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  • ID: I2731
  • Name: Simon Hoyt Hoyte The Immigrant
  • Surname: Hoyte
  • Given Name: Simon Hoyt
  • Suffix: The Immigrant
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 20 Jan 1590 in West Hatch,Somersetshire Co.,England
  • Death: 1 Sep 1657 in Stamford,Fairfield,CT,USA
  • Burial: Stamford,Fairfield,CT,USA
  • Reference Number: 2601
  • _UID: B97E98258959C3459FE4230AE62E74566C05
  • Note:
    Online Family History Page at link:
    Moved from Windsor to Fairfield, Stamford
    due to Thomas Hooker, Minister.. that took several families South to Hartfoed...
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    To: John E Hoyt
    Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 4:01 PM
    Subject: Re: Oldest Cemetery of 1600's
    Mr. Hoyt: Unfortunately, there is only one known 17th century gravesite, for Rev. John Bisho p.
    There are no other known cemeteries or gravesite for early graves. Sorry we cannot be of hel p.
    Grace Bounty
    NEW 2014, I believe that Simon Hoyte as told, sold his Windsor "Hoyt's Meadows" in 1646. He o wned a house lot and 2 1/2 acres bordering the common in Fairfield, CT; 5 acres at "Sascoe Ne ck" on "Hoit's Island," and land purchased from John Green.(31), and his death was recorded a t Stamford, but he was living in Fairfield, some 11 mioles away. His Wife Susannah Hoyte wa s still living, so what did she do with the body, as they had just moved for 10th year. 1446 -47-1657.
    Did Sussannah leave up to the Sons, John (Oldest), Walter (Next) or Nicolas 3rd eldest.??
    2) Email Source:
    To: Grace Bounty
    Sent: Tuesday, April 14, 2009 9:39 PM
    Subject: Oldest Cemetery of 1600's
    Dear Grace,
    What is the name of the Oldest or Old Cemetery that you have in Stamford? and is it availabl e online for viewing?
    I have been trying to locate my immigrant ancestor, Simon Hoyte (Hoight) (Haight) d. 1657 gra ve,
    through the Fairfield County cemeteries web pages at link:
    and have not found the people that were buried, especially the 'founders' cemetery.
    John E. Hoyt
    http://trees.ancestry.com/rd?f=image&guid=b570108c-7516-4e19-8a84-338fde51eead&tid=7186196&pi d=-1146431037
    settlers_map Hoyt
    http://trees.ancestry.com/rd?f=image&guid=6a74d8d4-45c0-4e14-ad84-7a4f74b70d21&tid=7186196&pi d=-1146431037
    1 NAME Simon (Simeon) /Hoyt/, Hoyte,Haight, Hait, Hayt
    2 SOUR S19923
    3 PAGE pg 286-287 Simon Hoyt (2601) Primary
    1 BIRT
    2 DATE 2 JAN 1589/90
    2 PLAC Upway, Dorchester, Dorset Co., England
    1 DEAT
    2 DATE 1 SEP 1657
    2 PLAC Stamford, Fairfield, Ct.
    SOURCE: Note: This new linage added to Simon Hoyt/e (*v), was from Robin Bush, an English res earcher, completed in 1995 and published in 1996. I have found an article of the research b y Doug Sinclair at:http://dougsinclairsarchives.com/hoyt/shoyt.htm
    John E. Hoyt
    * various surname derivations
    Note #1 -Bush further cites account rolls for West Hatch that mention Simon Hoyt's payments t o the manor for new grants of tenements through1631, and by 1632-3 his name was crossed out a nd replaced by another. He acquired two tenements in 1627-8, not long before Simon the immigr ant left England. If the latter is the same as West Hatch Simon he would have signed away th e properties when he was in either Charlestown or Dorchester, MA. He had become a freeman i n 1631, so he may have felt sufficiently established in the Massachusetts Colony to undo hi s realestate ties in England.
    Bush notes that the above court entries are all under the subheading of the manor tithing o f West Hatch. This makes a fairly certain connecton between the Simons - the son of Michael o f West Hatch, the father of Walter and Nicholas of West Hatch and the immigrant to Massachuse tts Bay.
