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  • ID: I45
  • Name: Peter Ikerd (Eigerdt) Sr.
  • Surname: Ikerd (Eigerdt)
  • Given Name: Peter
  • Suffix: Sr.
  • _AKA: Johan Peder /Ikerd/
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1720 in Rangsdorf,Teltow-Flaming,Brandenburg,Germany 1
  • Death: 25 Oct 1784 in Maiden,Lincoln Co.,NC 1
  • Burial: AFT 25 Oct 1784
  • _UID: CFA95F14F7078948A2729DF88F189DF59C37
  • Occupation: Fuller, Cobbler
  • Birth: 1729 in Rangsdorf,Teltow-Flaming,Brandenburg,Germany 1
  • Immigration: Arrived on ship Phoenix, name listed as Hans Peter Eichede 15 Sep 1749 Philadelphia,,PA
  • Death: 25 Oct 1784 in Maiden,Lincoln Co.,NC 1
  • Note:
    UID 7C0520786ABAA541930F4036471687D5F464

    Arrived 15 Sep 1749 on ship PHOENIX at Philadelphia. Name listed as Hans Peter Eichede.

    Rowan County, North Carolina - Deed Book 5:929 - 19 and 20Oct 1762 - 508 acres on Clarks Creek near Maiden and Pinch Gut Creeks

    Lincoln County, North Carolina - Will, 25 Oct 1784 - no probate date: Wife Susanna; sons Henry, Lawrence, Peter and George; son Philip Eiger's son

    LDS FILM #421,829 - Salt Lake City Library - Lincoln Co NC Probate Records Will Index A-Z, 1772-1964
    Peter IKARD - 1785 - file IJK
    (Sent by e-mail Verne Chambers, Sat 2/26/2005 6:54 PM)
    E-mail received from French researcher:

    Yes, I am aware of the Eichert / Pierson family. I am aPierson descendant.
    In the church records of the Lutheran parish of Wintersbourg, Lorraine
    the baptismal records begin in 1688 and the marriage and death records
    in 1729. The Eichert and Pierson families were not of Lutheran faith,
    but of Reformed (= Calvinist) faith. In another e-mail I will explain you
    why many Reformed families from Alsace-Lorraine were recorded
    in Lutheran church books. The Eichert / Pierson family lived on theborder
    between Alsace and Lorraine : the villages Wintersbourg, Zilling andHangwiller
    are in Lorraine ; Pfalzweyer is in Alsace, but all are located very close
    to each other. Here is what the Wintersbourg records give on the EICHERTs:

    EICHERT or EICHHARD Hans Peter (parents unknown),
    in Pfalzweyer, Alsace from 1722 to 1728, in Zilling, Lorraine
    from 1730 to 1741, m. 1st STUBER Anna Maria,
    ? 26 Oct. 1741 in Zilling (aged 50 years), Reformed,
    baptismal sponsors in Pfalzweyer 1722, 1725, 1726, 1728,
    baptismal sponsors in Zilling 1730, 1731, 1733, 1734, 1736, 1737.
    No children baptized in Wintersbourg.

    EICHHARD or EICHERT Johann Peter, Widower, m. 2nd inZilling 30 Jan. 1742
    PIERSON Susanna, daughter of PIERSON Heinrich, from Schalbach, Lorraine,
    both Reformed, baptismal sponsors 1741, 1742, 1743, 1744, 1745, 1747.
    This family emigrated to Pennsylvania on board the "Phoenix" with threechildren
    and landed in Philadelphia on 15 Sep. 1749. They settled in Bucks Co.,
    where three more children were baptized :
    -> Johann Peter * 25 Jan. 1743 Wintersbourg
    -> Johann Nicolaus * 25 Nov. 1744, ? 19 Feb. 1748 Wintersbourg
    -> Christian * 07 Nov. 1746 Wintersbourg
    -> Georg Jacob * 21 Nov. 1748 Wintersbourg
    -> Susanna * 28 Jan. 1757, bap. 2 Feb. 1757 Bucks Co., PA.,
    (sponsors Lorentz PIERSON and Elizabeth)
    -> John George * 23 Apr. 1759, bap. 24 May 1759 Bucks Co., PA.,
    (sponsor : George OBERBECK)
    -> Henry * 16 Mar. 1761, bap. 5 Apr. 1761 Bucks Co., PA.,
    (sponsors Henry PIERSON and Elizabeth OBERBECK)

    The info on the settling and children baptized in BucksCo., PA
    have been provided by Gregg FREESE from Stevensburg, Virginia
    He may have further info on this family.

    Another EICHERT family lived in Zilling, Lorraine in the18th century :
    EICHERT Anthoni or EICHHARD Anthonin, ? 11 Oct. 1736 Zilling (aged 75years)
    His wife Elisabetha, ? 25 Mar. 1733 Zilling (aged 79 y, 4 m, 3 weeks),
    both of Reformed faith, baptismal sponsors 1713, 1716, 1718, 1720, 1729.
    The church records don't say if Peter EICHERT was a son of Anthony andElizabeth.

    Another EICHERT family lived in Pfalzweyer, Alsace in the18th century,
    who most likely was related to the EICHERTs of Zilling.
    Unfortunately the church records of Wintersbourg do not give anyconnection :

    EICHERT Christian Sr. (parents unknown), ? 06 Mar. 1748(75 y - 2 m),
    Reformed, m. BÜCHI Anna Catharina (parents unknown), ? 19 Dec. 1751
    (aged 69 years), baptismal sponsors from 1712 to 1727. Five children :
    - Anna Catharina * 30 July 1715, ? before 1716 Wintersbourg
    - Anna Catharina * 02 Nov. 1716 Wintersbourg
    - Anna Margaretha * 12 Mar. 1718, bap. sponsor 1732, 1733, 1734, single
    - Peter ; according to an antenuptial contract made in Lützelstein,Alsace on 24 Apr. 1733 he married Anna ESCH or ESCHER, daughter ofFriedrich ÄSCH or ÄSCHER, tenant farmer in Wintersbourg and Zilling andof Anna ZIMMERMANN
    - Christian Jr., m. 1st Hangwiller, Lorraine 10 Jan. 1740 ZEHNER AnnaMagdalena m. 2nd Berling 27 Jan. 1752 ISCH Anna Elisabetha, fromPfalzweyer m. 3rd Berling 30 July 1754 STUBER Anna Maria, from Pfalzweyer

    EICHHARD Christian Jr., son of EICHHARD Christian Sr.,from Pfalzweyer
    m. 1st Hangwiller, Lorraine 10 Jan. 1740 ZEHNER Anna Magdalena,
    * 11 Aug. 1718, ? 05 July 1750, daughter of the late ZEHNER Heinrich,
    from Pfalzweyer, and of Maria Magdalena ZIMMERMANN,
    both Reformed, baptismal sponsors from 1740 to 1751. Six children :
    - Christian * 10 July 1741, ? 18 Jan. 1747
    - Anna Catharina * 06 June 1743, ? before 1745
    - Maria (or Anna) Catharina * 08 June 1745, baptismal sponsor 1760
    - Johann Heinrich * 28 Nov. 1747, bap. sp. 1767, ? 19 Feb. 1776, single
    - Anna (or Maria) Magdalena * 28 Aug. 1749, ? 11 Mar. 1754
    - Anna Elisabetha, baptismal sponsor 1765, 1767, m. Berling, Lorraine 19Apr. 1768
    HAUTHER Christian, from Graufthal, Alsace.

    EICHERT Christian, Reformed widower m. 2nd Berling,Lorraine 27 Jan. 1752
    ISCH Anna Elisabetha, * 16 May 1726, ? 10.05.1754, daughter of ISCH Jacob
    from Pfalzweyer and of Anna Elisabeth WAHL. Two children :
    - Maria Barbara * 11 Jan. 1753, ? 23 Jan. 1753
    - Christian * 10 Feb. 1754, ? 26 Apr. 1754

    EICHERT Christian, ? 15 Apr. 1773 between 3 and 4 : AM(aged 60 years),
    Reformed widower of Pfalzweyer, m. 3rd Berling, Lorraine 30 July 1754
    STUBER Anna Maria, daughter of the late STUBER Michel Sr. from Pfalzweyer
    and of Anna Maria DIETRICH, baptismal sponsors from 1755 to 1776.
    - Maria Elisabetha * 16 May 1755, ? 03 July 1756
    - Anna Maria * 30 July 1756, bap. sponsor 1771, 1775, 1777, 1779, m.Berling, Lorraine 22 Oct. 1782 SCHÖNEBERGER Nicolaus, from Pfalzweyer
    - Johann Christian * 20 Sep. 1757, ? 16 Dec. 1758
    - Anna (or Maria) Barbara * 08 Nov. 1758, baptismal sponsor 1777, m.Berling, Lorraine 28 May 1782 HETZEL Johannes, from Pfalzweyer, Alsace
    - Maria (or Anna) Magdalena * 05 Apr. 1760, baptismal sponsor 1773,1778, 1783, 1785, 1786, 1787, m. 1st in Petersbach, Alsace 8 May 1787Philip FREUND from Petersbach ; m. 2nd Nicolaus MÜLLER, miller at themill Schnellenmühl, on the Saar River
    - Johann Peter * 23 June 1761, ? 01 Feb. 1763
    - Anna Christina * 27 Feb. 1764, ? 15 Feb. 1776
    - Johann Michael, shoe maker, * 30 Dec. 1765, baptismal sponsor 1787,1788, 1792, m. Berling, Lorraine 10 Dec. 1793 STUBER Magdalena, daughterof Michael STUBER Jr. from Pfalzweyer and of Anna Christina JACOB
    - Anna Margaretha * 01 June 1767, ? 11 Oct. 1778
    - Maria Elisabetha * 17 Jan. 1770, ? 25 Mar. 1770
    - Anna Rosina * 16 July 1772, baptismal sponsor 1788, 1791, single

    One Eva Elisabeth EICHERT or Anna Elisabeth EICHHARD from Pfalzweyer
    (parents unknown) married Peter KOCHER, Reformed, from Pfalzweyer.
    They appear as baptismal sponsors in the church book from 1729 to 1737.
    Then they emigrated to PA on board the "Thistle of Philadelphia"
    and landed in Philadelphia on 28 Oct. 1738. I don't know where theysettled.
    Four children :
    - Anna Barbara * 21 Apr. 1731, ? 21 Apr. 1731
    - Johann Peter * 47 Mar. 1732
    - Johann Michael * 10 Nov. 1734
    - Maria Barbara * 5 Jan. 1737

    One Christian EICHHARD emigrated to PA. on board the"Christian" and landed in Philadelphia on 13 Sep. 1749. One ChristianEICHER (aged 46 years) emigrated to PA. on board the "Brothers" andlanded in Philadelphia on 30 Sep. 1754 along with Johannes EICHER. OneMichael EICHER emigrated to PA. on board the "Lydia" and landed inPhiladelphia on 27 Sep. 1740. I haven't yet been able to find anyconnection between these emigrants and the EICHERT family ofAlsace-Lorraine (Zilling and Pfalzweyer).

    As you can see, there were at least two ways the family name inAlsace-Lorraine too. About corruptions of family names : May I ask you ofwhat origin is the name CHAMBERS ? In Lorraine there is a CHAMBRE familyand in Alsace there is a SCHAMBER or TSCHAMBER family. This family is ofSwiss origin. I suppose you know that in the 18th century, the usual namein German names was always the middlename : Hans Peter EICHERT or JohannPeter EICHERT was called Peter. Maria Catharina EICHERT or Anna CatharinaEICHERT was called Catharina. Genealogy of the PIERSON family willfollow. So long,


    (Sent by e-mail Verne Chambers, Sun 2/27/2005 10:51 AM)

    Hello Verne, it's me again.

    Here is the genealogy of the PIERSON family :

    Pierson or Pierreson are typical Lorraine surnames.According to historians who have studied the history of the town ofLixheim, the PIERSON family was hailing from Badonviller,
    the capital of the county of Salm, Lorraine. There were two PIERSONbranches living in Lixheim in the 17th century : 1. Noël PIERSON,carpenter in 1620, Huguenot refugee. With his wife Elisabeth ANDRE hefled to Bischweiler, near Strasbourg, Alsace. Bischweiler was part of theduchy of Zweibrucken, Germany. The duke of Zweibrücken allowed plenty ofHuguenot refugees
    to settled in Bischweiler. On 16 May 1647 noël and Elisabeth had adaughter Suzanna baptized in Bischweiler. Their son Mansuy PIERSON m. inLixheim bef. 1642 Françoise MANCHAN. Children of Mansuy and Françoise :Jean (= John, m. bef. 1642 Claude MAURICE) and Jacques (m. bef. 1646Marie FIERMONT). 2. Pierre PIERSON, from Lixheim, dealer in passementerie(? Bischwiller 10 Apr. 1700), maybe related to Abraham PIERSON (?Bischwiller 14 June 1695, aged 43 years).

