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  • ID: I29276
  • Name: I Henry 1 2 3 4 5 6
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: SEP 1068 in Selby, Yorkshire, England 3
  • Burial: 04 JAN 1136 Reading, Ellesborough, Buckinghamshire, England 2
  • Title: King Of England SUBMITTED
  • Death: 01 DEC 1135 in Gisors, St Demis Le Fermont, Rouen, France 2 7
  • Name: Henry I Beauclerc 'Fine Scholar' Plantagenet
  • Note:

    Ruled 1100 1135

    "Notes: Henry I was the fourth and most capable son of William the Conq ueror and Matilda, born 1068, and nicknamed "Beauclerc" (fine scholar) f or his above average education. He married Eadgyth (who later took the n ame Matilda), daughter of Malcolm III of Scotland, who bore him two son s and a daughter. One son died very early, and the other, William, died i n the wreck of the White Ship in November 1120, leaving the daughter, M atilda, as the sole heir. Eadgyth died in 1118, and Henry married Adela ide of Louvain, but the union produced no offspring. Henry also had two f airly significant illegitimate children Robert de Mellent, Earl of Glou cester, and Sibylla, wife of the Scottish King Alexander I. Henry's was t he longest reign of the Norman line, lasting thirty five years. The fir st years of Henry's reign were concerned with subduing Normandie. His f ather divided his kingdoms between Henry's older brothers, leaving Engl and to William and Normandie to Robert. Henry inherited no land, but re ceived 5000 in silver. He played both sides in his brothers' quarrel, l eading both to distrust Henry, and sign a mutual accession treaty barri ng their brother from the crown. Henry's hope arose when Robert went on t he First Crusade; should William die, Henry would be the obvious choice . Henry was in the woods hunting on the morning of William's death, Aug ust 2, 1100. He moved quickly and was crowned king on August 5, his cor onation charter denouncing William's oppressive policies and promising g ood government. Robert returned to Normandie a few weeks later, but esc aped final defeat until 1106, at the Battle of Tinchebrai. Robert was c aptured and lived the remaining twenty eight years of his life as Henry 's prisoner. Henry was drawn into controversy with the Church over the l ay investiture issue the practice of selling clergy appoints by the k ing to gain revenue, heavily opposed by Gregorian reformers in the Chur ch. He ignored the situation until he was threatened with excommunicati on by Pope Paschal II in 1105, reaching a compromise with the papacy: h e would officially denounce lay investiture, but prelates were to conti nue to do homage for their fiefs. In practice, it changed little the k ing still had the deciding voice in appointing ecclesiastical offices b ut it a marked a point when kingship was viewed as purely secular, and s ubservient to the Church. A solution to the lay investiture controversy a nd conquest of Normandie were accomplished in 1106, allowing Henry to e xpand his power. Henry mixed generosity with violence in motivating all egiance to the crown, appointing loyal and gifted men to administrative p ositions. Roger of Salisbury, the most famous of Henry's servants, was i nstrumental in organizing a department for collection of royal revenues , the Exchequer. The Exchequer quickly gained notoriety for sending out c ourt officials to judge local financial disputes, weakening the feudal c ourts controlled by local lords, and won the title "Lion of Justice". T he final years of his reign were concentrated on war with France and su ccession concerns upon the death of his son William in 1120. The marria ge to Adelaide was fruitless, leaving Matilda his only surviving legiti mate heir. She was recalled to Henry's court in 1125 after the death of h er husband, Emperor Henry V of Germany; Henry forced the barons to swea r they would accept Matilda as Queen upon Henry's death. She was then f orced to marry the sixteen year old Geoffrey of Anjou (founder of the P lantagent dynasty) in 1128 to continue the Angevin alliance. The marria ge was unpopular with the Norman barons, but Matilda and Geoffrey produ ced a male heir, prompting Henry to force another oath from the barons i n support of Matilda. In summer 1135, Henry refused to give custody of c ertain key Norman castles to Geoffrey, as a show of good will, and the p air entered into war. Henry's life ended in this sorry state of affairs w ar with his son in law in December 1135.
    Henry married 1 Edith (Eda) FitzForne, daughter of Forne FitzSigulf and U nknown. (Edith (Eda) FitzForne was born About 1084 in of, Greystoke, Cu mberland, England. , died About 1152, buried in Oseney Abbey, , Oxford, E ngland. .)