    Note #2 -In New England
    Simon Hoyt appears on a list, with Stowers and the Sprague family, ofthose who were the firs t to live in Charlestown in the Massachusetts BayColony.(15) The date given for the list, whi ch appears in the townrecords, is 1628, but scholars can safely say that the document was mad esomewhat later. Although a few families were living in the vicinity ofwhat became Charlestow n by 1628, the so-called Higginson Fleet of shipswhich sailed in the Spring and Summer of 162 9, sent by the MassachusettsBay Colony, carried some if not most of the people named on tha t list.Gov. Endicott of the Massachusetts Bay Colony approved the removal of the Spragues an d "three or four others" to explore and settle what became Charlestown. Given the probable pr oximity of their origins in England,Simon may not only have sailed with them but joined the a s one of those others to Charlestown. On the above-mentioned list, Simon is listed one name a way from the Spragues.
    Simon appears on the first list of "Names of such as tooke the Oath of Freemen" of the colony , dated 18 May 1631,(16) and is presumed to have been in Dorchester. The first record found o f Simon in that town is from1633, leaving in question where he was in 1631. On 3 April 1633 D orchester town records state that a double-rail fence with mortices in the posts was ordere d to be put up by the cow-owners of the town, 20 feet of length per cow. Simon's fencing wa s to be 40 feet.(17) On 8 October of the same year he was appointed a fenceviewer for the "ea st field."(18) Onthe 6th of January of the following year he was included in a division of"ma rsh and swamp."(19) He was elected a fenceviewer for the "north field"on 24 May 1634.(20) O n the 2nd of June he was in another division of marsh and swamp, a parcel of about 8 acres o n the north side of the"neck." On 10 February he was ordered to keep one bull with the heifer s on the "neck of land," for which he was to be paid.(21) This action surely was taken to mak e calves and that Simon was to oversee the process. The last mention of Simon as a Dorcheste r resident was on 17 February 1635 (Old or New Style date?), when it was ordered that "the lo tt of medow that was Symon Hoytes next to boston side Joyning to John Witchfield shall be dev ided betwixt Mr. Rodger Williams and Gyles Gibbes."(22)
    a Simon and his family moved to Scituate, MA, by the time he and his wife joined the church t here on 17 April 1635.(23) Given the last two references to Simon in the Dorchester town reco rds, the move can be placed between the 10th of February and the 17th of April. Rev. Lothro p of Scituate listed the house lots and their occupants from the time he arrived in November ? of 1634 to December? of 1636, the months being unclear.(24) Simon had a house lot there bet ween those dates. Dean'shistory of Scituate indicates that "Goodman Hoyt" was granted land i n the"Greenfield" section of Scituate between April? and June? of 1635, although it is not cl early stated and there are no sources cited in this work.(25) However, given all this evidenc e, it is reasonable to say that the Hoyts moved to Scituate in late Winter of 1635 and had es tablished themselves sufficiently enough to join the church and build or buy ahouse there wit hin the next 4 months.
    The time of Simon's removal to Windsor, CT, is not known, but speculated to have been betwee n 1636 and 1639, when groups of settlers from Massachusetts Bay went there. He apparently doe s not appear in Scituate town and church records after 1635-1636. In 1677, Matthew Grant reco rded that there were 2 children born to Simon in Windsor (how accurate was this over 30 year s after the fact?), suggesting that he moved there with the 1639 party headed by Rev. Huit.(2 6) He was surely there by 7 May1640, when the Particular Court of Connecticut ordered that "S imon Hoyette and his family are to be freed from watch & ward until there be further Order ta ken by the Courte."(27) The reason for this may be found in where Simon was granted land in W indsor. He appears in an inventory of land ownership dated 28 February 1640-1.(28) He had bee n granted "fourscore" acres of upland and meadow and the same amount on the northside of th e "rivulet," with 30 acres of the latter designated for his son Walter. A copy of this recor d describes the property as being on the eastside of the "rivulet" (presumably what is now th e Farmington River), but given the meandering of the river, it can be considered as both. Thi s area became known as Hoyt's Meadow and was enough distant from the main settlement known a s the Palisado to excuse Simon and Walter from gaurd duty. A record of January 1659-60 says h e had a "long seat" in the Windsor church, for which he paid 6 shillings.(29) He had died i n Stamford, CT, by this time. The record refers to pews associated with houses and their orig inal owners, although the latter are not named, and Simon was likely among them.
