later found on records in Wayne, War ren, and finally Russell County where he died November 27, 1867, age 105. He is probably th e Martin who married Nancy Phelps August 17, 1798 in Madison County Kentucky. He married 2 o r 3 times and one of the marriages was on December 1, 1817 to Nancy Hansford. They had a so n James, born September 7, 1818 who married Martha (Patsy) Tucker. The latter were the parent s of Moses Coffey, born August 6, 1843, who lived in Casey county Kentucky. Because of the cl ose association in Madison, Green, Adair and Russell counties it may be that he belongs to th e Chesley Coffey family."
    1. Has No Children Artemasiah Coonis COFFEY b: 1817 in Wayne County, Kentucky
    2. Has Children James COFFEY b: 7 Sep 1818 in Jamestown, Russell Co., Kentucky
    3. Has No Children Francis COFFEY b: 1819
    4. Has No Children Golson Wilson COFFEY b: 1822 in Wayne County, Kentucky
    5. Has No Children Andrew COFFEY b: 1824 in Russell County, Kentucky
    6. Has No Children (Infant Son) COFFEY b: 1825
    7. Has No Children John C COFFEY b: 1828 in Jamestown, Russell Co., Kentucky

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