    After that, due to the Thirty Years War (1618 - 1648),plenty of old documents disappeared, so that there is unfortunately ablank in the genealogy of the PIERSON family until the FIRST KNOWNGENERATION :

    Jean Philippe PIERSON Sr., weaver in Lixheim, Lorraine
    and his wife Suzanne OURY had five children :
    1. Joseph PIERSON (* 02 Sep. 1686)
    2. Jean Philippe PIERSON Jr. (* 01 Feb. 1688, ? 31 May 1764), marriedtwice.
    3. Henri PIERSON (* 19 May 1689, ? 05 Jan. 1747), m. Diedendorf, Alsace23 Nov. 1713 Elisabetha SCHWEITZER from Schalbach, Lorraine.
    4. Marie Elisabeth PIERSON (* 24 Dec. 1690), m. Diedendorf, Alsace 03Feb. 1711 Jacob BRODT, from Lixheim
    5. Jean Nicolas PIERSON (06 May 1692 - 07 July 1698)


    Johann Philipp PIERSON Jr., from Lixheim. Lived first inLixheim,
    then moved to Metting, Lorraine, m. 1st about 1706 Magdalena SCHMIDT,
    m. 2nd 1715 Anna Catharina MARTZLOFF, from Metting

    Magdalena SCHMIDT (? 1715) had four children :
    1. Pierre PIERSON * 07 Mar. 1706 Lixheim
    2. Jean Jacques PIERSON *15 Oct. 1708, ? 29 Oct. 1708 Lixheim
    3. Charles PIERSON * 05 Mar. 1712 Lixheim
    4. Anna (or Eva) Elisabetha PIERSON, * 15 Apr. 1715, m. 09 June 1744HARTMANN Johann Nickel, from Fleisheim, Lorraine

    Anna Catharina MARTZLOFF from Metting, Lorraine ? 19 Oct.1753
    (aged 66 y, 9 m) had seven children baptized in Wintersbourg :
    1. Anna Margaretha PIERSON * 25 May 1715, m. Hangwiller, Lorraine 22 Jan.1737 SCHMIDT Johann Nickel, from Bockenheim, Alsace
    2. Hans Nicolaus PIERSON * 06 Oct. 1719, ? bef. 1731
    3. Johann Jost PIERSON * 17 May 1729, ? 20 June 1746
    4. Susanna PIERSON, m. Wintersbourg 08.09.1733: Johann Simon SCHIER,master blacksmith in Zilling, Lorraine, ? 25 June1778 (68 y - 6 m). Theseare my ancestors.
    5. Maria Catharina PIERSON, m. Hangwiller, Lorraine 01 Aug. 1741HÜLSENKOPF Johann Heinrich, from Wolfskirchen, Alsace
    6. Johann Nickel PIERSON * 18 Dec. 1731
    7. Johann Philipp PIERSON III (* 04 May 1717, ? 24 Dec. 1782), Reformedblacksmith in Metting, Lorraine, m. Dec. 1742 MERTZ Anna (or Maria)Christina, ? 06 Dec. 1780 (58 y - 10 m - 19 d),
    daughter of the late MERTZ Martin, from Bust, Alsace.

    Heinrich PIERSON (* 19 May 1689, ? 05 Jan. 1747), m. 23Nov. 1713 Elisabeth SCHWEITZER, daughter of Nicolaus SCHWEITZER fromSchalbach, Lorraine, and of Sara ROSE. They had nine children :
    1. Lorentz Pierson * 28 Aug. 1714 Wintersbourg. Emigrated to PA on boardthe "Robert and Alice" and landed in Philadelphia on 11 Sep. 1738.Settled in Bucks Co.
    2. Maria Catharina Pierson * 30 Mar. 1717 Diedendorf, Alsace m.Rauwiller, Alsace 30 Mar. 1737 Johann Dietrich ROSE, from Schalbach
    3. Maria Magdalena Pierson * 11 Jan. 1722 Diedendorf, m. Rauwiller 30Apr. 1743 Johannes HUNTZINGER, son of Ulrich HUNTZINGER, from Schalbach,and of Sara DELLER. After the birth of a son Johann Theobald HUNTZINGER(* 24 Jan. 1744), Johannes and Maria Magdalena HUNTZINGER emigrated to PAon board the "Two Brothers" and landed in Philadelphia on 15 Sep. 1748.
    They settled in Tohicon, Bucks Co.
    4. Susanna Pierson m. Zilling 30 Jan. 1742 EICHERT Johann Peter, awidower from Zilling, Lorraine. After the birth of four children, thisfamily emigrated to PA on board the "Phoenix" and landed in Philadelphiaon 15 Sep. 1749. They settled in Bucks Co., where three more childrenwere baptized..
    5. Elisabetha Pierson * 16 Mar. 1727 Rauwiller, Alsace, ? bef. 1738
    6. Johann Philipp Pierson * 20 Feb. 1729 Rauwiller, Alsace. He emigratedto PA on board the "Phoenix" and landed in Philadelphia on 15 Sep. 1749.Settled in Tohickon, Bucks Co.
    7. Anna Maria Pierson * 19 Apr. 1731 Rauwiller, Alsace
    8. Catharina Margaretha Pierson * 27 Mar. 1734 Rauwiller, Alsace,baptismal sponsor 1753 Rauwiller, Alsace
    9. Maria Elisabetha Pierson * 10 Oct. 1738 Rauwiller, Alsace



    Johann Philipp PIERSON III (* 04 May 1717, ? 24 Dec.1782), son of Philipp Sr., Reformed blacksmith in Metting, Lorraine, m.Dec. 1742 MERTZ Anna (or Maria) Christina, ? 06 Dec. 1780 (58 y - 10 m -19 d), daughter of the late MERTZ Martin, from Bust, Alsace. They had 8children baptized in Wintersbourg:
    1. Maria (or Anna) Catharina PIERSON * 20 Sep. 1745, m. Hangwiller 20Nov. 1770 WILL Johannes, from Hangwiller, Lorraine
    2. Johann Philipp PIERSON IV * 06.04.1748, m. Bust, Alsace 03 Dec. 1776GANGLOFF Rosina, from Bust
    3. Johann Jacob PIERSON * 02 Nov. 1750, baptismal sponsor 1774, 1777, m.Bust 28 Mar. 1780 MÜLLER Margaretha, from Hangwiller
    4. Eva Elisabetha PIERSON * 21 May 1753, baptismal sponsor 1771, 1773,1775, m. Hangwiller 23 Apr. 1776 HILSENKOPF Nicolaus, from Metting
    5. Maria (or Anna) Elisabetha PIERSON * 16 Mar. 1756, baptismal sponsor1771, 1773, 1775, m. Bust 03 Dec. 1776 MERTZ Martin, from Bust
    6. Johannes PIERSON * 25 Feb. 1759, ? 25 May 1760
    7. Christina PIERSON * 09 May 1761, ? 12 Feb. 1763
    8. Johann Nickel PIERSON * 25.10.1743, baptimal sponsor 1762, 1763, m.Hangwiller, Lorraine 22 Oct. 1771 SCHNEIDER Eva, from Hirschland.

    Lorenz PIERSON * 28 Aug. 1714 Wintersbourg, son ofHeinrich. Emigrated to PA on board the "Robert and Alice" and landed inPhiladelphia on 11 Sep. 1738. Settled in Bucks Co., where the surname wascorrupted to BIRSON. He m. Elizabeth (maiden name unknown). At least fivechildren:
    1. Henry BIRSON, * about 1750, m. Catharina
    2. Christian BIRSON, * about 1753, m. Catharina
    3. Magdalena BIRSON, * about 1755, m. Tohicon Church 25 Apr. 1775 JphnKOHL
    4. Philip BIRSON, * about 1758, m. Elizabeth (possibly GUTH)
    5. Peter BIRSON * 14 July 1761.
    The info on this family have been provided by Gregg FRESSE fromStevensburg, Virginia : e-mail

    Johann Philipp PIERSON * 20 Feb. 1729 Rauwiller, Alsace, ?7 Sep. 1802 Kreidersville, Northampton Co., PA, buried at Stone Church,son of Henry. He emigrated to PA on board the "Phoenix" and landed inPhiladelphia on 15 Sep. 1749. Settled in Tohickon, Bucks Co., where thesurname was corrupted to BIERSON. He m. Elizabeth (maiden name unknown).Four children :
    1. Henry BIERSON * 29 oct. 1759, bap. 2 Dec. 1759 Tohicon Reformed Church(sponsors Henry GUTH and Margaret OBERBECK)
    2. Maria Catharina BIERSON * 14 Mar. 1770, bap. 15 Apr. 1770 TohiconReformed Church (sponsors : Adam GRAFF and Catharina)
    3. Margaret PIERSON * 2 June 1773, bap. 1 Aug. 1773 Tohicon ReformedChurch (sponsors : Jacob GUTH and Elizabeth)
    4. John Philip BIERSON * 25 Feb. 1777, bap. 6 Apr. 1777 Tohicon ReformedChurch (sponsors : Michael SCHUCK and Margaretha) The info on this familyhas been found in the book "Eighteenth Century Emigrants from theNorthern Alsace to America" by Annette Kunselman BURGERT,
    published in 1992 by Picton Press, Camden, Maine, page 76.


    Johann Nickel PIERSON, son of Philipp PIERSON III, * 25Oct. 1743, baptimal sponsor 1762, 1763, m. Hangwiller, Lorraine 22 Oct.1771 SCHNEIDER Eva, from Hirschland, Alsace. They had five childrenbaptized in Hirschland :
    1. dead child * 3 Feb. 1773, ? 3 Feb. 1773
    2. Johann Nicolaus PIERSON * 4 Feb. 1774, ? 26 Jan. 1775
    3. Johannes PIERSON * 15 Dec. 1775, confirmed 1790, m. 25 Sep. 1798Catharina BRION, daughter of Johann Jacob BRION, from Kirrberg, Alsace
    4. Johann Nicolaus PIERSON, * 8 Mar. 1778, confirmed 1792
    5. Johann Adam PIERSON, * 6 Apr. 1782, m. 17 Aug. 1802 Maria ElisabethSCHMIDT (* 14 Dec. 1784), daughter of Peter SCHMIDT from Hirschland,Alsace, and of Marie Elisabeth BRUA


    Johann Adam PIRSON (* 06 Apr. 1782), son of Johann Nickel,m. 17 Aug. 1802 Maria Elisabeth SCHMIDT (* 14 Dec. 1784), daughter ofPeter SCHMIDT from Hirschland, Alsace, and of Marie Elisabeth BRUA. Theylived in Hirschland. In Jan. 1830 Johann Adam PIRSON selled his estatefor 8403 French francs, then the family emigrated to the US along withtheir youngest six children.
    They settled in Tonawanda, New York state, next to the Niagara Falls.Nine children :
    1. Johann Peter PIRSON (* 29 June 1803 ; ? 25 Jan. 1875), m. 01 Feb. 1826Marie Elisabeth GRAF, daughter of Matthias GRAF and Anne ElisabethSCHMIDT
    2. Johann Adam PIRSON (12 Mar. 1806 - 26 Jan. 1873), m. 15 Mar. 1828Christina Magdalena SCHMIDT, daughter of Gustav SCHMIDT and SophiaOttilia SCHNEIDER
    3. Maria Elisabetha PIRSON (02 Feb. 1808 - 23 Nov. 1865), m. 22 July1827Nicolaus SCHEIDHAUER, son of Johannes SCHEIDHAUER and MagdalenaWETTERHOLD
    4. Magdalena PIRSON (* 21 June1810)
    5. Johannes PIRSON (* 29 Aug. 1812)
    6. Katharina PIRSON (* 20 Dec. 1814, ? 1881), m. Philip KNOCHE
    7. Christina PIRSON (* 15 June 1817)
    8. Sophia PIRSON (* 05 May 1820)
    9. Karolina PIRSON (* 09 Mar. 1829)

    This emigration took place about the same time
    when Linda Zurbrick O'HALLORAN's ancestor Nicholas ZURBRICK
    emigrated to Cheektowaga, New York state.
    Cheektowaga and Tonawanda are located very close to each other.


    (Sent by e-mail Verne Chambers, Sun 2/27/2005 1:53 PM)

    Thank you very much for the info on your CHAMBERS family.In addition to the PIERSON genealogy, here is the SCHWEITZER genealogy. Iam a SCHWEITZER descendant too. So we are twice cousins. NickelSCHWEITZER (parents unkown) from Schalbach, Lorraine, ? 30 Jan. 1739Wintersbourg, Lorraine (75 y - 2 m), was married to Sara ROSE (parentsunknown), who had seven children:

    1. Maria Anna Catharina SCHWEITZER (? bef. 1747), m.Burbach, Alsace 26 Apr. 1707 Stephan BALLIET (? after 1747). They are theancestors of two branches of the Balliets of Pennsylvania. 2. AnnaBarbara SCHWEITZER, m. 25 Nov. 1710 Paulus SCHEURER, fils de JohannesSCHEURER, from Weyer, Alsace
    3. Anna Maria SCHWEITZER (* beginning 1704), m. 12 May 1722 Johann JacobHAHN. They are the ancestors of the HAHNs of Pennsylvania.
    4. Elisabeth SCHWEITZER, m. 23 Nov. 1713 Heinrich PIERSON (? 05 Jan.1747), son of Hans Philipp PIERSON, Linen-weaver in Lixheim, Lorraine
    5. Johannes SCHWEITZER (? 27 May1744, aged 56 y - 9 m), wheelwhright m.Lützelstein, Alsace 25 Oct. 1715 WEIBEL Maria Margaretha, daughter ofWEIBEL Hans Velten, associated judge in Wintersbourg, Lorraine
    6. Anna Margaretha SCHWEITZER, baptismal sponsor in 1717
    7. Paulus SCHWEITZER, ? 28 Aug. 1778 Wintersbourg (82 y - 7 m - 8 t), m.Weyer, Alsace 24 Nov. 1721 THUSSIN (or TOUSSAINT) Maria Magdalena,possibly the widow of WEIBEL Hans Nickel, from Berling, Lorraine.


