Todds of Joseph Todd of Eling and of Rutherford/Cannon Co TN

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  • ID: I57
  • Name: Joseph TODD I
  • Surname: Todd
  • Given Name: Joseph
  • Suffix: I
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1645 in Eling, Southamptonshire, England
  • Death: 20 Sep 1699 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Burial: Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • _UID: 5FF0B0BDB4378948A878D312398F6FBA6EE5
  • Baptism: Eling Parish 15 Jan 1645 Eling, Southamptonshire, England
  • Occupation: Merchant
  • Note:

    (See also the discussion of family origins under Joseph's assumed father, William Tod.)

    Joseph Todd was born in England about 1645 and is possibly the Joseph Todd baptised in Eling , Southamptonshire along the southern coast of Enlgand along with a brother Benjamin in 1645, sons of William Tod. He married in Eling to Anne Worsham in 1675.

    His first son and only child with Anne Worsham was Joseph Todd born about 1678. Several years elapsed between Joseph Jr's birth and his marriage to Joanne Swift. His children Joshua, Caleb, Thomas, Elizabeth and Mary were born in England in the 1680s and 1690s. When the children were young, he moved with his entire family to Philadelphia, dying shortly after arriving there at the age of only 54. His will, written in March 1698, probably in England, was probated in September 1699 in Philadelphia. His wife Joanne died by the time of final probate in 1700.

    Joseph Todd married for the first time in 1675 to Anne Worsham. Since he had only one son by his first wife, namely Joseph Todd born prior to 1677, Anne probably died shortly after Joseph?s birth. His children by his second wife were all minors when he wrote his will and probably were mostly born in the late 1680s or early 1690s based on the adult baptisms of Joshua in 1714 (born prior to 1693) and Elizabeth in 1730 (hence born prior to 1699), Thomas? and Martha?s marriages in 1722.

    Joseph's will written in March 1698 was probated in August 1700; so Joseph died sometime prior to August 1700 and traditionally this date has been reported as 1699 based on another probate date recorded in Sept 1699 which I have not seen. Below is a transcript of his will.

    Will of Joseph Todd dated 02-Mar-1698 and probated 31-Aug-1700, Philadelphia Will Book B page 63 or 162/63.

    ?In the name of God, Amen; On the second day of March Anno Domis(1698): I, Joseph Todd of Eling, in the County of Southamptonshire, being in perfect memory, thanks be unto God for the same, and considering the frailty and uncertainty of this life, do make this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say, First of all, I resign my soul into the hands and protection of Almighty God, my maker, and everlasting preserver, and my body I commit to the earth from whence it was taken, and for my worldly goods, which God in mercy hath lent and bestowed upon me, I do give and bequeath as followeth:

    ?Item: I give and bequeath unto my son, Joseph Todd, forty-pounds of lawful money of England, the full value thereof to be paid in money or goods by my executors, hereafter named, as soon as he shall come to and attain unto the age of one and twenty years, and if it shall happen that he should die before he shall attain unto the said age of one and twenty years, then his said portion of forty-pounds before given and bequeathed to him and remain equally divided between and amongst the rest of my children then surviving, as they shall attain unto the said age of one and twenty years, so to be paid by my executors hereafter named.

    ?Item: I give and bequeath unto the children, which now I have by my last wife, forever, twenty-pounds a piece of lawful English money. That is to say, unto Joshua, twenty-pounds, unto Caleb twenty-pounds, unto Thomas twenty-pounds, unto Elizabeth twenty-pounds, and unto Mary twenty-pounds, and it is my will and meaning that Joanne, my said wife, whom I do make sole executrix of this my Last Will and Testament, should have the use of the said twenty-pounds a piece last given and bequeath unto my named children, during the term of her natural life if she do remain a widow aft my decease, but in case
    she should marry another husband, that within one month aft her marriage, the said portion of twenty-pounds last given and bequeathed unto my said children, then to become due, and then to be paid by my said executors wife of any further delay, and in case any one of my said children should die and leave this world before they receive the said portion, then my will and meaning is the said portion or portions of the deceased should be equally divided between the survivors of them and whereas by promise. I, the said Joseph Todd, am engaged to pay unto Davy, the son of my bro, Daniel Todd, and unto James and Hatty Bradshaw, the children of Elizabeth, my sister, when they should attain unto the age of one and twenty years, five-pounds a piece when they should come of age to receive the same, and if either of my sister, Elizabeth's children, should die before they come to receive the same, then his or her share, due to dying, be paid unto the survivors of them. Lastly, all the residue of my money, goods, chattels and credits, I give unto my loving wife, Joanne, whom I do make and appoint to be sole executor of this my Last Will and Testament, and also I do nominate, desire, and appoint John Swift, the older, John Swift, the younger, Henry Abbot, and Pete (Peter) Chamberlyne to be overseers of this my Last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I do hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written. Signed, sealed, and declared in the presence of John MacShane, Richard Chandler, and Andrew Worsom (prob Worsham).?