    Henry had a mistress 11 Sybilla Corbet, daughter of Sir Knight Robert C orbet and Unknown, About 1092. Sybilla Corbet was born About 1077 in Al cester, Warwick, England. , died after 1156
    Notes: Lady of Alcester, Warwickshire & of Pontesbury & Woodcote, co. S alop. Co heiress of her father.

    Henry also married 2 Queen Edith (Mathilda) of Scotland, daughter of Ki ng Malcolm III of Scotland and St Margaret of England, on 11 Nov 1100 i n Westmister Abbey, Lond. (Queen Edith (Mathilda) of Scotland was born i n Oct 1079 in Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland. , died on 1 May 1118 in W estminster Palace, London, England. , buried in Westminster Abbey, Lond on, England (or Winchester).. .)
    Notes: Princess of Alba/Albany. Christened Edith, but adopted the name M atilda upon her marriage to Henry. It was thought the Norman barons mig ht not respect a queen with a Saxon name. The marriage to Henry represe nted the union of Norman & Saxon royal lines. Crowned Queen Consort 11/ 14 Nov 1100 at Westminster Abbey.
    Marriage Notes: Henry married Matilda (daughter of Margaret) to appease h is Saxon subjects.

    Henry also married 3 Princess Nesta verch Rhys, daughter of Rhys ap Tew dwr Mawr King of Deheubarth and Gwladys verch Rhiwallon of Powys, in 11 03 1105. Princess Nesta verch Rhys was born About 1073 in of Dynevor, L landyfeisant, Carmarthenshire, Wales. , died About 1114
    Notes: Princess of Deheubarth Known as the most beautiful woman in Wale s. She had many lovers. In Christmas 1108 Owain ap Cadwgan of Cardigan c ame to visit Gerald and Nesta. He so lusted after her that he, that nig ht, attacked the castle. He then carried her off and had his way with h er. This upset Henry I so much that the incident started a war.

    Henry had a mistress 14 Isabelle de Beaumont, daughter of Earl Robert d e Beaumont and Isabelle (Elizabeth) de Vermandois Lady, About 1120. Isa belle de Beaumont was born About 1104, died after 1172
    Henry had a mistress 15 in 1120 1130.
    Henry also married 4 Adelaide de Louvain, daughter of Godfrey 'a la Bar be' VII Duc de Brabant and Ide de Namuer Cts de Namuer, on 29 Jan 1122 i n Windsor Castle, Berksh. (Adelaide de Louvain was born in 1102 1103 in L ouvain, Belgium. , died on 23 Apr 1151 in Affligem Abbey, Flanders, Fra nce. , buried on 23 Apr 1151 in Afflighem, Brabant. .)
    Notes: Acceded: 30 Jan 1122, Westminster Abbey, London, Became a nun at A ffligem Abbey, near Alost in south Brabant, ca. 1149/50.
    Henry had a mistress 16.

    Illegitimate children

    King Henry is famed for holding the record for more than twenty acknowl edged illegitimate children, the largest number born to any English kin g; they turned out to be significant political assets in subsequent yea rs, his bastard daughters cementing alliances with a flock of lords who se lands bordered Henry's.[9] He had many mistresses, and identifying w hich mistress is the mother of which child is difficult. His illegitima te offspring for whom there is documentation are:

    1.Robert, 1st Earl of Gloucester. b. 1090 Often said to have been a son o f Sybil Corbet.
    2.Maud FitzRoy, married 1113 Conan III, Duke of Brittany
    3.Constance or Maud FitzRoy, married 1122 Roscelin, Viscount de Beaumon t (died ca. 1176)
    4.Mabel FitzRoy, married William III Gouet
    5.Alice FitzRoy, married Matthieu I of Montmorency and had two children B ouchard V de Montmorency ca 1130-1189 who married Laurence, daughter of B aldwin IV of Hainault and had issue and Mattheiu who married Matilda of G arlande and had issue. Mattheiu I went on to marry Adelaide of Maurienn e.
    6.Gilbert FitzRoy, died after 1142. His mother may have been a sister o f Walter de Gand.
    7.Emma, married Guy de Laval IV, Lord Laval.[10] This is based on epita phs maintained in the chapterhouse of Clermont Abbey which appear to re fer to Emma as the daughter of a king. There may be some confusion here , however, in that Guy's son, Guy de Laval V, was also married to an Em ma who described herself as the daughter of Reginald de Dunstanville, E arl of Cornwall, who was an illegitimate son of Henry I as noted below. A dditionally, if the elder Emma was also an illegitimate child of Henry I , this would make Guy and his wife Emma first cousins, something that c asts more doubt on the claim.