    1. History of the EICHERT family: (Sent by e-mail VerneChambers, Sun 2/27/2005 2:03 PM)

    As I told you, both the EICHERT and PIERSON families were of Reformed (= Calvinist) faith. In Germany, the Protestants were ofLutheran faith. In France and in Switzerland, the Protestants were ofReformed faith. The Alsace-Lorraine area belonged to Germany > in the18th century, that's why Wintersbourg, Lorraine was a Lutheran parish.

    The history of both the EICHERT and PIERSON families is aconsequence of the Thirty Years War (1618 - 1648). This war was theGerman war of Religion: some Protestant princes of North Germany wouldnot accept the authority of the Catholic emperor of the Holy GermanEmpire in Vienna, Austria. They asked Gustav Adolf, the Lutheran king ofSweden, to help them in their war against the emperor. As usualSwitzerland was neutral, it became a rich country because Swiss farmerssold their products to the nations in war and to the different armies.Switzerland also exported weapons, and plenty of Swiss mercenaries servedin various European armies during the Thirty Years war. They did notcare about religion : many Protestant Swiss mercenaries served in thearmies of Catholic princes, provided they were well paid. After the warwas over, the prices of agriculural products and of weapons dropped. Themercenaries returned back home to Switzerland. The country becameover-populated and employment reigned.

    Some of the home-comers became criminals. Their arrival caused aneconomical crisis, and in 1653 the farmers tried to organize a revolutionagainst the city of Berne, the capital of Switzerland where the priceswere decided. The revolution was quelled by the armies of Berne and alot of Swiss families had no other solution than emigration. Someemigrated to Alsace-Lorraine, others to the Palatinate, Germany andothers to Pennsylvania. In some Swiss families the first generationemigrated to Alsace-Lorraine, the second generation to Germany and thethird to Pennsylvania. As the Thirty Years war had devastated manyplaces in Germany and also in Alsace-Lorraine, some princes tried torepopulate their lands after the war was over, especially in givingshelter to Swiss refugees, but also to French Huguenots who were tryingto escape religious persecution. That's why some Lutheran princesorganized Reformed parishes in their lands, in order to welcome therefugees : the first Reformed church was founded in 1700 in Diedendorf,Alsace, the second in 1723 in Rauweiler, Alsace and the third in Burbach,Alsace in 1740. There are two reasons why I am quite sure that theEICHERT family of Alsace-Lorraine was of Swiss origin: 1. They were of Reformed faith,as most of the Swiss immigrants 2. Another EICHERT branch lived in a kindof diaspora. They worked as tenant farmers in several farms scattered allover Lorraine. They had their children baptized and confirmed and theirmarriages celebrated in the Reformed churches of Diedendorf andRauweiler, Alsace. And according to these Reformed church books theseEICHERTs had immigrated from Äschi (distict of Spiez), Übeschi (districtof Thun) and Riggisberg (district of Seftigen), canton Berne inSwitzerland. And again, most of the men's names were either ChristianEICHERT or Peter EICHERT. A real mess ! Any connection to the Zillingbranch ? ___________________________________________________________
    2. History of the PIERSON family: In the 16th, 17th and 18th centuriesthe Lorraine area was divided in various lordships: -the duchy ofLorraine (Catholic ; capital : Nancy)- the county of Salm (Lutheran ;capital Badonviller)- possessions of the Palatinate count of the Rhine(capital: Heidelberg, Germany)- etc. In 1598 Christina, daughter of theProtestant count of Salm married François de Vaudemont, a son of the dukeof Lorraine. After this marriage the Protestants who had lived in thelands which had belonged to Christina were persecuted by the duke ofLorraine. Plenty of them emigrated. That's why Frederick IV, thePalatine count of the Rhine had a new town built in 1608 - 1610 on theother side of the border : Lixheim, in order to welcome the Huguenotrefugees from the county of Salm. The PIERSON family was among thepionier immigrants who built Lixheim. After the Thirty Years War wasover, the various German princes not only tried to repopulate theirlands, but also to rebuilt their devastated towns, which costed a lot ofmoney. That's why some of them had the bad idea to overburden theirsubjects with heavy taxes. The first result was that in some places, thefarmers tried to organize riots : that's what happened in the county ofNassau-Saarwerden, Alsace between 1721 and 1723. But when the riots werequelled, people had no other solution than to emigrate. This is the mainreason for the emigration from the Alsace-Lorraine area to Pennsylvaniain the years 1730 - 1770. Many American sources say this emigration hadreligious causes. That's wrong. There were no longer religiouspersecutions in Alsace-Lorraine in the 18th century.

    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX listed two reasons that he was quite surethe EICHERT family of Alsace-Lorraine was of Swiss origin:

    1. They were of Reformed faith, as most of the Swissimmigrants.

    2. Another EICHERT branch worked as tenant farmers inseveral farms scattered all over Lorraine. They had their childrenbaptized and confirmed and their marriages celebrated in the Reformedchurches of Diedendorf and Rauweiler, Alsace.



    Prepared by E. L. ?Verne? Chambers (Sent by e-mail, Tue3/1/2005 4:46 PM)

    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX of France and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX of theUnited States are to be recognized for their research of WintersbourghLutheran Church records, Lorraine, France. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is relatedto the Pierson family and to the Schweitzer family, (Peter Ikerd?s wifeSusanna was a Pierson, her mother was a Schweitzer) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX isa distant cousin of Pierre, but is not related to the Pierson family.

    EICHERT or EICHHARD, Hans Peter in Pfalzweyer, Alsace,from 1722 to 1728, in Zilling, Lorraine, from 1730 to 1741. Married 1stSTUBER, Anna Maria, date unknown, Anna Maria died 26 Oct 1741 in Zilling,Reformed Church.

    EICHERT, Johann Peter, Widower, Married 2nd PIERSON,Susanna daughter of PIERSON, Heinrich and SCHWEITZER, Elizabetha. Thisfamily immigrated to Pennsylvania on board the ?Phoenix? landing inPhiladelphia on 15 Sep 1749. They settled in Bucks Co, PA.


    Johann Peter b. 25 Jan 1743 Wintersbourg [1]
    Johann Nicolaus b. 25 Nov 1744, d. 19 Feb 1748 Wintersbourg
    Christian b. 7 Nov 1746 Wintersbourg[2]
    Georg Jacob b. 21 Nov 1748 Winterbourg
    Susanna b. 28 Jan 1757, bap 2 Feb 1757 Bucks Co, PA. [3]
    Sponsors Lorentz PIERSON and Elizabeth)
    John George b.23 Apr 1759, bap 24 May 1759 Bucks Co, PA.
    sponsor:George OBERBECK)
    Henry b. 16 Mar 1761, bap 5 Apr 1761 Bucks Co, PA.
    sponsor: Henry PIERSON and Elizabeth OBERBECK)
    Children not listed by researchers:
    Philip b. c 1752 PA.
    Lorance b 10 June 1764 N.C.
    Another Eichert family lived in Zilling, Lorraine, in the 18th century:
    EICHERT Anthoni or EICHHARD Anthonin, died 11 Oct 1736 Zilling (aged 75years)
    His wife Elisabetha died 25 Mar 1733 (aged 79 y, 4m, 3 weeks), of Reformed faith,
    The church records don?t say if Peter EICHERT was a son of Anthoni and Elizabetha.[4]

    Will of Peter Ikerd
    Special thanks to Bill Ikerd for providing his notes for this site. PROBATE: Will of Peder Eiger/Peter Ikerd Sr dated 25 Oct 1784 in Lincoln Co.,NC. COMMENT: my copy sent to me by Mae Ricketts .
    PETER EIGER/PETER IKERD SR - Will 1784 In the name of God, Amen, I, Peder Eiger of the County of Lincoln and state of North Carolina, being very sick but of sound mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament. I make over to my dearly beloved wife, Susanna, one featherbed, one chist [chest], one spinning wheel, her settle [saddle] two cows and calfs. My sons, Henry and Lowrence Eiger, to provide for the cows yearly, or so many heads of cattle; as long as my wife Susannah hath life, and she also to have yearly one-fourth part of the fruits of my plantation on which I now live. My sons, Henry and Lorance, to let their mother have a horse to go to meeting or where else she may have a mind to go anytime she calls for one. Also my wife to have peaceable possession of the plantation on which I now live so long as she is alive. And my sons, Henry and Lorance, to give unto my wife, Susanna, early 16 bushels of wheat, 20 bushels of corn, 6 bushels of Rey [Rye] one hundred weight of pork, and as much fyer [fire] wood as she stands in need of. Then when I and my wife Susanna are both dead, then my sons Henry and Lowrence to have the improvement with the Clare [cleared] land and Bilting [buildings] excepting the two fealts [fields] lying next to Simon Hasses, and that to my son Henry. Also my son Lowrance to give to my son Henry one-half of the fruits out of the orchard below the barn. One hundred and fifty acres of land I ordeen [ordain] to my son Peder, lying on Clark's Creek and adjoining my Improvement. I also ordeen to my son Henry one Lume [loom] one feather bed, one chist [chest] and all my shoe-maker tools. And my sons, Peder, Henry and Lawrence is to pay ten pounds to my son George and ten pounds unto my son Phillip Eiger's son for their part of the land, but the ten pound that is to come to my son Phillip's son is not be paid until he comes to the age of twinty. The track of land I make over to my sons, Henry and Lowrence Eiger is 358 acres. I ordeen to my dearly beloved wife, Susanna, one third part of my movable estate, the remainder to be equally divided among my children except one horse, Jack, and the said horse to be sold by the hands of my sons, Henry and Lawrence, for the sum of the quit rents on the plantation whree I now live. I ordeen and appoint my well beloved son Peder Eiger and my friend Phillip frey [Fry] the executors of this my last will and testament. Witness my hand and seal this the 25th day of October 1784 his
    Peder P E Eiger mark Signed and sealed in the presence of us Rudolph Conrad Mervain Collins PROBATE: Fred A Olds. AN ABSTRACT OF NORTH CAROLINA WILLS FROM ABOUT 1760 TO ABOUT 1800. (Baltimore:GPC, 1925 reprint 1968). p. 171. "Tryon and Lincoln Counties" 1785 Icard, Peter (Eiger, Peder), to Henry, Lawrence, Peter.
    PROBATE: THE NORTH CAROLINIAN.Vol. 8. 1962.p. 1028. "Wills of Tryon and Lincoln Cos" Ikerd (Ikard, Eiger, etc), Peder - of Lincoln Co., will dated 25 Oct 1784: probated (in pencil) 1785. wife Susanna. Ch: Henry, Lowrence, Peder, George, Phillip's son. "my children" Exer. son Peder Eiger and Phillip Frey. Signed Peder (his x mark) Eiger. Wit: Rudolph Conrad, ______ _____ (in German).