    Probated 31-Aug-1700 Philadelphia: ?Personally appeared before me, Patrick Robinson, Secretary of ye Province of PA, ye written Joseph Todd, eldest son of ye written named Joseph Todd decd (ye within named executrix being decd) I did exhibit unto ye so office ye within as ye Last Will and Testament of ye so decd and did attest to being inventive and pay ye debts and legacies herein contained according to law.?
    Signed Pat Robinson, Secre.

    Joseph Todd?s baptism was recorded in the Pennepack Church Records, as occurring on 3 month 15 day 1698 in Lymington, England. This would be 15-May-1698. This means his will was drawn up in England and brought to America with him.

    Below are further documentary records of this generation of the Todds. But before proceeding to that, we have inserted at this point, an overview of the migrations of the Todds throught the next four generations so that the details that follow can be placed in the context of the overview.

    Migrations of the Todds

    Let us pause in the listing of the descendants of Joseph Todd to go back and give an overview of the migrations of the Todds during their first 100 years in America.

    In the first generation, there was the migration of Joseph Todd from Southamptonshire, England to Philadelphia about 1698 where he died in 1699.

    In the second generation, Joseph Todd b abt 1679, the eldest son of Joseph Todd, migrated to Warminster on the western boundary of Bucks County and got a grant there in 1703.. It is possible his brother Caleb moved there also because there is a later land grant in 1742 to a Caleb Todd in the part of Bucks Co that became Northampton County..

    In the third generation, three Todds - Thomas b abt 1727, Caleb b abt 1730 and Benjamin b abt 1732 appeared on the tax lists 1761-1768 for Bethelehem Township, Northampton County. Thomas appears on a record as being on land without a warrant in Bethlehem Township in 1752 and Benjamin appears on a cash account in 1756.

    The only Todd we know to have been in this area prior to the 1760s was Caleb Todd. Caleb Todd obtained a 1742 land in Bucks County in what later became Williams Township, just south of Bethlehem Township, in Northampton County and in 1745, Caleb Todd was appointed overseer of Durham Township Bucks County which at that time included what became Williams Township, Northampton County. We therefore assume that the three young Todds on the 1760s tax lists were sons of this Caleb Todd. Other historians have theorized that these three were sons of Joshua Todd apparently based on Caleb Todd's having a son Joshua but no other evidence. Historians have also theorized that Thomas Todd who also became coroner of Northampton Co in 1757 might have been the son of Thomas Todd d 1733 Philadelphia since William Parson who founded Easton and died in 1757, was the great uncle of the wife of Thomas Todd d 1733. In any event, the three young men, namely Thomas b 1727, Caleb born abt 1730 and Benjamin born about 1732 migrated to Rowan County NC by 1772.

    The Todds all settled on the East Side of the Yadkin River in a swath of land that extended between the confluences of the Yadkin River with four creeks - Swearing, Crow, Abbotts and Lick - and on two tributaries of the Uwaharrie River (Tom's Creek and Second Creek) whose headwaters lay just to the east of Lick Creek.

    In 1782, a Caleb Todd resurveyed the land obtained by warrant in 1742 in Williams Township, Northampton County. Since there were no Todds in Northampton County in 1782 and since the land was patented to Henry Miller in 1797, it is conceivable that this Caleb was the Caleb Todd of Rowan Co NC but there is nothing on the survey to indicate where this Caleb was living.


    In the fourth generation, Joseph Todd b 1734, the great grandson of Joseph Todd d 1699, sold in 1767 the property his grandfather got by grant in 1701 in Warminster Township on the western edge of Bucks Co and moved to Solebury Township, on the eastern edge of Bucks County.

    Meanwhile, down in North Carolina, Caleb b 1751 son of Benjamin b abt 1732, married and had a son Benjamin b 1778 in Rowan County NC, and then migrated to Wilkes County Georgia by 1781. Mary Todd married William Scudder in 1783 in Rowan Co and then the Scudder migrated to Wilkes County GA settling near Caleb Todd.

    Then almost 20 years later, the big migration to Madison County KY began.

    By 1792, the children of Thomas Todd b 1777 Rowan Co migrated to the Otter Creek area of Madison Co Kentucky. These included: Joseph Todd b 1748, his brother Thomas Todd, his sister Esther who married Abraham Lewis, Elizabeth who married Benjamin Cox, Jemima who married John Wagle.

    About 5 years later, about 1797, the children of Caleb Todd b abt 1730 d 1795, along with Caleb's brother , Benjamin Todd b abt 1732 and Benjamin's children (except the two in Georgia), followed their kinsmen to Madison Co KY. They all settled in the Muddy Creek area, though William b 1765/1768 who had married his cousin Elizabeth Todd, dau of Caleb Todd b 1795, also bought land on Silver Creek, probably Hays Fork of Silver Creek. William's brother-in-law John Todd b 1773 later bought land on Hays Fork.