    With Edith

    1.Matilda, married in 1103 Count Rotrou III of Perche. She perished 25 N ovember 1120 in the wreck of the White Ship. She left two daughters: Ph ilippa, who married Elias II, Count of Maine (son of Fulk, Count of Anj ou and later King of Jerusalem), and Felice.

    With Gieva de Tracy

    1.William de Tracy[citation needed]

    With Ansfride was born c. 1070. She was the wife of Anskill of Seacourt , at Wytham in Berkshire (now Oxfordshire).

    1.Juliane de Fontevrault (born c. 1090); married Eustace de Pacy in 110 3. She tried to shoot her father with a crossbow after King Henry allow ed her two young daughters to be blinded.[citation needed][dubious dis cuss]
    2.Fulk FitzRoy (born c. 1092); a monk at Abingdon.
    3.Richard of Lincoln (c. 1094 25 November 1120); perished in the wreck o f the White Ship.

    With Sybil Corbet Lady Sybilla Corbet of Alcester was born in 1077 in A lcester in Warwickshire. She married Herbert FitzHerbert, son of Herber t 'the Chamberlain' of Winchester and Emma de Blois. She died after 115 7 and was also known as Adela (or Lucia) Corbet. Sybil was definitely m other of Sybil and Rainald, possibly also of William and Rohese. Some s ources suggest that there was another daughter by this relationship, Gu ndred, but it appears that she was thought as such because she was a si ster of Reginald de Dunstanville but it appears that that was another p erson of that name who was not related to this family.

    1.Sybilla de Normandie, married Alexander I of Scotland.
    2.William Constable, born before 1105. Married Alice (Constable); died a fter 1187.
    3.Reginald de Dunstanville, 1st Earl of Cornwall.
    4.Gundred of England (111446), married 1130 Henry de la Pomeroy, son of J oscelin de la Pomerai.
    5.Rohese of England, born 1114; married Henry de la Pomerai.
    6.Elizabeth of England married Fergus of Galloway and had issue.

    [G. E. Cokayne, in his Complete Peerage, Vol. XI, Appendix D pps 105-12 1 attempts to elucidate Henry I's illegiimate children. For Mistress Sy bil Corbet, he indicates that Rohese married Henry de la Pomerai [ibid. :119]. In any case, the dates concerning Rohese in the above article ar e difficult to reconcile on face value, her purported children having s eemingly been born before their mother, and also before the date of her m other's purported marriage.]

    With Edith FitzForne

    1.Robert FitzEdith, Lord Okehampton, (10931172) married Dame Maud D'Avr anches du Sap. They had one daughter, Mary, who married Renaud, Sire of C ourtenay (son of Miles, Sire of Courtenay and Ermengarde of Nevers).
    2.Adeliza FitzEdith. Appears in charters with her brother, Robert.

    With Princess Nest Nest ferch Rhys was born about 1073 at Dinefwr Cast le, Carmarthenshire, the daughter of Prince Rhys ap Tewdwr of Deheubart h and his wife, Gwladys ferch Rhywallon. She was married, in 1095, to G erald de Windsor (aka Geraldus FitzWalter) son of Walter FitzOther, Con stable of Windsor Castle and Keeper of the Forests of Berkshire. She ha d several other liaisons including one with Stephen of Cardigan, Const able of Cardigan (1136) and subsequently other illegitimate children. T he date of her death is unknown.

    1.Henry FitzRoy, 1103-1158.

    With Isabel de BeaumontIsabel (Elizabeth) de Beaumont (after 1102 afte r 1172), daughter of Robert de Beaumont, sister of Robert de Beaumont, 2 nd Earl of Leicester. She married Gilbert de Clare, 1st Earl of Pembrok e, in 1130. She was also known as Isabella de Meulan.