    Research Notes on Phillip Ikard RESEARCHER: M. O. Ikerd file. NOTES ON THE IKARD FAMILY (From a summary of an unknown researcher dated 1965. Phillip, son of Peter Ikard was killed in a battle with the British in 1775. From several of the old books on the Revolutionary War comes information about a skirmish with the Tories in April 1775 (a month before Bunker Hill - two years after the birth of Anthony Ikard, and three years before Peter Ikerd's death. The skirmish was between the local militia (that is--troops from the Lincoln-Rowan area) and the British. The battle took place around the Cape Fear area. The Captain in command of that troop was Rudolph Conrad (the same man who witnessed Peter Ikerd's will). Also, from the pension records, the fact that a Phillip Anthony applied for and received a pension for service in the Revolutionary War. Philip Anthony was born in Philadelphia in 1754. He moved with his father and mother to Catawba Co., NC and lived there for 18 yrs. While in NC, he served with Captain Rudolph Conrad in 1775. He survived this battle, and in 1776 was drafted and served with the Revolutionary troops nder General Rutherford. His relatives still live around Lincoln Co., NC, although this particular Philip moved from NC to KY then to TN. Believe these two young men, Philip Ikerd and Philip Anthony (next door neighbors) served together in the local militia under Rudolph Conrad. Philip Ikerd was killed. Philip Anthony survived. "Polly" was no doubt the sister of Philip Anthony and the wife of Philip Ikerd. Polly is a nickname, and there is absolutely no mention of her in any of the census records, marriage records, deaths, etc. She may be the dau of the first Anthony to move to Catawba Co. This was Paul Anthony (Paulus Anthoni) married to Mary. They, too, lived on Clark's Creek, which made them next door neighbors to the Peter Ikerd's. (This is from old records dug up by Mrs Soderberg in graveyards, old deeds and census reports.) [Added January 19, 2004] RESEARCHER: Mae S Ricketts letter 27 Nov 1985. Peter Ikerd Sr's will proves he had a son Phillip. RESEARCHER: Sue Ikerd file 5 Jun 1991. A book in the NC Archives THORNTON MITCHELL WILL BOOK includes information saying Phillip Ikerd died on Bunker Hill Farm on Lyles Creek in now Catawba Co. and owned by Isaac Lowrence 1772 until death (will 1837). Isaac Lowrence was a Whig, his brother Daniel, a Tory. Phillip Ikerd's brothers, Peter and Henry were Whigs, and a brother, George was a Tory.
    Information received from Ward Robinson. Letter/data dated June 1993. "Descendants of John Clarence Ikerd and Edith Belle Rhodes? Phillip born probably about 1752, died before 1784, married Mary "Polly" Anthony. His death was probably in the Revolutionary War. It is thought that his son (the one mentioned) in Peter Sr's will, is the Anthony Ikerd that went to Tennessee, Kentucky and later to Missouri, where he died in 1821. The mother of this child is believed to have been an Anthony. RESEARCHER: Dale Gerdeman file 24 Aug 1991. Phillip Icard married Anna Magdalene (?) Anthoni/Anthony (from Mrs Margaret D Lutes). Some say he was killed in the Rev. War, in the battle of Ramsour's Mill in June 1780 near the present town of Lincolnton. Others say he died at Bunker Hill (in NC). No records have been found to substantiate these points of view. Phillip's son is mentioned in Peter sr's will. Since Phillip is not mentioned is reasonable to think he probably was dead when the will was made in 1784. From the book SKETCHES OF WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA by C L Hunter. p. 208-225. The Battle of Ramsour's Mill fought in June 1780 near the present town of Lincolnton. This was one of the most severely contested battles of the revolution. NOTE: Lorena Shell Eaker. GERMAN SPEAKING PEOPLE WEST OF THE CATAWBA RIVER IN NORTH CAROLINA 1750-1800. (Church Hill, TN:SCK Publications, 1994). [Read at Mid-Continent Lib., Independence, MO 18 Jan 1997 .wei.] p. 66. 7A. Anna Elizabeth Anthony, b. 24 Feb. bp 29 Sep 1751 at New Hanover (Falkner's Samp) Luthern Church, Berks Co., PA, dau of Paul and Suphronica: Sp. Bernhart Klein and wife. She may be the Anna Anthony who m. Philip Ikard b. ca 1752 d. before 1784 Lincoln Co., NC and had one son believe to be Anthony Ikerd who went to Warren Co., KY. some researchers say Anthony is buried in the cemetery with his Anthony relatives in Warren co., KY. Others say he died in TN or even MO by 1821. Some believe that Philip Ikard's wife was Anna Magdalena Anthony. p. 247. Philip Ikerd, b ca 1752 PA, d bef 1784 Lincoln Co., NC; possibly in RW; m before 1784 Anna Anthony, possibly dau of Paulus and Sophronica Anthony. Had one son mentioned in Peter Ikerd's will and is believed to be the Anthony Ikerd m 11 Jan 1808 in Warren Co., KY Elizabeth Harrison. RESEARCHER: Peter J Rzeminski file. Email message dated 13 August 1998. "IKERD Family" Philip Ikerd b ca 1752 PA; d bef 1784 Lincoln Co., NC. "It is thought that his son, the one Peter sr mentioned in his will, is the Anthony IKARD that went to Tennessee and Kentucky, later going to Missouri and dying there in 1821. The mother of this child is believed to by an Anthony." (S. Ricketts) He married ca 1752 to Anna Elizabeth Anthony, d/o Paulus Anthony and Anna Maria Sophronica Anthony, b 24 Feb 1750/1 Berks Co., PA. Ch . Anthony Ikard.
    Various Research on the Ikard/Ikerd Family RESEARCHER: Carl Ikard file. Letter 12 March 1974. Duplicated sheets compiled by J E Hodges, Maiden, NC 7/8/49. (IKERD - ICARD - Family) The name Ikerd has gone through many changes and evolution in spelling, the form now generally used being "Ikerd" and "Icard". Among the many renditions of the name that have been found are: Eiger, Igen, Ikerd, Eichert, Eikert, Eiger, Igert and others. In a deed, in the same handwriting, the name is spelled differently on the same page. The first Ikerd connected with North Carolina, of whom I have been able to find any record, was Michael Ikerd who came to America in 1740 in the same ship that brought Simon Haus across the Atlantic and landed in Pennsylvania. While definite proof is not available, it is thought that he came to North Carolina with Simon Haus about the year 1747. If so, he was a man considerably advanced in years at the time, as one of his sons, a man with considerable family, died in 1786. The possibility remains that his sons came alone, as we have no record of the time of place of Michael Ikerd's death. According to reliable information he had three sons in North Carolina, Jacob, Peter and Michael, Jr. No record of any daughters. Peter is the son who died in 1786, leaving a son Lowrence, or Lawrence, spelled Loritz Eiger in legal papers. Records exist of three sons of Lawrence Ikerd, David, and Peter Ikerd, Jr, Phillip. Peter Ikerd, Jr had a son George, who was the father of Abel Ikerd. Abel Ikerd's son, the late Frank Ikerd, was the father of Clarence, George and Milt Ikerd, now living on a portion of the lands granted to his ancestors by King George the Third. The pioneer Ikerd, whether Michael or one of his sons, settled about two miles S.E. of Newton to the right of Highway 321 just before crossing Bills Branch, once called Haus Branch. In the forest in the rear of the service station there (to the right of the road) may yet be found the depression in the earth, the remains of the cellar that works the site of the pioneer Ikerd house. Across the road, in front of the old Reinhardt house, on the road leading by the present Grindstuff Dairy Farm, is an old cemetery, now grown up in trees and bushes. A stranger would never dream of a cemetery being there. Some year's ago, on a stone in that cemetery, could be deciphered the initials "M.E." and the date 1807. In company with Mr. Milt Ikerd, I recently visited this place and found the head and foot rocks to only one grave. Single upright stones indicated three other graves, while depressions in the earth fainted out the location of a few more. Mr. Ikerd informed me that he had always heard that some of his ancestors were buried there and that when he was a boy, fifty years ago, stones were standing at forty or more graves. The crude markers have evidently been hauled away from this pioneer burying ground, probably for building purposes. The stone bearing the meager inscription is supposed to have marked the grave of Michael Ikerd, Jr. There is little to guide us in attempting to learn who any of these pioneer Ikerd's married, except that Lawrence Ikerd married Christina, daughter of Simon Haus. He was of the third generation from Michael Ikerd, being the son of Peter Ikerd who died in 1786. The only record I have found of the children of Lawrence and Christina Haus Ikerd is of three sons, David and Peter Ikerd Jr and Phillip. Mrs. Clarence Haus Starr recalls that her grandparents and aunts said the Ikerd and Haus families were closely related by reason of marriage between members of the two families in the early days of the country. Jacob Ikerd, son of Michael the pioneer, entered 400 acres of land, grant dated in 1764, on the upper waters of Pinch Gut creek, later known as the "Tips Place" and includes the farm where the late Frank Carpenter lived and operated a tannery during the Civil War. So far as I have been able to learn, no record exists of any grant of land to Michael Ikerd. A number of old deeds are extrant showing that the Ikerd's owned, bought and sold various bodies of land on Clarks Creek, Bills Branch, Pinch Gut and Maiden Creeks. The 400 acre entry above was sold to Conrad Tippong, the Sourantie Frenchman who was buried at the burying ground nearby, that came to the known as "Tip's Graveyard". About the year 1820, during the time of the great migration stream from North Carolina to western points, Lawrence Ikerd with his family and probably others of his relatives, left North Carolina and settled in Indiana. In 1816, he deeded a tract of 62 acres of land to his son, David, who two years later, sold the tract to Daniel Propst, possibly, in anticipation of the contemplated removal. None of these people ever returned to North Carolina, and their descendents still live in Indiana, Illinois and other of the central states. This son, David, married Katy Bisaner of the Ore Bank community in present Lincoln County, and with his family accompanied his father' family to Indiana. It is thought that the branch of the family living in Burke and Caldwell counties, are descendants of Jacob Ikerd, a son of Pioneer Michael, though I have found no positive proof of this. As intermarriage causes so much intermingling of the history of the Haus and Ikerd families, the following observation might be pertinent here. It has been supposed that Simon Haus came to North Carolina a single man and married after his arrival, but the fact that Lawrence Ikerd married his daughter Christina, who according to records was born in 1759, is evidence that he brought a family with him when he came in 1747. From the Pioneer, Michael, the genealogical line runs through Eight generations; Michael - Peter - Lawrence - Peter Jr - George - Abel - Frank - Milton the last now living. The federal census of 1790, gives the four Ikerd families living in North Carolina, all being in Lincoln County, as follow - Peter & wife - 3 sons, 5 daughters; Henry and wife, 2 sons, 3 daughters; Lawrance & wife, 3 sons, 1 daughter; George & wife - 2 sons. The three sons of Lawrence evidently were Peter Jr, David and Phillip and Peter Ikerd Jr was the ancestor of the families living in the same community today, through his son, George, etc. There was a younger George Ikerd than the 1790 George, who was a blacksmith and active about the years of 1840-45. In 1841, he swore to an account due him for blacksmith work for the amount of $6.45 1/4, before Henry Cline, J.P., and on August 14, 1840, he signed a receipt for $2.22 1/4 for blacksmith work to David Haus Adams estate of Jacob Seapaugh. Abel Ikerd, 6th in the line from pioneer Michael, and who died somewhere near 1880 and was born in the early 1800's, is said to have been a man of more than ordinary prominence and influence, and served the county as county treasurer for more than twenty years. There was also a Justice of the Peace, was known as a well-informed man and one whose opinions and advice was much sought. The home place where Abel Ikerd lived and died is still in the possession of his descendents, being now owned and occupied by Mr. Everett Harris, a great granddaughter. RESEARCHER: Carl E Ikard file. Letter 12 March 1974. [Ikard genealogy by unknown compiler dated 22 Feb 1965] PART II (p. 6) If we can assume that the Peter Eiger who came to Catawba County, NC in the 1740's was the grandfather of your ancestor, Anthony Ikard, then we must look further to discover where this Peter Eiger came from when he arrived in NC. In a book entitled PENNSYLVANIA GERMAN PIONEERS by Strassburger & Hinke, compiled for the Pennsylvania German Society---Morristown, PA published in 1934, we find lists of Germans who took the oath of allegiance to the English King upon arrival in this country. No lists were examined after the date of 1773. Most of these Germans came from the Palatine area along the Rhine, and most were religious refugees (Protestants.) During the period from 1700 to 1776, the English were busily recruiting settlers for their colonies in the New World. The English themselves sent hoards of their own people over here (mostly debtors from their prison, etc.), but they also gathered up from the continent other people who would be willing to take allegiance to the English king to get away from oppressive governments of their own. The Holy Roman Empire (Germany) was breaking up during this period, and along the Rhine River there were several groups of Protestants from the Palatine area who were being persecuted for their religious faith. From a search of these old records, I think whole families and sometimes whole villages (or settlements) must have come over together. The English were making a good thing out of this, of course. Not only did these Germans have to take an oath of allegiance to the English King, they had to come over on an English ship, and in most instances, they had to pay their own way. Most of these Germans were