    Simon supposedly sold his homestead lot in "Hoyt's Meadow" in1646 (to the Thrall's*).(30) H e owned a house lot and 2 1/2 acres bordering the common in Fairfield, CT; 5 acres at "Sasco e Neck" on "Hoit's Island," and land purchased from John Green.(31) This land is listed in a n inventory for the town of Fairfield dated 6 March 1649. He may have bought some of it nea r the time he sold his Windsor land in 1646 and made his move in that year.
    Simon's death is recorded in the Stamford town records on the 1st day of the 7th month 1657 ( Old Style dating), translating to 1 September1657.(32) An inventory of his estate was taken o n 9 October of 1657. This Fairfield Co. probate item is given here as it was transcribed fo r David Hoyt's book. It is described as worn and partially torn. The end of it is clearly mis sing.
    Simon Hoyt and Family: The First English Settlers of Fairfield Connecticut
    posted by: Dereck Jerome Cram on Dec 23 2008 19:55
    Excellent writing on the Simon Hoyt family.
    with source & research at link:
    Research by Robin Bush Web Page URL:http://pws.prserv.net/usinet.declair/hoyt/shoyt.htm
    Robin Bush's Sources:
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    MARRIAGE: Fritz Knapp, Descendants of Simon Hoyt:
    Simon is also said to have had a first wife, Deborah Stower s, daughterof Walter Stowers. Thi s has been proven to be i n error and the first wife of Simon Hoyt is now proven to be "Jan e Stoodlie ". [Hoyt'sIssue, Spring 1997, :1358]. [see GMB, II:1032 fo r explanation pertainin g to second wife's maiden name, which is not "Smit h".] Her maiden name remains undiscovered . The reference in early records to "the Smith" was reference to the village "Blacksmith" no t to the maiden name of 2d wife, Susanna(h).
    MARRIAGE: Early writings claim Ruth and Deborah as being children of Simon Hoyt. Without th e Upwey dates previously claimed and found in error, there is no evidence to conclude that th ey were daughters of Simon Hoyt.
    online source, http://www.ancestor-rescue.com/Hoyt/bush.htm
    HOYT FAMILY HISTORY Notes by professional genealogist Robin Bush of Somerset UK [re: Simon Ho yt(e)] In the Stamford Town Records there is on file an interesting document relating to th e distribution of Susanna Hoyt's estate. It is dated December 1, 1674, and signed by her seve ral sons and sons-in-law as follows: Moses Hoyt, Joshua Hoyt, Samuel Hoyt, Benjamin Hoyt, Tho mas Lyon, Samuel Finch, Samuel Firman. Witness Abram Finch and Jonas Seely.--from the Lyon Me morial, New York Families descended for the immigrant Thomas Lyon, of Rye, New York. Editor : Robert B. Miller of Detroit, MI and Assoc. Editor: A.B. Lyons, M.D. of Detroit, MI. Press o f William Grahan Printing Co., 1907.
    LIVED: Residance: 1628 Salem, Essex Co., Colony of Massachusetts
    Symon Hoyte is one of the two appointed to " see to the fences for the east feild" 4
    Residence: 03 APR 1633 Dorchester, Suffolk Co., Colony of Massachusetts
    April 3, 1633, Symon Hoite is given on a list as having two
    cows, and is therefore required to put up 40 feet of fence on
    the marsh
    Symon Hoyte is one of the two appointed to `` view the pales "
    [fences] of the north field 4
    Residence: 1635 Scituate, Plymouth Co., Colony of Massachusetts 5
    Residence: 28 FEB 1640 Windsor, Berkshire Co., Colony of Massachusetts
    " "Symon Hoyt hath granted from the Plantation, for meadow and up land,
    adjoyning fourscore acres, more or les, bounded west by wm.
