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  • ID: I75730
  • Name: Johannes Albrecht
  • Given Name: Johannes
  • Surname: Albrecht
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1695 in Pfalz, Bayern, Germany 1 2 3
  • Death: Bef Dec 1752 in Bern Twnp., Berks, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Burial: Fritz Cemetery, Little Oley, Berks, PA 4
  • _PPEXCLUDE: 5 6
  • Event: Fact Lived On West. Bank Of Schuylkill River 7
  • Event: Fact Raised Family In Berks, PA 7
  • Event: Fact 18 Sep 1732 Sailed Johnson Galley To Philadelphia, PA From Rotterdam, Holland 7 8
  • Event: Fact 9 Aug 1734 Of Oley, Berks, PA For Judith's Baptismal 9
  • _UID: F46CBBD2EA7B486C832F64C0ABCB886A4455
  • Change Date: 1 Apr 2012 at 23:31
  • Note:

    From Germany to Berks Co., PA, from Amsterdam aboard Johnston Galley 18Sept

    "On September 18, 1732, Johannes and Anna Barbara Albrecht (Albright)migrated from Germany aboard the JOHNSON GALLERY of London [DavidCrockatt, commander] and settled in Berks County, Pa. Their childrenwere Matelina (1716-1784), Barbara (1719-1802), Christian (1726-1784),Jacob (1727-1791), Ludwig (1731-1810), and Judith (1734-?). Two of hesons, Jacob and Ludwig, migrated to Orange County, N.C. about 1763 andsettled along the Alamance and Stinking Quarter Creek. (This area becamea part of Alamance County when the county was founded in 1849). Theirsister, Barbara, and her husband John Foust followed then to OrangeCounty about 1767. ............ " Copied from Alamance County The Legacyof its People and Places, Page27.

    From: Lynnette De Moss <LD197@worldnet.att.net>
    To: ALBRECHT-L@rootsweb.com <ALBRECHT-L@rootsweb.com>
    Date: Tuesday, November 24, 1998 4:36 PM Subject: Re: ALBRECHT>Hi,
    >I'm new to the list. There isn't much activity.
    >Any way I'm descended from Johannas Albrecht. Who immigrated to this
    >country in 1732 on the ship Johnson. Still trying to find
    >you his parents were. All I have on his parents is Heinrich Albrecht andAnn
    >Elizabeth Fulsom. And I'm not sure that is correct. One source saysJohannas
    >was born in Germany, another in Austria. And what is this I hear about a
    >Habsburg connection? Has anyone on the list ever tried to close the 3 or4
    >generation gap that I have read about. Well that's food for thought.
    >Lynn Albright Hatcher
    Well, I expect that you will get activity now. Johannes was the
    progenitor of the Albright line that migrated to Old Orange county, NC.At
    least two of his children went there. Probably the earliest genealogy of
    this family was a thesis published in 1900 by Sallie Stockard, a studentof
    the University of North Carolina. Ms. Stockard gave the parents of this
    Johannes as Heinrich and Anna Folsom of NY. This undocumented tracingwas
    carried forward with Augustus Garland Albright's genealogy published in
    1916. Many later genealogies carried this same line. This included one
    published by Claribel Albright McClain in 1941. Ms. McClain realizedthis
    error when Vreeland Leonard published his "The Albright Family of NewYork"
    in 1950. Upon further research Ms. McClain published a supplement to her
    1941 book titled "Additional Findings on North Carolina AlbrightLineage".
    In this book she stated 'This tradition that Hendrick Albright of Albany
    County was the progenitor of the North Carolina Albrights has been provento
    be incorrect.' However, this is a legend that will not die.
    I do not know where Johannes and Anna Barbara originated. All I
    know is that they sailed on the "Pink Johnson" from Rotterdam with David
    Crockatt as Captain. They arrived in Philadelphia, PA on 18 Sep 1732.The
    next day Johannes took the oath of allegiance renouncing allegiance toevery
    foreign sovereignty. Some of Johannes' children made the migration tothe
    area of Orange county, NC along with some other Palatinates - Clapps,
    Fousts, etc.Larry Noah - larmil-1@worldnet.att.net
    My family is at - http://members.tripod.com/~lrnoah/
    My NOEs and NOAHs are at - http://home.att.net/~larmil-1/
    NCOrange mailing list website - http://members.tripod.com/~lrnoah/NCOrange/
    BrickChurchNC mailing list website-http://members.tripod.com/~lrnoah/BrickCH/