brought into the Port of Philadelphia, into William Penn's colony. Remember, these Germans could not speak a word of English, and the English couldn't speak German, nor could they pronounce or spell these German names. Therefore, you will find Eicherdts, Ekerts, Echerds, Eckerts, Eckertts, etc. All pronounced Ikard. Mrs Soderberg found 13 of these names in the passenger lists and oath of allegiance lists from 1727 through 1750. The trick is to find the one who came to Catawba County, NC between 1740 and 1750. And if your ancestor is Peter Eiger, it would be fine if we could find a Peter Eiger listed in one of these lists. There are, unfortunately, several names which could fit in here. There was a Johan Peter Echert who took his oath of allegiance in Philadelphia in 1749. There is a Peter Eiker whose age is given as 41 when he took the oath in 1741. If this is the Peter Ikerd who died in Catawba Co., NC, he would have been 84 years old---hardly likely. These two Peters have been ruled out in my mind as the Peter Eiger (Peter Ikard) who died in Catawba Co. in 1784. There is listed also a Peter Eiker, Jr. who took the oath in 1741. His age is not given, but since he came over on the same boat as the Peter Eiker mentioned above (age 41) I think we can assume he is a son of this Peter Eiker. He had to be at least 17 to be required to take the oath, which if the was the Peter Ikerd who died in Catawba County in 1784 would make him 60 years or older when he died. This is about right. I think. With this background, here is what the records show: From PENNSYLVANIA GERMAN PIONEER. Vol. 1. pages 300-301-303. Arriving from Dover, England at the port of Philadelphia on the English ship, "Lydia", (James Allen, Master) on date of September 29, 1741 were a boatload of Palatine Germans, among whom were the following: Peter Eiker (age 41 Christian Eiker (age 19) Peter Eiker, Jr (no age given) Paulus Anthoni (age 22) Nobody bothered to register or require an oath from the women and children these men brought with them. So it is impossible to tell whether any of these men were married. If Christian was an older brother of Peter, Jr's, then Peter would have been about 17 or 18 when he arrived on these shores. The book goes on to explain that many of the older men settled down in Pennsylvania, forming a part of the huge German settlement which remains to this day in Pennsylvania. Most of the younger men moved on to other colonies, where they could more easily acqurie land. We know that Simon Haas was the leader of a group of these Pennsyslvania-German settlers who moved to Catawba County in 1749. Listed among the men who came to this county with Simon Haas are Peter Eiger and Paul Anthony (Paulus Anthoni?). This would be reasonable to assume, because both these young men came over on the same boat from the same part of the world. I now call your attention to the fact that Peter Ikerd's son, Laurenz (Laurence) married Simon Hass' daughter. Therefore, I think the young man, Peter Eiker, Jr who came over to this country with his father (and mother?) on the "Lydia" in September, 1741, is the Peter Ikerd who was the grandfather of Anthony Ikard, your ancestor. I reaslize there are a lot of gaps and wide ones in this discussion. Searching these old records is really a full time job, and fitting together bits and pieces of information to make a easonable analysis is also time-consuming. Much more needs to be done. For instance, this is just a small thing, but it would be interesting to pursue. Although the total numbers of the Germans who came over on the boats are listed, only the men 17 or over were required to take the oath of allegiance. thus, a ship arriving would list--- 103 men, 72 women, and 87.6 (?!) children, and then follows the lists of the men taking the oath. However in one place in Vol. III of this Pennsylvania book is listed. "Phillip Eckertt with Susanna and Margarette." Was Susanna his wife? His daughter? If his daughter, could she possibly have been the Susanna who was the wife of Peter Ikerd, mentioned in his will? You see how one thing leads to another in this endless search. I know that about all we have here is a "reasonable hypothesis" which can be used to check future information against. ***[Data sheets compiled by the unknown genealogist, probably same date as above .wei] PEDER EIGER (Peter Ikerd) Arrived in Philadelphia on English boat "LYDIA" from the Palatine area along the Rhine, Germany, on September 29, 1741. On this date he took the oat of allegiance to the English King. On the same boat, and taking the oath on the same day, were: 1. Christian Eiger, age 19 (Peder Eiger's son ?) 2. Paulus Anthoni, age 22 3. Peder Eiger, Jr (no age given, but he had to be at least 17 to be required to take the oath of allegiance, which he did on September 29, 1741.) In 1749, a group of Palatine Germans migrated from Philadelphia to Catawba Co., NC. This group was led by Simon Haas, and included, among other's Paul and Mary Anthony (Phronie?), Peder and Susanna Eiger and Christian Eiger. Checking dates carefully gives us the conclusion that the Peter Ikerd who moved to Catawba county in 1749 was Peder Eiger, Jr. He would have been 25 or 26 by this time. (all the above information is documented.) THE FOLLOWING LINE IN CATAWBA COUNTY, NC WAS ESTABLISHED-- Peder Eiger (Ikerd m Susann Paulus Anthoni (Paul Anthony) m Mary Euph_ -- | | | | | | | Henry Lawrence Peter George Philip Polly Philip Abel b ca1750 | killed | in Rev. | 1775 | | m c170/71 | -------------- | Anthony Ikerd b 15 May 1773 You will find in the data collected by Mrs Soderberg complete records on Henry, Lawrence, Peter Jr. and Geroge Abel. Their births, marriages and deaths. That is--no records of their births, but of their children and their children's children. Down through all these lines you will find many intermarriages between the Ikards and the Anthonys-- at least until about 1840. But nowhere in any of these records is there listed the marriage of either an Abel Ikard or a Phillip Ikard with a Polly Anthony. Of course, the records do not go back as far as 1773--that is--Mrs Soderberg didn't find any. Suggested further study: To find out if a Phillip Ikerd was killed in the fighting with the militia around Lincoln County in 1775. To find out the name of his wife. to find out the name of his son, mentioned in Peter Ikerd's will. There WAS an Anthony Ikard who was the son of George Abel Ikard, but he lived too late to be your ancestor. I suggest that Anthony Ikerd (grandson of Peter Ikerd) mentioned in his will as "son of my son Phillip" waited until he was twenty years old (about 1793) then went to Franklin Co., TN (after collecting his twenty (crossed out - unable to read what was written in .wei) pounds from his uncle.) I think he probably went with his uncles, the Anthonys, who got land grants there from serving in the Revolutionary War. Mrs Soderberg checked the Franklin County records---but I didn't ever get to them at the Library of Congress, just didn't have the time. Additional study should be made there to find out more about Anthony Ikerd's activities between about 1795 and 1808 when he married Elizabeth Harrison--- who strangely enough is called "Polly" also in some of the old records! PETER IKARD (peder Eiger) m Susanna ?. In Philadelphia probably b. 1721 Palatine, German d. 1784 Catawba Co., NC Records show this Ikard was son the Committee of Safety which met at New Bern in 1775 to take charge of Public affairs of the County. Five sons, as follows: documented in Will of Peter Ikerd 1784 Philip. b about 1750 ?; d April 1775? There are absolutely no records on Phillip except his father's will. All of us who have studied these records think THIS was the father of Anthony Ikard found of your branch of the family. 2nd son--Henry b 1754 (census 1790); d 1800 (his will); m Elizabeth (had MILLER, but crossed out .wei) b 1754. He served in the Militia in 1775 with Philip Anthony and Rudolph Conrad) 4 children named in will, as follows: Daniel m Barbara Nail (documented) Henry Jr, d 1872; m 1823 Catherine Miller (this much documented) Fanny Catherine 3rd son--Lawrence (Laurenz) b 1756 (census 1800) m Christine Haas b 1756 (census 1800). 7 children listed in census--only 2 documented as follows: David m Dec 14, 1812 Sarah Bysinger. This family moved to Indiana in 1821 and then to Illinois. Catherine m Dec 25, 1818 David Lutz, s/o Jacob Lutz and brother of Susie Lutz. 4th son--Peter Jr b 1758; d Jul 18, 1799; m Barbara Hiltibrand/Hildebrand? Documented in his will. He named 9 children in his will, as follows: 1. John m Margaret Smith. Moved to Indiana in 1816. Had 10 ch: Peter, Michael, Elizabeth, Jesse A., Henry all documented in Indiana. 2. Peter Jr 3. Christopher 4. Michael 5. Catherine 6. Susanna 7. Elizabeth 8. Mary 9. Fanny Silvey Carpenter. As named in will. 5th son--George Abel b 1764? m Polly _____ (could this be Polly Anthony??) Some of our historians think so--some don't. They are listed as George A. and Polly Ikerd. In his will he is listed simply as George. In the first censu he is listed as George A, in later censuses his son is listed as George A Jr, then later just as Abel. Therefore, we can assume that this boy's full name was George Abel. We know he was a minor when his father died in 1784. (see will). He is far too young to be the father of OUR ANTHONY Ikard, born May 15, 1773. He is also too young to have served in Revolutionary War 1775-76. 1790 Census lists 4 males, 3 females in his household, no names. The following 4 children are documented: Philip b 1789; m 21 Nov 1809 Susie Lutz. Moved to Indiana in 1821, had 9 children. One documented in Indiana. Abel L Ikard** b 14 Sep 1817 Catawba Co., NC; d IN; m 14 Jan 1844 Ann B. Campbell. 5 ch: Susan, John W, Samuel B, Philip, Abel C. **NOTE..After much checking and searching and correspondence, we have ALMOST determined that it was a descendant of THIS Abel Ikard who inserted that erroneous information in the D.A.R. magazine in 1920--100 years after Philip moved to Indiana. We KNOW it was inserted in Indiana, and we think whoever did it got his "Philips" "Abels" etc. mixed up. This "Indiana" Philip had a brother named Anthony Ikard, and a brother named Abel, and a father named Abel. Just for your consideration. Elizabeth b 1800; m 1824 John Mauney (documented) Anthony Ikard m Ann Finger (see under George Ikerd-330 .wei) George Abel Jr m Susana Finger (see under George Ikerd-330 .wei) CONFLICT: Later information from Mae Ricketts counteract this above information ..wei Will of PETER EIGER (IKERD) (a copy of a certified copy) NOTE: see above same .wei WRITE-UP by Carl . In 1750, a diary kept by a Palatine German coming to America -- goes on about the hardships to reach America, reads: "The Journey last from beginning of Ma to the end of October, fully half a year, amid such hardships as no one is able to describe adequately with the misery. The Rhine river boats, say from Heilbroun, Germany to Holland has to pass by 26 Custom houses, at all the boats or ships have to pass-by when it suits the convenience of the Custom house officials. The longer they are held, the more money the passengers have to spend for the trip, usually takes from 4 to 10 weeks to clear all 26 custom houses, but at last at Holland -- then detained again, making you spend more of your money. But at last we get at Rottendam, Holland -- where most of the Rhine Germans board ships to England pots. We were 8 weeks clearing 22 Custom houses and at Holland before crossing over to Cowes, England. Cowes and Deal, England are the two ports most used for the trip to the New world. But more delay in England, spending more of my to live, and getting supplies for the trip across. We were in England 7 weeks, but once aboard --- the misery beyond --- unless a good wind, for it was 8 to 12 weeks of sailing to land. We were 9 weeks and 4 days, to land at Philadelphia, PA. The ocean voyage proper was marked with much suffering and hardships -- packed densely, lot of people without proper food and water, all kinds of disease -- which begin to tell on the children first and a very large number died, and toss to sea. I counted 32 deaths on this trip, mostly children and very old people. When the Delaware River was reached, another delay occured -- a doctor or health official had to visit each ship and if a disease if found, the ship has to remove back to sea till all is clear. We did not have a disease aboard, so dock, and then taken ashore to another doctor to be examined, then take to the city hall and there we render the Oath of allegiance to the King of England again, and to the colony. Then we were brought back to the ship --- those who had paid their fare over and did not owe the ship-store, were released, the other helt. I waited up for a friend -- who I thought had paid, but he hadn't, and I was too broke to help him then. Those helted, became a market place -- buyers made their choice among the arrivals and bargain with them for a certain number of days and years of work. When bargains was complete -- both were taken to the ship-owner and buyer paid the passage and other debts, and received a written document from the govern authorities, which makes the newcomer their property of slave for a definite period. I could not locate near my friend -- who had to slave for two years, so I said my 'Goodbye', and moved on to some land that I found after couple days of looking things over. It being almost fall, when we arrived, we had a hardship of winter, but the Germany Reform Church people were good and we made it to this New and Free Country. We know that Simon Haas was a leader of a group of these Pennsylvania-Germans settlers, who moved to Burke and Catawba Co., NC in 1749, and listed among them is our Peder EIGER and Paulus ANTHONI. The EIKER had become EIGER in the differ spelling - some on the same page of documents by this 1749 period. Some of the NC IKERD's think that the branch of the family living in Burke and Caldwell Counties, NC in the late 1700's were descendants of Jacob EIGER. But my research has led me to believe that Jacob EIGER is a descendant of man named AKER -- over about 1743. Jacob though could be a son of Michael EIGER (finally spelling), but to this day, the