    Caleb Todd b 1758 son of Caleb d 1795 didn't stay long in Madison County. By 1800, he was in Missouri where two of his children were born; then he returned to Kentucky where a son Reuben was born in 1805. Then he died and his widow Sarah appears in the 1810 census for Hopkins county, KY.

    More of the family was bound to migrate to Madison County KY.

    In 1799, William Scudder (husband of Mary Todd) died. HIs widow and son soon thereafter migrated to Madison County KY.

    About 1803, Caleb Todd b 1751 transferred his lands to his eldest son Benjamin Todd b 1778 and leaving him and his brother John behind in Georgia, then migrated to Madison County KY with two of his children by his first wife as well as his second wife and the children they had together.

    The migrations of the Todds did not stop in Madison County. After Caleb b 1751 died about 1807, his family went in two different directions. In 1809, his sons William b 1781 and Reuben b 1785 went south to Rutherford County, TN with their uncle Benjamin Todd b 1759 and Benjamin's adult children and minor children and with their first cousin Aaron Todd b 1784, son of their uncle Peter b 1756. They settled in what became Todd Hollow just north of Big Springs, TN. At the same time, Caleb's widow (Sarah Bentley Todd) migrated north with her children to Scott Co KY where she appeared on the 1810 tax list.

    About 1810, Joseph Todd b 1748, the first Todd to come to Madison County, died. His son Joseph Todd moved to Hardin Co KY by 1810 and then by 1817 moved west to Howard County and then Platte County, Missouri.

    So that gives a sense of the migrations of the variious Todd branches..

    Notes and Documentation:

    FHC #020436: Item 16, Records of the Lower Dublin Church PennepackBaptist 1698-1838 that mention Todd and Swift:

    Marriages: (Mon = month, Da = Day 1 Mon = April 10 Mon = January)

    page 1, 1703 4 Mon 20 Da, Joseph Todd m. at Southampton County of Bucks to Martha Edwards
    1705 7 Mon 29 Da, Evan Morgan m Mary Swift.
    Aug 11, 1718 John Snowden m. ElizSwift.

    page 16, 3 Mon 15 Da 1698, Joseph Todd baptized in Lymington in Hampshire, England, and Rachel Woosencroft.
    page 17, 4 Mon 7Da 1704, John Swift baptized at Pennepack.
    page 18 1704, Francis Swift, wife of John Swift, baptized at Pennepack and Mary, daughter of John and Francis Swift, Evan Morgan 2 Mon 3 Da 1709 at Pennepack.
    page 23 May 1, 1714, Joshua Todd baptized at Pennepack. May 12, 1720 Elizabeth Todd baptized at Pennepack. Oct 5, 1745 Samuel Swift baptized at Pennepack.Nov 5, 1737 Elizabeth Swift baptized at Pennepack.
    page 40, Martha Todd (no date) admitted in 1709-11, Section of Admissions, (wife of Joseph Todd, II).
    page 46, Joseph Todd d. Dec 1721.
    Frances Swift, wife of John Swift, d. 1716/7. Evan Morgan d. 1717.
    Abel Morgan d. Sep 16,1722.
    The widow Todd d. Apr 30, 1748 (Martha)?.
    1717, 12 Mon 16 Da, Evan Morgan d. and was buried at Pennepack.
    page 60, Margaret Todd Rec'd1808.

    In 1699 William Penn returned to Philadelphia aft being away for fifteen years. He was very disturbed finding an epidemic of Yellow Fever in his colony, which wiped out 1/6th of the people. Perhaps it was this disease that caused Joseph and Joanne to die so shortly aft their arrival.

    From The Complete Book of Emigrants 1661-1699 (V2 HR 325) by Pete Wilson Coldham: "26-May-1699
    Shippers by the Owners Adventure of London, Mr. James Mitchell, bound from Southampton for PA:
    Joseph Todd(PRO: E190/841/1)."
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    Father: William TOD b: ABT 1624 in Prob. Scotland
    Mother: UNKNOWN

    Marriage 1 Anne WORSHAM b: 1652 in Eling, Southamptonshire, England
    • Married: 18 Oct 1675 in Eling, Southamptonshire, England
    1. Has Children Joseph TODD II b: ABT 1679 in Prob. England

    Marriage 2 Joanne SWIFT b: BET 1645 AND 1650 in Prob. Isle of Wight
    • Married: BET 1681 AND 1682 in Prob. Isle of Wight
    1. Has No Children Joshua TODD b: BET 1681 AND 1687 in England
    2. Has Children Caleb TODD b: ABT 1686/1693 in Prob. England
    3. Has Children Thomas TODD b: ABT 1690 in Prob. England
    4. Has No Children Elizabeth TODD b: BET 1691 AND 1694 in Prob. England
    5. Has No Children Mary TODD b: ABT 1695 in Prob. England
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