    From "The Albrights" copyright 1981 TXU 69-571 By: Shannon D. Albright[found at the Ft. Worth Public Library]
    "Three of Johannes Albrecht's children, Jacob, Ludwig, andBarbara, left Berks Co., Pa. for Orange Co., N.C. in the 1760's. Hightaxes and land prices probably prompted their move. They settled in theHaw River plains of northern North Carolina, an area of rich farm land.The Albright's settled along Alamance and Stinking Quarter Creeks. Thispart of Orange Co. was latter divided to form Alamance [1849] andGuilford Counties.
    One of the first church founded was a union of the Lutheran andReformed faiths in SE Guilford Co. near the present site of Laws Churchalong the old road from Hillsboro to Salisbury. In 1813 the congregationconstructed a brick church using local clay. Said to be the first brickchurch in N. C. and used until 1967 when a modern building was built nextdoor. The "Old Brick Church" is located six miles south of Burlington.Records at the church were kept in German until 1813 when the Statedecreed that English be spoken and taught in all public schools!
    Several pioneer Albright's are buried there, including Ludwig andhis wife, Anna Marie [Keller]. The original headstones were in Germanand were replaced with English language in the 1930's.
    Nearby is a colonial brick home now owned by Ruby [Clapp] Pentacost,an Albright descendant. This home was built by Daniel Albright, Ludwig'sgrandson in 1842. Located near a large flat rock, the home is known as"The Flat Rock Daniel Albright Home".
    Nearby is another early German Reformed Church, Stoner's [Steiner's]Church, located at the confluence of the Alamance and Stinking QuarterCreeks. The first elders were Jacob Albright, Peter Sharp, and JohnFoust; husband of Barbara Albright. Jacob and Barbara and their spousesare buried in the Stoner's Cemetery.
    Two miles west of Stoner's Church and five miles south of the cityof Graham is Mount Harmon Church which was established on a tract of landdonated by George Albright, son of Daniel Albright and Catherine Loy.
    Just south of the town of Alamance is the old St. Paul grave yardwhere many Albrights are buried. The cemeteries of the Pleasant HillChristian Church near Snow Camp and the Cane Creek Quaker Church [foundedin 1751] in the same area also contain the graves of many ancestors. Alsothe cemetery of the Buffalo Presbyterian Church founded in 1756 atGreensboro, Guilford County, has many Albright graves of the 18thcentury."

    Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 06:55:03 -0600
    From: "Larry Noah" <larmil-1@worldnet.att.net>To:ALBRECHT-L@rootsweb.com
    Message-ID: <005201be1872$ebfe4300$78904b0c@larmil>
    Subject: Children of Johannes ALBRECHT (1695-1752)Content-Type:text/plain;
    charset="Windows-1252"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
    I show 6 children of the above ALBRECHT who immigrated in 1732.
    This is the information that I have. Additions or corrections arewelcome.
    Magdalene (Matelina) ALBRIGHT was born about 1716 in "Germany".She
    married a Philip "Lebs" FAUST, Sr. about 1738. It is said that they had10
    children. I only have names of 8. This family remained in PA.
    Anna Barbara ALBRIGHT (my ancestor) was born Oct 1719 in Germany.
    She married Johan FAUST, Sr about 1740. Johan was a half-brother to the
    Philip above. They had 9 children, all born in PA. This familymigrated
    to the Orange County area of NC about 1760. There they changed thespelling
    of the name to FOUST.
    John Christian ALBRIGHT was born in 1726 in Germany. He marriedan
    Elizabeth Gertrude RICK before 1746. They remained in PA. They had 12
    (some researchers say 13) children.
    Jacob ALBRIGHT was born abt 1727 in Germany. He married Sophia
    Catherine WELDER abt 1746. All of their 8 children were born in PA.They
    migrated to the Orange County, NC area in 1763.
    Ludwig ALBRIGHT was born in 1731 in Germany. He married an Anna
    Marie KELLER in 1751. It is not known exactly when they migrated to NC.
    They were in Orange Co, NC by 1763. They had 9 children. I only havenames
    of 8. Judith ALBRIGHT was the only child born in the Colonies. Shewas
    born in 1734. She married a John Jacob HECK about 1753. There were at
    least 4 children. I only have names of 2.
    Larry Noah - larmil-1@worldnet.att.net
    My family is at - http://members.tripod.com/~lrnoah/
    NCOrange mailing list website - http://members.tripod.com/~lrnoah/NCOrange/
    BrickChurchNC mailing list website-http://members.tripod.com/~lrnoah/BrickCH/