AKER, AIKER, IKER, and others, claim Michael and Jacob as two of their forefathers. There are references to other later immigrants with similar names in New Jersey and Pennsylvania -- but I have not researched them. There is no validity to suggestions that one spelling was preferred by the more educated members of a family over another. It seems that these humble German pioneer let the educated folks in charge of the different post do the spelling for them until the early 1800's at least. Carl's Write-up "Chapter III, THE FIRST GENERATION" {mostly same information as above .wei} Pedigree chart-- 8. Peder Eiger Jr b ca 1721 Germany; d ca 1784 Catawba/Lincoln Co., NC 9. Susanna 16. Peder Eiger b Germany [Added January 19, 2004] Summary of IKERD data from unknown genealogist dated Feb 22, 1965. I have spent a week checking all the records and sources available at the Library of Congress in connection with your family tree, and I have also studied carefully all the data gathered by Mrs. Soderberg from her trip to North Carolina and her search of local records there. I have not checked the DAR records, and this should be done before drawing any permanent conclusions. However---taking the NOTES ON THE IKARD FAMILY (copy attached), which according to my understanding from reading the records carefully, is from an insertion made by a branch of the family in the DAR magazine in 1930, and examing the first statement: (1) "Abel Ikard lived in Catawba Co., NC and was an elder in the Newton Church." I have combed through all the records at the Library of Congress, and through all the notes taken by Mrs. Soderberg from the Lincoln County (formerly Catawba Co.) and there is positively no "Abel Ikard (Eiger, Eichard, Ikerd, or however you want to spell it) listed or mentioned anywhere until about 1806 or 1807. This was George Abel Ikerd, son of George A Ikard, who was the son of Peter Ikerd (Peder Eiger). Several of the source books state that Abel Ikard was an elder in the "Reformed Church (Luthern) at Newton in 1848. This must surely be the same George Abel Ikerd mentioned above, who was born in 1806. He would have been about 42 years old in 1848. Therefore, I feel certain that, while the Abel Ikard who was an elder in the Church was certainly one of your kin, he was not the original "Ikard" by any means. While these old records are certainly not complete by any means, I do feel that one of them somewhere would have mentioned Abel if he had been there. I think this original "Abel" is apocryphal. (2) Abel Ikard, Jr., son of Abel, Sr., and father of Anthony Ikard. Abel Ikard, Jr. killed at Bunker Hill in 1775. I have read several books and pamphlets on the Battle of Bunker Hill, and nowhere is there a list of those who were killed. Most of the reference sources described in great detail how the British gathered up all the bodies of the "rebels" and dumped them in a common grave. No headstones to check, no dog tags, and no lists of those who went into the battle that day. Therefore the only way to find out for sure that a man was killed Bunker Hill would be to have a friend or neighbor who survived the battle report back to the slain man's family and friends that he had been killed there. There are some partial lists of survivors, and they are carefully preserved, of course, at the Library of Congress. None of the survivors are from North Carolina. In fact, most of them are from Massachusetts--with a few from Connecticut and what is now New York. This was before the Colonists had banded together at all to make any combined effort at Revolution. Each county or settlement had its own Militia, at least some of them did, and in 1775 any battle with the British Soldiers and the local militia. It would seem to be more probable that any ancestor of yours who was killed in 1775 fighting the British would have been killed close to home where he would be serving in his local militia. In those days, North Carolina was a very long way from Massachusetts. Now if the date had been five years later or four years later, when troops were mustered from all the Colonies and thrown together by General Washington (and others) it might seem more plausible for a North Carolina boy to be killed in Massachusetts. This is all just guesswork, of course, but if there had been even ONE survivor from either Virginia or North Carolina, it would be worthwhile to check the records of his descendants to see whether there was another boy from one of the southern Colonies was killed at Bunker Hill. But there were none.< RESEARCHER: William George Ikerd file. Letter 28 December 1979. Copy of letter to William from Frank N Ikard dated Nov 28, 1979--in part. " . "I would like to know more about that group of Palatines that fled Germany, settled in this country in the 1720s, however, I have not had the time to do the necessary research. I was aware of the migration of the Palatines to Catawba, NC and have also, in my research, turned up Peter Ikard and his brother, Abel Ikard. There is also a small town in that part of NC named Ikard or Ikerd." (From Wm George's letter .wei) The large amount of material you sent me destroyed some of my pet theories regarding the direct influence of Palatine Michael Ikerd as the ancestor of most USA Ikerd families. .the name Ikerd is a Saxon name and not unknown in Germany .although the spelling Ikert is more common, as is Eichert meaning: of the Oak Tree. While a student in Germany .I noticed many Ikert spellings in the Berlin phone directory. Recently, a German living in Houston was listed PETER IKERT and when I called the number a woman with a strong accent said he was not there .so I did not call again. Also, when I was working in Saigon, VietNam with the US State Department in 1965, I was at the Cercle Sportif and was paged on the loudspeaker .when I returned to my seat, a woman from Kassell, Germany asked about my name and the spelling .when I told her she said this was her name (same spelling) before she was married. Same pronunciation! The writing of Michael Ikerd on the register of the "Adventure Galley" is old German Script, which I read and can decipher .it reads Michael E ikerd .and could be the 'E' is a 'mark' for an illiterate. The German/Danish 'd' is less soft than a 'd' or less hard than a 'T' or 'dt'. More like 'th'. In none of the papers does the Michael Ikerd of "Adventure Galley", (1729) show up. I knew about the "Lydia" and Peder Echert and family .I also knew about others .but my father told me there were four brothers who came from Germany. So far we show Peter Jr Christian and Johans. Maybe Michael was a brother? ., another angle .I remember reading about an Anthony Ickerd an orphan in New York about 1690. I tried to find this again, but last month found an Anthony Ichard listed in pre 1700 New York. I also noted a Peter J. (Johan?) Eckert in 1710 at Strasbourg, PA along with a Conrad Weissner. At about the same time in 1700's a Francis Eckert is in Brecklnock Township, Lancaster Co., PA, as well as a George Lorenz in Germantown in 1694. One of the keys are not just the Ikerd families themselves, but the associated families from the Palatine area of Germany such as the Anthony and Lorenz families and their spelling variations. Also, I believe many Palatines returned to Germany to encourage relatives to come to America .but we don't have a record of these passengers. I theorize Peter Ikerd returned to Germany more than once .may have been to the US prior to his arrival in 1741. There have been Ikerds in Washington and Jefferson Co., GA in pre-1800 as well as SC (Greenville) listed along with the Anthony's and Lorenzes. Also in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana prior to 1800. I noticed a John Ikerd, Daniel Ikerd and Peter Anthony in Adams Co., MS 1799 and 1800. A law suit in which John Ikerd was constable against Peter Anthony and a Polly Moore resulted in John getting fired from his job and Peter Anthony asked to pay a fine of $100. I suppose John did not want to arrest Peter. The town is Icard in NC. In 1958 when I worked in Columbia, SC, a Deputy US Marshall told me his wife was an Icard from Icard and wanted to know my relationship. I was surprised and did not at that time feel there was any. Now, I realize there must be. From back in the 1700's. .about Anthony Ickerd in NY. Just found a note aobut Anthony Ichard at Livingston Manor, NY sommer (German for summer) 1711 .21 yrs old, from Pfalz (Palatine). also Michael Acker age 25..Chresheim Twp., PA. Also Lorentz L. Eigel, Peter Johan Eigel, Johan Lorentz Eigel from Saltzburg, Germany. 2/7/39 Jamaican Galley .Capt Robert Harris arr Phila, PA, with Conrad Ackert and Heinrich Ackert .10/11/1732 Pleasant from Rotterdam (Capt Morris) Henrich Eckert. These are in a book "30,000 Names of Immigrants to PA" by Rupp. I have not had contact with other researchers before. unless you could call a chance meeting with a Pearl Ikerd from Bedford, IN who worked at the Library at DAR in Washington DC in 1963. She was the one who told me about Henry Ikerd of Monroe, NC being in the Revolutionary War. I was not interested in research at the time. .many Ikerds I've talked to are former Marines. Pearl Ikerd's father from Bedford, IN was in the Corps during WW II when I was .and his name was William W. Ikerd..yet I never met him. I met a William G Ikard from El Paso, TX who had been in UDT at Norfolk, VA 1952 at Lt in the USN. I got a call meant for him. Records in Newton, NC show a Reverend Henry Weidner of Pennsylvania used to come to NC to hunt in the Catawba Indian territory with Peter Ikerd in the 1730's -- later moved with church members on a grant from Queen Anne (a German) to the area on the Catawba River known as Newton, NC. Peter Ikerd is listed as an iron fuller & Gunsmith. Abel Ikerd is a church leader of the St James Lutheran Church. All spoke German - even the slaves. Abel Ikerd is also shown as Abel Ikard. George Abel Ikard and Simon Haas donoted the land for the school in 1750 at Newton, NC. On early census shows the following Ikerd's or Ikard's at Newton, NC. The county name changed many times - from Catawba Territory Rowan to Tryon to Lincoln. The name was spelled in different censuses different ways-- Icard, Ekerd, Ikerd, Ikard, Eikerd, Aikerd, Eikert, Eigardt, Eigard. Peter, Abel, Henry, George, Simon, Daniel, Phillip, Clarence, John, Lawrence were the names used in the 1700's. Female names were Elisabeth (several), Margaret (several) Anna, Susanna, Barbara, Sarah, Catherine and Sally. Some of the related names were Probst, Satzers, Rowe, Reinhart, Finger, Lutz, Bysinger, Nail, Miller, Anthony, Lorance. RESEARCHER: Sue Ikerd file. Letter/data dated June 1993. Data from Ward Robinson, 402 Oak Ridge Road, Cary, NC 27511-- "Descendants of John Clarence Ikerd and Edith Belle Rhodes" The earliest known Ikerds (also spelled Eichert, Eigen, Ekard, Eakere,Ackert, Ikard, Ichord) immigrated from the Palatine province of Germany. A Michael Eichert came as early as Oct 2, 1727 on a ship the "Adventurer", landing in Philadelphia, where they could easily pick up products from Colonial America for the return voyage. Another Michael Eichart was listed on the ship "Lydia", arriving Sept 27, 1740. A year later, again on the ship "Lydia" Peter Ecker (age 40), Christian Ecker (age 19) and Peter Ecker, Jr. (apparently under 16 years old). women and children were never listed as passengers. Dr. J E Hodges (Veterinarian & Historian) in a hand-written letter to Mr. Mac Ballard (another early Historian) refers to other Ikerd's. He was familiar with an old abandoned cemetery at one time on original Ikerd land. It is located off Highway 321. It is at the entrance to a development on the right-hand side of road. Efforts to get an historical marker at this site need to be pursued further. In 1962, the only grave stones found legible in the cemetery were one with "P.E." (a field stone) and one with distinct markings an date "M.E. 1807". Doc Hodges said 20 years prior, there were many field stone markers scattered over the area. In the late 1980's Ward and Dot Robinson found both stones again, but only the one with "M.E. 1807" was legible. The site is behind a home belonging to Mr. C. Carl Smith, Vice Pres. Carolina Petroleum Carriers, Inc., P. O. Box 207, Newton, NC 28658. Telephone (704) 464-3582. RESEARCHER: Mae S Ricketts letters dated 27 Nov 1985, 6 Jan 1986, 12 Apr 1986. Notes on Peter Ikerd's will: Peter Sr stated in his will that his wife have "peaceable possession of the PLANTATION" as long as she was alive. There was no mention of any land being sold, just everything that would be in and around the house, to include all books and a "large Bible', quite a large list. Susanna couldn't have been very comfortable and peaceable in an empty house, so and she died by 14 Jan 1785? Everything wasn't settled by 1787 because Henry and Lowrence didn't get their part of the land that their father left them until April 1788, Lincoln County deed Book 3, pages 385 and 386 on Lorance and pages 406 and 407 on Henry. Peter Jr charged for everything he did, even to signing over the land to Henry and Lorance. No record has been found yet (may have been overlooked) where George or Phillip's son were given their 10 pounds. That would probably name Phillip's son. This will proves the Church records in Bucks Co., PA are those of our Peter and Susanna. Susanna, the daughter, wasn't mentioned in the will. Did she die before Peter Sr? Feel sure the children mentioned in the will were not all the children of Peter and Susanna. Do feel that Peter mentioned all his living children since he went so far as leaving a grandson his father's part. BIOGRAPHY: Charles J Presler, Jr., ed. A HISTORY OF CATAWBA CO., NC. (1954) (My COMMENT: whether any or all the info below belongs to our Peter Ikerd is in question .wei) p. 73. Peter Ikerd .