    Hill, fro the River back tne hundred and twenty road to the
    west, uppon the south it bounds fro win. Hills lott along by
    the Rivulets untill it come to Mathias Sentions meadow & then
    it turns about uppon the east and bounds by the said meadow in
    a streights lyne fro the river six road and then it turns
    agayne upon the south behind the end of Mathias Sention &`
    Bagget Egglestons meadow, untill it come to Elias Parkemans,
    and the Town Swampe and Elias Parkeman's Meadow bounds it east,
    untill yt cam to the foote of the hill in a streight Iyne and
    fro thence yt turns & bounds upon the north untill yt come to
    the utmost end of will Hills lott.
    LIVED: " Also on the north side of the rivulett four score acres,
    thirty of which is given his son Walter Hoyt fro the Towne, yt
    Iyes neere the falls in the rivulett; it is in
    length fro the river back a hundred and twenty road, in breadth
    a hundred twenty six road, bounded euery way by the Comon."
    Residence: 1657 Fairfield, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
    Residence: 06 MAR 1649 Stamford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut 5
    "It is ordered, that the marsh and swamp before Goodman Hosford
    and davy Wil[ton] shall be devided among themselves and Symon
    Hoyte." 4
    It is ordered that Goodman Witchfeild and Goodman Hoyte shall
    have to be devided betweene them the marsh that lies in the
    north side of the necke, towards Boston, over agaynst m,.
    Rainsfords house, in Boston, being for 8
    acres, by estimation." 4
    Note: Symon Hoyte is mentioned as keeping one bull 4
    'It is also ordered, that the lott of medow that was Symon
    Hoytes, next to Boston side, Joyning to John WitchLeild, shall
    be devided betwixt m,. Rodger Williams and Gyles Gibbes." As
    the name of Simon Hoyt does not afterwards appear on the
    Dorchester records, it is evident that he left that town
    between Feb. l 0, 1634-5, and April 17, 1635 4
    DNA: www.ftdna.com DNA Marker results Kit#2449 PSWD: "j7147"
    DNA: Hite-Hoyt FamilyDNA.com Marker results:
    DNA: John E. Hoyt Dna ysearchweb page
    DEATH: Death source:
    http://www.rootsweb.com/~ctfairfi/stamford/hoyt_barbour.htm, or
    Simon "Hoight", d. Sept. 1, 1657.
    Genealogy: Source: HHH Hoyt Book of 1871, by David W. Hoyt, pg. 286-292(2601)
    BIOGRAPHY: Historical and Genealogical Record, Dutchess and PutnamCounties,
    New York, 1912 - Part 2, pg 452-454 (Some of this Biograhy is inacurrate - johnehoyt , 2013. )
    THE HAIGHT FAMILY both numerically and by
    virtue of their ability and energy have for many years
    occupied a prominent place in the annals of the central
    Hudson River Valley.
    The family descend from Baron Johannes Von Haight (***Wrong*** not of European dna)
    who went from Normandy to Britain in the thirteenth
    century, and the American branch trace their ancestry
    to that sterling Puritan, Simon Haight who was born in (Simon Hoyte never spelled or wrot e his name as Haight,
    a couple of his sons did, though)
    Dorsetshire, England, in 1596, and sailed for America
    October 6, 1638 on the vessel "Abigail," with Col. John (We now know it was the Lyons Whelps )
    Endicott who was afterward appointed Governor of the
    Massachusetts colony. In colonial records the name is
    spelled variously Haight, Hait, Hoyt and Hoit.
    Simon Haight brought with him to America his wife
    and son, John, and two other children who probably died
    in infancy as no further record of them can be found.
    The family settled &st at Salem, Mass., and a few years
    later removed to Stamford, Conn., where Simon Haight
    died Sept, 1, 1657. Several of his descendants live in
    this section of Connecticut and for many generations
    have spelled the name " Hoyt ."