    1.Isabel Hedwig of England
    2.Matilda FitzRoy, abbess of Montvilliers, also known as Montpiller

    Father: I William b: 14 OCT 1024 in Falaise, Basse Normandie, France
    Mother: Mathilde b: ABT 1032 in Flanders, France

    Marriage 1 Isabel de Beaumont b: ABT 1102 in Leicester, Leicestershire, England
    • Event: Mistress to Henry I Other-Begin COMPLETED 2
    1. Has No Children Isabel Hedwig b: ABT 1120
    2. Has No Children Matilda FitzRoy b: 1102

    Marriage 2 Gieva de Tracy b: 1068
    • Event: Mistress to Henry I Other-Begin COMPLETED
    1. Has Children William de Tracy b: 1085

    Marriage 3 Mistresses Of Henry I b: ABT 1070
    • Event: Mistress to Henry I Other-Begin COMPLETED
    1. Has No Children Emma FitzRoy b: 1104
    2. Has No Children Alice FitzRoy b: 1105
    3. Has No Children Gilbert FitzRoy b: 1130
    4. Has No Children Constance FitzRoy b: 1087
    5. Has No Children Maud FitzRoy b: 1089
    6. Has No Children Mabel FitzRoy b: 1102

    Marriage 4 Edith Sigulfsdatter b: 1085 in Greystoke, Cumberland, England
      1. Has No Children Adeliza FitzEdith b: ABT 1095 in England
      2. Has Children Robert FitzEdith b: 1093 in England

      Marriage 5 Ansfrida b: ABT 1070
      • Event: Mistress to Henry I Other-Begin COMPLETED
      1. Has No Children Richard FitzRoy b: ABT 1094
      2. Has No Children Fulk FitzRoy b: ABT 1092
      3. Has No Children Juliane FitzRoy b: ABT 1090

      Marriage 6 Sybilla Corbet b: 1075 in Alcester, Warwickshire, England
      • Event: Mistress to Henry I Other-Begin COMPLETED 2
      1. Has No Children Reginald FitzRoy b: 1110 in Dungate, Kent, England
      2. Has No Children Gundrada FitzRoy b: 1114
      3. Has No Children Rohese FitzRoy b: 1114
      4. Has No Children William Constable b: 1105 in England
      5. Has No Children Elizabeth Joan FitzRoy b: 1084 in Talby, Yorkshire, England
      6. Has Children Robert FitzRoy b: 1090 in Caen, Calvados, Basse, Normandie, France
      7. Has No Children Sibylla FitzRoy b: 1092

      Marriage 7 Adelicia b: 1103 in Louvain, Belgium
      • Married: 29 JAN 1121 2

      Marriage 8 Nest Ferch Rhys b: ABT 1073 in Dynevor, Llandyfeisant, Carmathenshire, Wales
      • Event: Mistress to Henry I Other-Begin COMPLETED 2
      1. Has No Children Henry FitzHenry b: 1103

      Marriage 9 Matilda Edith Dunkeld b: 1079 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
      • Married: 11 NOV 1100 in Westminster, London, England
      • Note: Address: Westminster Abbey 2
      1. Has No Children William Adelin b: 1103 in Winchester, Hampshire, England
      2. Has No Children Richard b: 1104
      3. Has No Children Euphemia b: JUL 1101
      4. Has Children Mathilda Adelade b: 05 AUG 1102 in Winchester, Hampshire, England

      1. Title: RYAN PEMBLE <RYANPEMBLE@AOL.COM>, <i>pemble</i>
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        ABBR Tammy's Tree
      7. Title: Hans A.M. Weebers, <i>Descendant line 4 from Charlemagne for Hans A.M. W eebers</i> (n.p: Name: Name: Name: Name: Name:Name:Name:http:/home.tonl ine.de/home/02826923430001/reeks04.htm;;;;;;;, n.d)
        _SUBQ: Hans A.M. Weebers, <i>Descendant line 4 from Charlemagne for Hans A.M. W eebers</i>
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        ABBR Descendant line 4 from Charlemagne for Hans A.M. Weebers
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