(on a committee in charge of making all the rules and regulations for the govt. of the people and enforcing them.) p. 124. "Records in the land grant office in Raleigh reveal that a survey was made by Peter Johnston on July 20, 1767, of 60 acres of land "including the school home" of Griders. Evidently Grider had built a house of learning, incorporating the right of the "squatter" sometime earlier. The schoolmaster ultimately purchased the property from Matthia Barringer and George Pope for whom Johnston made the survey. The property then was sold by Grider on May 23, 1773 to Henry Bollinger, Nicholas Frye, Peter Ikerd, ." p. 177. "Pioneer Peter Ikerd, who came to the Catawba territory with Simon Haas in the 1740's also was a fuller." RESEARCHER: Charlotte (Mrs. Robert M) Lee letter 24 Jul 1974. [same theory that Carl Ikard has of the early Ikerds]. IKERD Family. (Special thanks to Bill Ikerd for providing his notes for this site. (1) Peter Iker (Peder Eiger) (Ikerd, Ikard) immigrant. Came to NC ca 1750, probably lived in PA before going south. b. m. Susanna _____ d. will dated 25 Oct 1784, probated 1785 in Lincoln Co., NC Occupation - fuller-shoemaker Listed on Committee of Safety of Rowan Co., NC 1774/5 Children: 1. Peter, b. ca 1750, m prior to 1774 (Carl Ikard, Cyril, OK says Peter m Barbara Hiltbrand and d 18/7/1799) 2. Henry, b ca 1756 Lincoln Co., NC, m Elizabeth _____. rev. Soldier NC, d 31/7/1800 Lincoln Co., NC. 3. Lawrence (Lorence) b 10 Jun 1764 Lincoln Co., NC; m Christina Haas, d/o Simon Haas, b. 1759 NC; d 3 Nov 1857 or 1, buried Ikerd Cem., Bedford, Lawrence Co., IN. 4. Phillip, b (Carl Ikerd says ca 1750; m (Carl Ikard says Polly Anthony); d before 1784 (Carl Ikard - 1775 Rev. War) 5. George, d will dated 1849 Catawba Co., NC 6. John ?, b. 1771 NC (He is listed in the 1800 census of Lincoln Co., NC along with Henry, Lawrence and Peter Ikerd) He is born too early to be a son of any of Peter Sr.s children unless he is the son of Peter, b ca 1750. The following comment is by Mrs Wayne E. Gurley -- Peter Ikerd was referred to as an old man in 1780. His will made 25 Oct 1784 and was probated in 1785. Parentage is in question - tradition is that his father was the Michael Eikerd who came to America from Germany on the ship "Lydia" 1740/1. (this I doubt for that Michael was listed as 18, hardly old enough to be the father of a man called an "old man" just 40 years later. () He was a fuller by trade and also a shoemaker or cobbler who made or mended the settlers shoes. Both professions were much needed and respected by the early settlers. His wife, Susanna, last name unknown, but it has been suggested she was a Fry or a Lorence (they did name a son Lorence (Lawrence). She was living after the probate of Peter's will but she does not appear as a head of a household in 1790. If living at that she was no doubt in the home of one of her sons. Peter Ikerd was one of nine planters who purchased land 23 May 1773 for school purposes. In 1774/5 he served on the Committee of Safety for Rowan County (Lincoln was formed later from Rowan), however his name is spelled Peter Ayer on the list. If they had any daughters they are not listed in Peter's will. It is thought that Peter Ikerd came in the 1740/s to that part of the state that is now known as Catawba County along with Simon Haas whose daughter Christina married Lawrence Ikerd. RESEARCHER: Mrs. Wayne E Gurley letter 28 Sep 1974. Special thanks to Bill Ikerd for providing his notes for this site.She joined the DAR on the service of Henry Ikerd, who was the son of Peter Ikerd (Peder Eiger - German spelling). (She also had the earlier version of the early Ikerd ancestry .wei). She says: Our problems all seem to stem from the lack of proof of the name of the grandson mentioned in Peter Ikerd's will (1784/85). .referred to as 'My son Phillip's son'. I have never been able to get a list of the children of Peter Ikerd Jr. Nor do I have any proof that the Peter Ikerd buried in Lawrence Co., IN as a Rev. Soldier is the same one. I assume that Peter was the oldest son of Peter Sr because he was the one that was given the responsibility of settling the estate. The biggest problem regarding the whole thing is the fact that several people doing research on the Ikerd family have confused this family with another by the name of Peter Iker (Aker) that lived in the same general area in NC. This Peter Iker/Aker (name pronounced like ACRE of land) did not die until 1799. Carl Ikard of Lawton, OK had these families confused when he wrote to me several years ago and I believe that he had this given to him by a professional (???) genealogist he had hired to do some work. The same incorrect information has been published in some related family histories. Last fall I spent several days going over the Court Records of Lincoln Co., NC (on microfilm) in hopes of find something that would indicate the name of "Phillip Ikerd's son", but was unable to find anything. I did find that there was one small book of court records that have not been microfilmed that cover a period around 1800 so maybe there is still hope. I believe I have gone over every deed given by the children of Peter Ikerd (Peder Eiger) in the hopes of finding clues as to where the various children and grandchildren were living up to 1850 but nothing here helps. RESEARCHER: Sue Ikerd file. Letter 4 Sep 1984. re data from Mae Ricketts. Special thanks to Bill Ikerd for providing his notes for this site.Re data from Mae Ricketts. Letter 27 Jul 1993. Duped pages of a newspaper article on the Ikerd's (Name of paper unknown) "Ikerd Family Traces Roots to Germany" by Mrs Rena Ikerd Robinson and her son and daughter-in-law, Mr & Mrs Ward Robinson. The earliest known Ikerds (also spelled Eichert, Eigen, Acker) immigrated from the Palatine Province of Germany. Some came as early as Oct. 2, 1727 on a ship called the "Adventurer," landing in Philadelphia. Peter Ikerd Sr. (born 1701, died 1784) at age 40 came on the ship "Lydia" on Sept 29, 1741. The ship roster listed Peter Ikerd Jr., age 18. No women or young children were ever named on passenger lists. Peter Ikerd Sr. and wife Susannah farmed land in Buck's County, PA until 1762. Three of their six children were born there and baptismal records are at the Tohickan Reform Church. They traveled south in a wagon with their five small children to what is now Catawba County. The children were Peter Jr. (birth date unknown, died 1820), Phillip (born 1752, died 1784), Susanna (born 1757, death date unknown), John George (born 1759, died 1836) and Henry (born 1761, died 1800). The sixth child, Lorance, was born in 1764 and married Christina Haas, daughter of pioneer Simon Haas LAND: Land Deed in Rowan Co., NC dated 19 Oct 1762, Book 4, pages 929, 930 & 931. LAND: Lincoln Co., C Deed Book 17, pages 44, 45. NOTE: This pertains to same information as Rowan Co. land, but was copied INCORRECTLY!!! .wei)[Added January 19, 2004] LAND: Land Deed in Lincoln Co., C Deed Book 17, pages 44, 45.[Added January 19, 2004] LAND: E W Huggins. BURKE CO., NC LAND RECORDS 1778. (Easley, SC:SHP, 1977 rep 1985). Vol. 1. p. 6. "Burke Co., NC Land Entries 1778" State of NC Burke Co. On Tuesday, the 27th of Jan. 1778, the Inferior Ct of Said County Appointed Charles McDowell, Agree(able) to Law, to take the Entries for sa(id) County, and as follows (viz.) #67. p. 22, Robert King, 350 acres both sides of branch in Jacob Egners land, joining PETER IKER, both sides Clerks Creek, joining Samuel Youngs, South Fork of Catawba River, formerly entered and warrant issued from Earl Grandvill(e)s Office). 30 January 1778. Warrant Ordered.[Added January 19, 2004] RESEARCHER: Dale Gerdeman file 24 Aug 1991. Peter ICARD aka Peder Eiger (in later generations the name was spelled IKERD. Died 1784/85 Lincoln Co., NC. (Sources differ on when Peter IKERD arrived in the U.S. and also when he arrived in NC. 1. Pioneer Peter Ikerd, who came to the Catawba territory with Simon Hass in the 1740's also was a fuller. (from A HISTORY OF CATAWBA CO., NC). Many researchers are of the opinion that if this is true he only stayed a short time. 2. Immigrated to U.S. on ship "Phoenix" 15 Sep 1749 (from Verne Chambers). 3. There is evidence that he was living in PA before moving to NC. His will was dated 25 Oct 1784, he probably died shortly thereafter. He married Susanna ____ (Last name unknown. Some have thought it might be FREY, however the names OBERBECK and BIERSON were always involved in the baptism's of the children, and it was customary to have close relatives be involved in this).[Added January 19, 2004] Lorena Shell Eaker. GERMAN SPEAKING PEOPLE WEST OF THE CATAWBA RIVER IN NORTH CAROLINA 1750-1800. (Church Hill, TN:SCK Publications, 1994) [Read at Mid-Continent Lib., Independence, MO on 18 January 1997 .wei] p. 247. Peter Eigerdt/Ikerd, b ca 1729 Germany d 25 Oct 1784 - 14 Jan 1785 Ct. of Ps & Qs Lincoln Co., NC; m ca 1749 probably Germany or possibly PA Susannah _____, d after 25 Oct 1784. 15 Sep 1749 - on ship PHOENIX at Philadelphia Hans Peter Eichede. Rowan Co., NC DB 4:929 - 19 and 20 Oct 1762 - 508 A on Clarks creek near Maiden and Pinch Gut Creeks. Lincoln Co., NC Will - 25 Oct 1784 - No probate date: Wife Susannah; sons Henry, Lawrence, Peter and George; son Philip Eiger's son. Lorena Shell Eaker. GERMAN SPEAKING PEOPLE WEST OF THE CATAWBA RIVER IN NORTH CAROLINA 1750-1800. (Church Hill, TN:SCK Publications, 1994) [Read at Mid-Continent Lib., Independence, MO on 18 January 1997 .wei] p. 191. Lincoln Co., NC Ct of Ps & Qs - Jul 1792 - Peter Ikard was administrator of estate when he was ordered to account for money in the estate (of Simon Horse/House/Haas, d bef 27 Jan 1780 Burke Co., NC) by John and Catherine Horse who brought suit. p. 247. Peter Ikerd Jr. b ca 1750 PA, d ca 1825 Lawrence Co., IN; m ca 1770 NC Mar Shuford, b ca 1752 PA, d bef 1788, LC, NC dau of John and Mary Clare Shuford. Peter moved to IN before 1820. [Added January 19, 2004] RESEARCHER: Peter J Rzeminski file. Email message dated 13 August 1998. "IKERD Family" Peter Ikerd Sr. b ca 1729 Germany; d ca 1784 Lincoln Co., NC; immigration-15 Sep 1749 in Philadelphia, PA; occupation--farmer. "15 Sep 1749 - on ship 'PHOENIX' at Philadelphia Continued . . . [Added January 19, 2004] RESEARCHER: Peter J Rzeminski file. Special thanks to Bill Ikerd for providing his notes for this site. Email message dated 13 August 1998. "IKERD Family" Peter Ikerd Sr b ca 1729 Germany; d ca 1784 Lincoln Co., NC; immigration-15 Sep 1749 in Philadelphia, PA; occupation--farmer. "15 Sep 1749 - on ship 'PHOENIX' at Philadelphia Hans Peter Eichede; RNC, NC DB 4:929 -19 and 20 Oct 1762 - 508 A on Clarks Creek near Maiden and Pinch Gut Creeks." (L.S. Eaker) "The great majority of immigrants who came to NC from 1735 to 1775 landed at Philadelphia because the ship captains could find cargos for their return voyages there. The journey from Philadelphia to Piedmont, NC was 435 miles, 'by land in wagons' and at enormous expense. Local historians (Catawba Co, NC) mention Michael EICHART originally from "Palanate" a German province, as one of the 180 people listed as passengers on the ship "Lydia" which sailed from Dover England on 27 September 1740. he stayed in Philadelphia as a merchant. he may have been a brother or the father of Peter. The early spellings are Echardt, Echart, Egert, Eichart, Eiger, Eigen." (Heritage of Catawba Co., NC, Vol. 1, 1986, L M Fulbright, ed) (Ward R Robinson) "It is not known if Peter was the first Ikerd to come to migrate from Pennsylvania to the Catawba territory, but he is the first of this direct line known to this writer (M.S. Ricketts). It should be noted here that while in PA where records have been located, this family name was spelled EICHERT, with one exception, but always with an 'E'. After Peter's arrival into Catawba territory the name was spelled in various ways, IGER, ICHORD, ICARD, and etc., but, except for few occasions, always with an 'I'" [Lorena Eaker has proven that the IKERDs are a separate family from the EAKERs, although the two families are often mistakenly intermixed, (Rzeminski)]. (Mae Sherman Ricketts) "Sometime after 26 July 1761, and before 19 October 1762, Peter and Susanna, along with their small children, arrived in what was then Rowan Co., NC. On the 19th and 20th of October 1762, Peter purchased five hundred and eight acres of land on Clark's Creek in the area of Maiden and Pinch Gut Creek, which is now located in Catawba Co. This purchased was made from a gentleman by the name of Jacob Eagner for thirty pounds and five shillings of PA currency. It is not known if Jacob and Peter were related, but it is believed there were as in a later document they appeared together as Peter and Jacob Agner." Peter wrote his will 25 October 1784 in Lincoln Co., leaving his quite large estate to his wife Susanna, his four sons and a grandson, whom he did not name but called him the son of 'My son Phillip'. It is probable that Peter also made and repaired shoes as he left his shoe-making tools to his son Henry. Peter died between 25 October 1784 and 14 Jan 1785 and is believed to be buried in the Old Haas Cem. Peter was of German descent, but it is not known if he was born in Germany or came to America as a young man. No record has been found of the marriage of Peter and Susanna. It is believed that Susanna was also of German descent. Peter and Susanna were the parents of five sons and one daughter. These five sons are documented." (M. S. Ricketts) "His will is recorded in 1784 in Lincoln Co., NC. His 'X' mark was made on small square of paper and sewn on the original copy with linen thread." (W. R. Robinson) Will Abstract, Lincoln Co., NC, 25 October 1784, no probate date. Wife Susanna. Sons Henry, Lawrence, Peder, George. Wife to have "Peseable Persation on the Plandation". Son Phillip Eiger's son. Exec. son Peder Eiger, Phillip Fry. Wit. Rudolph Conrad, Mardin Culter. "The history of Catawba County mentions Peter Ikerd's name in three places. In 1774, he was named as one of seven trustworthy men for safety and to take charge of public affairs in defiance of the Royal Governor. In 1773, he was named as one of nine planters who bought the Grider School House land. He was fuller (cleaner of wool) was well as a cobbler. A deed in Rowan county shows Peter purchased 50 acres of land. Lincoln County records show a Land Grant of twenty-two acres in 1771. In 1962, the only grave stones found with any legible writing are one with initials 'P.E.' and on with distinct markings of 'M.E.' 1807. Dr. J E Hodges says that approximately twenty years previously that he had seen this same graveyard with Mac Ballard when the first stone read clearly P. Eigen. There are 20 or so field stones scattered in this area, which was original IKERD property. The grave site is located just across from where Jerry Stewart lived so many years." (W. R. Robinson). He m Susanna and had Peter Ikerd Jr, Philip Ikerd, Susannah Ikerd, Johann George Ikerd, Henry Ikerd, Lorance Ikerd. CHURCH: F. Edward Wright. BUCKS COUNTY, PA CHURCH RECORDS OF THE 17TH AND 18TH CENTURIES. Vol. 1. German Church Records. (Westminster, MD:Family Line Publications, 1994). [sent to me by Bob Deal 30 Oct 1999]. p. 163. "Tohickon Union (Reformed)" Peter of Lawrence Bierson and Elizabeth, b. July 14; bapt. July 26, 1761. Wit: Peter Eichert, Elizabeth Oberbeck.