    John Haight (or Hoit), eldest son of Simon was born
    at Dorsetshire, England in 1614, and died at Rye, Westchester
    County, N. Y., Sept. 1, 1684. He was in his
    fourteenth year when he accompanied his father to
    America. He lived for some years in Fairfield County,
    Conn., and in 1665, removed with his family to Westchester
    County, N. Y., purchasing a large strip of land
    from Thomas Pell, whose name is perpetuated in the
    n ~ n l i nof ~t hc tam of Pelhum in W~tchmterC ounty.
    John I w h t w~~.rrEeXdl t rry, daughter of John Budd, and
    their children wee: &muel, Mary. Rachel, John and
    Jolm Haight, fourti1 child of John and Mary Baight,
    r, N. Y., in 1666. He took an
    affRim in Werrtchater County and
    town derk of Rye, N, Y. He
    1709, and aa Supmvkmr in 1711.
    of Assembly in 1713, and reyam
    '13, '14 a d '16. He subsequently
    town Superrisor, and in 1719 waa chosen
    church wapden Of Gmce chttreh at Rye, N. Y, In 1791
    m King George XX 3hyd Lettern of Patent
    r of White Pbim. He married Eliaabth
    Purdy, daughter of Daniel f urdy, who also hadl received
    lettern pahnt to some 1600 of land in Westcherrter
    Eight children mm born to John and Elifgabeth Haight
    namely: J o h ~h,r ntrel, Jonathan, Joseph, Daniel, Elizabath,
    Eunice md Mary.
    Daniel EItu'ghf, fifth child of John and Elisabeth Haight
    WM born &t Rye, N. Y.t in 1a88, and did at Yorktown,
    N. JI,, in 1779. He p u r c h d in 1748 s tract of land on
    the water Iot d the Philips patent in what was at that
    time a pwt of Dutchea~ County. Be married in 1718
    Elieabth, dauglzter uf Joseph Norton and had nine
    children as followa: Joseph, James, William, Daniel,
    Jonathan, W e l , ;Terninlab, Elizabeth and Charity*
    Joseph Haighit, the ddest son, who continues this Iine
    was born st Yorhwn, We&chester County in 1719, and
    died st PhilipJPtown, in what is now Putnam County,
    N, Y,, Jdy 80, 1770. He removed from Rye, N. Y., to
    'd'ltilipatown in 1761, whew he occupied s &rip of land
    giveu to him by hia father in 1760. EIe wm a carpenter
    bg trade and built the fimi fmmc h o ua~n the mat aide
    of Clove Creek, obtaining all the lumhr from hi8 f m .
    Ha m d e d Hmnah daughter of John Wright of Yorktown,
    N. Y., by whom be had the
    Mwy, John (afterwds Csphin), J
    Stephen, William, Ddel, Beverly (b. 1763, masrid
    Charity daughter of Joseph and Sanh [hbH]us th,
    and had hue: Ebbeth, Joseph, Jash~l.M~,a ry, David,
    Bther, Beverly and John) fIannah, R e h who &MI
    Col. Zebrilou Butler, Esther md Martha
    Captain Jahn ]&aight m n d child
    born at Rye, ET. Y,, Aug, 18,1748, and ww
    old Beverly Hame at Garrison, N. Y., W %0, 1770,
    to Mewbrn, &ughtm of Comeliue Swim of Highland
    Falb, Orange County.
    me Capkin of She &vgnt'la Rcgimerrt,
    known as Col. Hcnq Zuddin&anela &dmmt, and
    served throughout the lRrYvsluticnary Wm. In 1807 and
    1808 he was a member sf Amcrnblly h m Butchess
    County, and in ISC) he wrved ali Judge of the Court of
    Common Pleas in Putnam C:uunty, For over forty
    gem hct WLM ruling eider of the 12mbyterian Church st
    ftrinckerhaff, N. Y. HE!di ed at the old Hixight homestead
    in Philipatown, July 18, 1830, in his ninety-third
    His children were: James, Jwph I,, Corneliue I, who
    married Hannah Burroughs, Sylvanus, Henry, Mary,
    Stepehn, Jacob I., Hannah, and Miriam.