    From John W. Boring <jwb@virginia.edu> September 16,1997
    Larry, In what you sent me about the Albrights you said that yourinformation came from a book written by Shannon Albright. I was able tocontact Mr Albright and ask him the questions that I had about JohannesAlbrecht. Specifically, I wanted to know how he knew the birth date andplace for Johannes and that his wife's maiden name was Gossauer. Hereplied that he had written a supplement to the book in which he saysthat the item: "5 Feb 1732. Johann Albrecht von Oberengstrimgen born 11Feb 1703 in
    Wyninger. Wife Anna Barbara Gossauer von Riesbach, Zurich" must refer toa different person than the one that emigrated to Berks Co in 1732 sincethe oldest child of the PA man, Matalina, was born 1716, too soon for aman born 1703. He also says that the 1790 census for Berks Co, PA showsJohn
    Christian Albright, son of Johannes, as born in Austria. He also pointsout that in the Brick Church cemetery the gravestone of Ludwig, the sonof Johannes, says Ludwig of John of Henry. This seems to indicate thatthe father of Johannes was Henrich or some such. I have seen one databasethat shows the parents of Johannes as Henrich Albrecht and Anna Folsom,but I have not yet checked out the sources for this assignment. Let meknow what you think about all this. John Boring

    For an account of the trip from Europe to America seehttp://www.zekes.com/~dspidell/palatine.html
    German Pioneers to Pennsylvania
    Passenger Ships' Lists
    Includes People from the Palatine

    [List 21 A] A List of Palentines arrived in the Port of Philadelphia onboard of the Johnson Galley of London, David Crockatt, Commander,September 18th OS, 1732.

    Johannes Albright, among others
    From Larry Noah,
    Regarding the religion of Johnannes --- There is every indication thathe was German Reformed. All of his children were associated with theGerman Reformed Church. Those who migrated to NC were associated eitherwith Brick Church or Stoner's - both German Reformed.

    Father: Hendrich Albrecht b: Abt 1680 in Europe
    Mother: Anna Folsom

    Marriage 1 Anna Barbara b: Abt 1697 in Austria
    • Married: Abt 1715 in Germany
    • Change Date: 8 Aug 2007
    1. Has No Children Magdalena Albrecht b: 20 Feb 1716 in Germany
    2. Has Children Ludwig Albright b: 11 Nov 1731 in Germany
    3. Has No Children Anna Barbara Albright b: 10 Oct 1719 in Germany
    4. Has No Children John Christian Albrecht b: 9 Oct 1726 in Austria
    5. Has No Children Jacob Albright b: 10 Oct 1728 in Germany
    6. Has No Children Judith Albright b: 1 Jun 1734 in Oley Township, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States

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      The online database of Jon Gary Dean is riddled with errors. I made the unfortunate mistake of importing it in its entirety early on in my genealogy research. It is a mistake I have regretted since then.

      Much of the information from Jon Gary Dean's database is correct, but the errors make it difficult to sift through sometimes and can be a source of aggravation. Births after the death of a parent. Merged individuals that were NOT the same person have combined families that shouldn't be connected. Plus some duplicates with alternate spellings make it very difficult to fix.

      I have elected not to remove the data because much of it is valid, and eventually as we weed through the errors they will all be fixed. Please understand this, and make sure you research the data yourself before you accept it as fact.
        Name: WorldConnect at Rootsweb.Com -- MyFamily.Com, Inc.
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      very good

      very good

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