[Added January 19, 2004] RESEARCHER-BURIED-MILITARY: Mae S Ricketts letter 27 Nov 1985. Peter Jr. stone states Rev. War Soldier, no dates, put up about 1840. Duped pages of Rev. War monies to Peter Jr Peter Jr stone states Rev. War Soldier, no dates, put up about 1840. Duped pages of Rev. War monies to Peter Jr. 1790 Lincoln Co., NC Federal Census, Morgan District, 3rd Company. Peter Ichard 2 males over 16 6 females 2 males under 16 1800 Lincoln Co., NC Federal Census, page 868; (next door to John Ikerd who came to Lawrence Co., IN) Peter Ikard 1 male 10-16 1 male 16-26 1 male 45+ 1 female 45+ Keep in mind here that Phillip died with only a male child being born to him. I am sure if he had other children Peter Sr would have included them in his will also. The next oldest of Peter Jr's brothers was John George born 1759 so George nor any of the other brothers could have had John, Barbara or Charity. Peter had 6 females with him in 1790, one was his wife, one could have possibly been Susanna (we don't know when Susanna died), but the five may have all been daughters. This is a guessing game but those girls, some of them had to belong to Peter. The census have to be used as guidelines and very carefully at that. I found the marriages for Barbara dnd Charity in the Lincoln County marriage book (a printed mg book). Since I knew they could no belong to any others I figure they were probably Peter's. I AM NOT stating this a fact. Some think this John was the grandson Peter Sr spoke of in his will, I do not think that. 1790 Peter had a male over 16 then in 1800 there is John living next door to him and it shows he married about 1793, John age 26/45, being born 1771 he would have been 29. I made the other estimates by the census and guessing. The females were all gone in 1800, tho I found no marriages that seemed right for anyone except Barbara and Charity. Either this mg book is incomplete or many of the Ikerd's married some other place. There is a possibility that marriages took place in a Church and that early there was no law that it had to be recorded at the Court House. It would be wise to look in surrounding counties. Keep in mind also that death could have taken some of these children. This is things that has be searched out, if possible. Now about George!! He was born 1779. He could have possibly belonged to John George but if he did John George married at 19 because he was only 20 when this George was born and that is a possibility since the Ikerd men married fairly young. He could have been the male 16-26 in 1800. There again I don't know for sure. I am putting this all down so that it can proven or disproven. Perhaps someone has some proof, I sure hope so I have not worked hard on all this, not as far as searching it out goes. I have worked hard on trying to place everyone by using census and dates and wills, anything I can get hold of. There have been some, and it is in their records, that said George born 1779 was the son of Peter Sr and was the George he spoke of in his will. I never agreed with that but I could not prove my argument, or rather my thought but now I can prove it because I have the Church records to prove it with. I will accept any correction when I am shown that what I have said is incorrect. Keep in mind that on this family sheet I am not SAYING I am only guessing. That is except for John. I will only change my mind on John if I am shown a legal document, very legal in fact. I do however think that perhaps some of those girls may have been older than John or perhaps Peter had some children to die that was older than John and never showed on a census. NOTE: Some info that I and some other have, which is a will of Peter AKER/EAKER is incorrect and some searcher didn't search her records out before calling it documented. The will is documented but is NOT this Peter Jr. See theory, will and sheet re an explanation about the Rev. War soldier RESEARCHER: Dale Gerdeman file July 1991 (visit in his home). Peter Jr. served as a substitute for Conrad Hoffman in the Revolutionary War In about 1816-1818, he moved to Lawrence Co., IN, and lived with his son, John. Letter 24 Aug 1991. Peter Icard Jr. married Mary Shuford (In 1790, there were two Peter ICHARD families in the Morgan District, Lincoln Co., NC. Subsequent records lead us to believe the first one listed above is ours. We designate him as Peter ICHARD, Jr., as he was the son of Peter ICHARD, Sr. Peter Jr.'s eldest son, John, would have been about 19 in 1790. We do not currently have the name of the free white male under the age 16. Other records show that Mary (Shuford) Ichard was dead by 1788.[Added January 19, 2004] RESEARCHER: Sue Ikerd file. Letter 27 Jul 1993. Article from (unknown, but in NC) newspaper received from Russell Ikerd of Newton, NC. "Ikerd Family Traces Roots To Germany" by Mrs. Rena Ikerd Robinson and her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. Ward Robinson. A deed for 508 A was granted Peter Ikerd Jr. in 1762, then Rowan County, plus 22A Land Grant in 1791. In 1774, he was named as one of the seven trustworthy men for safety and to take charge of public affairs in defiance of the Royal Governor. In 1773 he was named as one of the nine planters who bought the Grider School House land. He later willed "a lume, fullers tools and shoemaker's tools" to his children. He willed that his sons "let their mother have a horse to go to meeting, or where else she may have a mind to go, anytime she calls for one." Peter Ikerd Jr. married Mary Shufford and had seven children. They were John (born 1771, died 1855), married Margaret Smith; Barbara (born 1773), married William Oxford; Charity, married Moses Bumgarner; George (born 1779, died 1849), married Polly Boovey (1785-1843); Mary M. (1775-1841), married Elia Bost; Catherine (1783-1857), married William Bost Jr.; Jacob (born 1786), married Catherine Cressmore.[Added January 19, 2004] RESEARCHER: Verne Chambers file. Letter dated 20 January 1998. GEDCOM of Peter IKERD Jr. and Anna Maria "Mary" Shuford** Peter Ikerd Jr., s/o Peter Ikerd and Susanna ?, b ca 1750; d ca 1825 Bedford, Lawrence Co., IN; m ca 1770 NC. Anna Maria "Mary" Shuford, d/o Johan Jorg Conrad Shuford and Mary Clare Schad, b 30 Mar 1748 Whitehall Twp., Lehigh Co., PA; bap 24 Apr 1748; d bef 178 NC; had John Ikerd, Barbara, Mary M, Charity, Geroge, female, Catherine, Jacob. NOTES-- Mae Ricketts, Dale Gerdeman, and Verne Chambers have worked for sometime on Peter Jr.'s family and have pretty well concluded that all the persons listed are his family. Jacob Ecker/Ecker/Acor. "German Speaking People West of the Catawba River" by L S Eaker. p. 247, 414. Jacob may have been an EAKER is what I assume that Lorena thinks, at least there is no proof that he is an IKERD. "NC in American Revolution & Penn Archives, Vol. 5". Peter Jr. served in the Revolution as a sub for man Conrad Hoffman. "Penn. Archives, vol. V-5th Ser, p. 426, 427, 432. "The Ancestors, Abel Alexander Shuford", by Crew & Shuford, 1983. John Shuford's children: George, Daniel, David, john Martin, Mary, Catreena, Maultena, Catrout, and Jacob, as shown in his will. Mary Shufford married to a man named ICHARD, as recorded in her father's will. Peter Ikerd, bur Ikerd Cem, on Ketcham Farm, 1 mile east of Bedford, IN, gr 1, lot 55, blk 2, ref: American Legion, Dar 28, p. 157. [Added January 19, 2004] RESEARCHER: Peter J Rzeminski file. Email message dated 13 August 1998. "IKERD Family" Peter Ikerd Jr. b ca 1750 PA; d ca 1825 Lawrence Co., IN; bur Bedford, IN. From a letter by Mae S Ricketts, dated 9 Oct 1992, "Now, as far as finding any activity of Peter Jr. in Indiana, you probably won't, I didn't. On the 1830 census of Lawrence Co., IN, you will find John Ikerd and he had a male over 45, that wasn't John and I figure it was Peter Jr. I came to that conclusion after I found Peter Jr. in the Ikerd Cem, in Bedford [IN]. The stone shows "Peter Ikerd - rev. War Soldier", no dates. How do I know that it is our Peter Jr.? Well, a few years ago I spend 3 solid years of searching just on the Ikerd family, not once looking at any other families. I made a trip to NC, several trips to Lawrence Co., IN, and spent many, many hours over my desk, not to mention the many dollars I spent. Other than our old Peter Ikerd (Sr.), there simply is not another Peter Ikerd who could have served in the Rev. war. There are records in NC for Peter Ikerd in the Rev. War. However from the dates on them a person couldn't say if it was Peter Sr. or peter Jr., not and be factual they couldn't. When I found "Peter Ikerd - Rev War Soldier", on the stone in our Ikerd Cem (and that is the name of the cem.) in Bedford, and by then knew there was not another Peter Ikerd that would have been anywhere near any age to serve in that war, it was obvious this was Peter Jr. Also, our IKERD family was the only one in Lawrence Co., IN. I figure when John, Laurence (my line-direct line), & Philip & etc. decided to leave NC & go to IN that Peter sold out & either went with them or went on later. More likely, he went after they all did. He undoubtedly bought no property in IN, because by that time he was getting up in age." Peter Jr. m ca 1770 NC to Mary Shuford, d/o Johannes Shuford and Mary Clare Conrad; b ca 1752 PA; d ca 1825 Lawrence Co., IN; ch . John Ikerd Sr., Barbara Ikerd, Mary M Ikerd, Charity Ikerd, Catherine Ikerd, George Ikerd [Added January 19, 2004 RESEARCHER-BIRTH: Carl Ikard file. Letter 12 March 1974. The DAR magazine article about the Abel Ikard, killed at Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775, m Polly Anthony and so on. Well, this has been disproved by records. And was written by one of our early Ikerds/or Ikards of Alabama, so she could get into DAR. If [she] had dug into records, she would of found that it was Philip Ikerd/Eiger, who was killed at Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775 and was Philip, who married Polly Anthony. The Abel Ikard, she speaks of is really George Able Eiger/Ikerd/Ikard, younger brother of Philip. George Able did serve in militia with Philip Anthony, under Col. Conrad - same Col. that Philip Eiger/Ikard/Ikerd did, but unknown dates (was he in service with his brother or after brother died?) CONFLICT: Phillip's brother was Johann George "John" Ikerd/Ikard, NOT George Abel or Abel .wei. Phillip born ca 1750 Catawba Co., NC. {Carl's Write-up, Chapter IV THE SECOND GENERATIONS} Phillip Eiger was killed in the fighting with the militia around Lincoln County in 1775. Suggested further research: Where did Polly and son, Anthony, live until we find Anthony getting land in KY in 1800 - from his father service? Did Polly remarry? the IKERDs of NC of today believe that Polly remarried George Able EIGER, Phillip youngest brother, but census records and other data thro that theory out. Phillip EIGER (Peder Jr2, Peder 1), b ca1750 Catawba Co., NC; m ca 1772 Polly Anthoni/Anthony - dau of Paulus and Mary Anthoni. ch: Anthony b May 15, 1773 Pedigree chart--4. Phillip Eiger b ca 1750 PA; d 1775 Rev. War; m ca 1772 NC, 5. Polly Anthoni b PA/NC, 8. Peder Jr. Eiger, 9. Susanna, 10. Paulus Anthoni, 11. Mary Euphont _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Peter Ikerd Sr (Hans Peter, Eigerdt/Eiger Parents: Unknown b 1729 Germany or Switzerland Occupation: Fuller, Cobbler Residence: Pfalzweyer, Alsace 1722-1728 Residence: Zilling, Lorraine 1730 - 1741 Emigrated to Pennsylvania on board the "Phoenix" with three children, landed in Philadelphia on 15 Sep. 1749. Residence: Bucks County, PA 1749-? Residence: NC bet 1761 & 1764 d abt 1784 Lincoln, NC m1 Anna Maria Stuber d 26 Oct. 1741 Zilling, Moselle, France (died at 50) m2 Susannah Pearson (Pierson) 30 Jan 1742 Zilling, Moselle, France Child: Johann Peter b 25 Jan. 1743 Wintersbourg, Lorraine Child: Johann Nicolaus b 25 Nov. 1744, ? (d) 19 Feb. 1748 Wintersbourg, Lorraine Child: Christian b 07 Nov. 1746 Wintersbourg, Lorraine Child: Georg Jacob * 21 Nov. 1748 Wintersbourg, Lorraine Child: Peter Ikerd Jr b abt 1750 Bucks Co., PA Child: Phillip Ikerd b abt 1752 Bucks Co., PA Child: Susannah Anna Ikerd b 28 Jan. 1757, bap. 2 Feb. 1757 Bucks Co., PA Child: John George * 23 Apr. 1759, bap. 24 May 1759 Bucks Co., PA (Johann George Ikerd m Mary Barbara Fry ) Child: Henry Ikerd Sr b16 Mar. 1761, bap. 5 Apr. 1761 Bucks Co., PA Child: Lorance Ikerd b 1764 Clark's Creek, Lincoln Co, NC Notes Source:
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    Marriage 1 Susanna Pierson b: ABT 1731 in Schalbach,Moselle,Lorraine,France
    • Married: ABT 1749 in Zilling,Moselle,Lorraine,France 1
    • Note:
      U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 about Peter Ikerd
      Name: Peter Ikerd
      Gender: male
      Spouse Name: Susannah ???
      Marriage State: of NC
      Number Pages: 1
    1. Has Children Peter Ikerd Jr b: ABT 1750 in ,Bucks Co.,PA
    2. Has Children Phillip Ikerd b: ABT 1752 in ,Bucks Co.,PA
    3. Has Children Susanna or Susannah Anna Ikerd b: 28 Jan 1757 in Bedminster Twp,Bucks Co.,PA c: 2 Feb 1757 in Tohicken Reformed Church,Bedminster Twp,Bucks Co.,PA
    4. Has Children Johan or Johann George Ikerd b: 23 Apr 1759 in Bedminster Twp,Bucks Co.,PA c: 24 May 1759 in Tohicken Reformed Church,Bucks Co.,PA
    5. Has Children Henry Ikerd Sr. b: 16 Mar 1761 in Bedminster Twp,Bucks Co.,PA c: 5 Apr 1761 in Tohicken Reformed Church,Bedminster Twp,Bucks Co.,PA
    6. Has Children Lorance Ikerd b: 10 Jun 1764 in Clark's Creek,Montgomery Co.,NC

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