    HISTORY of Stamford,:
    online Source: Univ of Michigan

    History of Stamford, Connecticut, from its settlement in 1641, to the present time, Huntingto n, E. B. (Elijah Baldwin), 1816-1877.
    entry# 161 REGISTRY-1640 ? 1 700. 161 Sept. 25, 1662 ,-Stephen, Jan. 14,'64-Rachel, Dec. 7,'69-and John, Oct. 18,'70. Homes, John and Marcy Bell , m. Jan. 15, 1701-2, and had Jonathan, b. May 21,'03, and because of his father's death, re- named John. Homes, Stephen and Mary Hubby, m. Nov. 18, 1686. UJyat, Thomas, d. Sept. 9, 1656 . Hoyt, Simon, d. 1, 7, 1657. Hoyt, Mary, daughter of Joshua and Mary, b. Dec. 22, 1664-Rebec ca, Sept. 21,'67-Joshua, Oct.. 4,'71-Sarah, Ap ril 17,'74-Samiuel, July 3,'78-Hannah, Sept. 1 ,'81-Moses, Oct. 7,'83-and Abigail, Aug. 20,'85. Joshua, the father, d. Nov. 9,'90, as record ed will attests. Hoyt, Benjamin and Hannah Wood, m. Jan. 5, 1670, and had Benjamin b. Dec. 9, '71-Mary, Sept. 20,'73-Hana, June 3,'76-Simon, March 14,'77. Hoyte,, Samuel and Hannah Holly , m. Nov. 16, 167-and had Snmuel, b. July 27,'73-John, Jan. 9,'75-Hannah, Nov, 23,'79-'80-Jon athan, June 11,'83, and died six weeks old-Joseph, June 12,'86-Ebenezer, Nov. 29,'87, and I"d yed"-Nathan, Mar. 24,'91-and Nathaniel, April 1,'94, and died July 27, 171-. Hoyt, Joshua an d Mary Picket, m. March 16, 1698, and had Jerusha, b. Dec. 8,'98 ?and Joshua, June 7, 1700. H ait, Benjamin, jr. andElizabeth Jagger, m. June 10, 1697, and had Deborah, b. Aug. 9,'98-Benj amin, Aug. 24, 1700-David, Jan. 23,'02-Abraham, June 16,'04 ?Samuel, who died Aug. 29,'06-Eli zabeth, b. Sept. 26,'10, and died July 31,'12-Ebenezer, b. Oct.'12-Hannah, Dec. 8,'16, and Jo nas, May 8,'20Hoit, Samuel and Susanna Slason, m. Oct. 24, 1700. Hoyt, Mr. Samuel, Sr. and Mr s. Mary Gold, m. Sept. 20, 1714. Hait, Dea. Samuel, d. April 7, 1720. Hait, Rebecca, wife o f Dea. Samuel, d. De.c 8, 1713. Hughs, Robert and Elizabeth Buxton, m. Jan. 6, 1655. Jackson , John had a daughter b. July 21, 1662. Jagger, Elizabeth, daughter ofJeremy, b. Sept. 18, an d d. Dec. 17, 1657. Jagger, Jeremy, d. 14, 6, 1658. 21

    BIOGRAPHY: Chastain Family
    Entries: 1487 Updated: Fri Feb 21 21:39:24 2003 Contact: DoyleChastain
    Chastain Lineage
    ID: I0403
    Name: Simon Hoyt 1
    Sex: M
    Birth: BET. 1593 - 1595 in West Hatch, Somerset, England 2
    Death: 1 SEP 1657 in Stamford, Fairfield, Conneticut 2
    Immigration: BET. 1628 - 1629 Aboard ship "The Abigail" or "The George" 34 5
    Event: Fact #1 1629 One of 1st settlers in Charlestown. 6
    Residence: 1649 Fairfield County, Connecticut 2
    Residence: ABT. 1633 Dorchestor 2
    Residence: 1635 Scituate 2
    Residence: 1639 Windsor 2
    Residence: 1657 Stamford, Fairfield County, Conneticut 2
    Religion: 19 APR 1635 joined Scituate Chin. 2
    Event: Admitted 19 APR 1635 Scituate Church 7
    Reference Number: 403
    Could not have remained in Charlestown more than a year or two, as he isone of the first sett lers of Dorchester in 1630. After this date, hisname no longer appears at Charlestown but i s found in the Dorcestorrecords several times. Simon's name does not appear in Dorcestor reco rdsafter Feb 10, 1634 . He moved on.
    In Stiles' History, on page 149, we find Simon Hoyt listed with those whopaid for seats in th e meeting house. He moved from Windsor to Fairfieldbefore 1659. In Fairfield, there is mentio n of him on pages 29 and 30 ofthe land records of that town. Other residence info includes tr ansactionswhich refer to him as Symon Hoyt of Stamford. (Hoyt, The Hoyt and HaightFamilies i n America, (2 - Vol), page 286, 287.) From Dorcester, he movedto Scituate, Massachusetts, pro bably early in April 1635, as Symeon Hayteand wife joined the Scituate Church on April 19, 16 35 or 1636. FromScituate, Massachusetts, he went to Windsor, Ct. His party arrived in1639.
    Offices: Dorcester fenceviewer, 8 October, 1633, 24 May, 1634 [DTR 3,6].ESTATE: On 3 April, 1 633, "Symon Hoite" was responsible for buildingforty feet of fence at Dorchester based on own ership of two cows [DTR 2].On 6 January, 1633/34, it is "ordered that the marsh and swamp bef oreGoodman Hosford and Davy Wil(ton) shall be divided among themselves andSymon Hoyte" [DTR 5 ]. On 2 June, 1634, it is "ordered that GoodmanWitchfeild and Goodman Hoyte shall have to b e divided between them themarsh that lies in the North side of the neck towards Boston over a gainstMr. Rainsford's house in Boston, being for 8 acres by estimation" [DTR6]. On 10 Februar y 1634/35 "Simon Hoyte" was ordered to keep one of thebulls in the neck of land [DTR 10]. O n 17 April, 1635, it is "orderedthat the lot of meadow which was Symon Hoyte's next to Bosto n sidejoining to John Witchfeild shall be divided betwixt Mr. Rodger Williamsand Gyles Gibbes " [DTR 11]. In his accounting of houses built atScituate, Rev. John Lothrop included "Goodma n Haite's" as sixteenth,about midway in the section of those built between September 1634 and October 1636, and with the annotation "which Mr. Bower hath bought"[NEHGR 10:42].
    In the Windsor land inventory on 28 February 1640/41, "Symon Hoyte" hadgranted from the plant ation for meadow and upland "fourscore acres," also"on the northside of the rivulet fourscor e acres, thirty (of?) which isgiven his son Walter Hoyte from the town" [WiLR 1:88].
    Five of the children of Simon Hoyt gave in receipts for their portions ofhis estate: Samuel F irman "to my mother Hoyt for all demands from myfather's estate," 25 March 1662; "Moses Hoyt e of Westchester, dischargeto Joshua Hoyt of Stamford," 2 April 1666; "Samuell Hoyte, receip t forportion from father Simon Hoyte," April 1665; "Samuel Finch, receipt forwife's portion f rom father Simon Hoyte," April 1665; and "Benjamin Hoyte,receipt to brother Joshua Hoyte fo r portion from father's estate," 27January (blank) [TAG 11:34, Gillespie Anc 289].
    [ Source: The Grat Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633]
    Notes for *Simon Hoyt:
    Simon apparently sailed to Charlestown from Gravesend on the "Abigail"with Gov. John Endicott , arriving Sept 6,1628. Info from "Passengers &Ships" and "The Hancock Genealogy". Other sour ces suggest he came on theHigginson Fleet, "George" or "Lyons Whelp", 1629 .

    Sources: Title: The Hoyt and Haight Families in America
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    Media: Book
    Title: The Hoyt and Haight Families in America
    Author: David Hoyt
    Publication: 2 - Vol - 1671
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    Note: 4
    Media: Book
    Page: page 287
    Text: " . . .Simon Hoyt landed in Salem in 1628 or 1629 . . ."
    Title: Passengers & Ships
    Media: Book
    Title: The Hancock Genealogy
    Media: Book
    Title: The Hoyt and Haight Families in America
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    Page: NEHGR 9:279

    EMIGRATION: Some Sources of Simon's Emmigartion..

    From: Historian, Stamford Historical Society
    To: John E Hoyt
    Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 4:01 PM
    Subject: Re: Oldest Cemetery of 1600's
    Mr. Hoyt: Unfortunately, there is only one known 17th century gravesite, for Rev. John Bisho p.
    There are no other known cemeteries or gravesite for early graves. Sorry we cannot be of hel p.
    Grace Bounty
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: John E Hoyt
    To: Grace Bounty
    Sent: Tuesday, April 14, 2009 9:39 PM
    Subject: Oldest Cemetery of 1600's
    Dear Grace,
    What is the name of the Oldest or Old Cemetery that you have in Stamford? and is it availab le online for viewing?
    I have been trying to locate my immigrant ancestor, Simon Hoyte (Hoight) (Haight) d. 1657 gra ve,
    through the Fairfield County cemeteries web pages at link:
    and have not found the people that were buried, especially the 'founders' cemetery.
    John E. Hoyt
  • Change Date: 20 Dec 2013 at 00:00:00

    Father: Michael Hoyte b: BET. 1548-1561 in South Petherton or West Hatch,Somerset Co.,UK
    Mother: Ruth Smith b: Bet: 1560-1565

    Marriage 1 Jane Stoodlie b: 1 May 1593 in Hawkchurch,Dorset, Engalnd
    • Married: 4 Nov 1612 in Marshwood,Dorset Co.,England
    • Note:
      4 Nov. 1617
      Source: Doug Sinclair archives,
    1. Has Children John Hoyte b: 12 Mar 1614 in West Hatch,Somerset,England
    2. Has Children Walter Hoyt Hoyte b: 9 Jun 1616 in West Hatch,Somersetshire Co.,England
    3. Has Children Nicholas Hoyt, Hoyte b: 7 May 1620 in West Hatch,Somerset,England
    4. Has No Children Alexander Hoyte b: ABT 1623 in West Hatch,Somersetshire Co.,England c: 28 Dec 1623 in West Hatch,Somerset,England
    5. Has Children Mary (Hewitt) Hoyte b: ABT 1623 in ,,England
    6. Has No Children Agnes Hoyte b: ABT Oct 1626 in West Hatch,Somerset,England c: 18 Oct 1626 in West Hatch,Somerset,England

    Marriage 2 Mother of Illegitiment Child
      1. Has No Children Christopher Hoyte, Hoyt b: BEF 1618 in West Hatch,Somerset,England

      Marriage 3 Susannah Smith b: BEF 1617 in Unknown, possibly from Somersetshire Co., England
      • Married: ABT 1629 in prob Scituate,Plymouth Colony,Massachusetts
      1. Has Children Moses Hoyte b: ABT 1634 in Charlestown,Suffolk,Massachusetts
      2. Has Children Mary Hoyte b: 20 Sep 1635 in Charlestown,Suffolk,Massachusetts
      3. Has Children Joshua Hoyte, Hait b: ABT 1639/1641 in Scituate,Plymouth,Massachusetts
      4. Has No Children Miriam Hoyte b: ABT 1641 in Scituate,Plymouth,Massachusetts
      5. Has Children Samuel Hoyte b: ABT 1643 in Windsor,Hartford,Connecticutt
      6. Has Children Benjamin Hoyte, Hoit I b: 2 Feb 1644 in Windsor,Hartford Connecticutt
      7. Has Children Sarah Hoyte b: ABT 1646 in Windsor,Hartford Connecticutt

      1. Repository:

          Title: Genealogical History of the Hoyt, Haight, and Hight Families
          Author: David W. Hoyt
          Publication: Providence Press Co. Printed for the Author Boston, Henry Hoyt 1871


          Source Media Type: Book
          Page: pages 286-292
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