Families of DU PAGE, GRUNDY, KENDALL, LA SALLE, and WILL Counties in northeastern Illinois

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Barr, Mildred b: 20 Feb 1890 in <Braidwood (Will)> Illinois d: 12 Oct 1918 in Chicago (Cook) Illinois
Barr, Nellie G b: Nov 1859 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois d: Aft 1919 in <California>
Barr, Nellie Maria b: Jun 1864 in La Salle Cemetery in Rome (Peoria) Illinois d: 25 May 1948 in Lostant (La Salle) Illinois
Barr, Newell McClanahan b: 21 Nov 1896 in Manhattan (Will) Illinois d: 15 May 1974 in <Colorado Springs (El Paso) Colorado>
Barr, Noreen V b: 1 Feb 1945 in ??? d: 1 Feb 1945 in ???
Barr, Patrick J b: 17 Jan 1951 in Joliet (Will) Illinois d: 26 Feb 2012 in Saint Charles (Kane) Illinois (see OBIT)
Barr, Paul Lyle b: 23 Dec 1950 in Joliet (Will) Illinois d: 23 Dec 1950 in Joliet (Will) Illinois
Barr, Pearl b: Abt 1905 in <Manhattan Township (Will)> Illinois
Barr, Pearl Rita b: 2 Aug 1887 in Illinois d: Jul 1972 in <Joliet (Will) Illinois>
Barr, Percy Peter b: 9 Nov 1897 in Illinois d: 28 Aug 1954 in Maricopa County Arizona
Barr, Peter
Barr, Peter b: 16 Jun 1873 in Braidwood (Will) Illinois d: 26 May 1892 in <Saint John (Stafford) Kansas>
Barr, Peter Grey b: 20 Oct 1840 in Elderslee, near Johnston, Scotland. d: 19 Aug 1911 in Braidwood (Will) Illinois (see OBIT)
Barr, Pyrus G
Barr, Ralph Willard b: 6 Jul 1894 in Lostant (La Salle) Illinois d: 25 Jul 1918 in Lostant (La Salle) Illinois
Barr, Ray Owen b: 12 Oct 1896 in Lostant (La Salle) Illinois d: Oct 1970 in <Lostant (La Salle) Illinois>
Barr, Raymond b: 30 Mar 1913 in Illinois d: Oct 1916 in Will County Illinois
Barr, Raymond Ralph b: 30 Mar 1904 in Ottawa (La Salle) Illinois d: 5 Feb 1983 in Streator (La Salle) Illinois
Barr, Richard J b: Abt 1840 in Ireland d: 13 Nov 1862 in Kentucky during the Civil War
Barr, Richard J b: Abt 1914 in <Joliet (Will)> Illinois
Barr, Richard James b: 28 Nov 1865 in <Manhattan Township (Will)> Illinois d: 11 Jun 1951 in Joliet (Will) Illinois (see BIO)
Barr, Richard R b: 1 Feb 1948 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois d: 16 Aug 2009 in Pioneer (???) California (see OBIT)
Barr, Richard Raymond b: 1931 d: 20 Apr 1932
Barr, Robert b: 8 Jul 1879 in Allanton, Lanarkshire, Scotland d: 2 Oct 1953 in <Wilmington (Will) Illinois>
Barr, Robert A b: 3 Jul 1861 in <Morris (Grundy)> Illinois d: 11 Dec 1888 in Evergreen Cemetery in Morris (Grundy) Illinois
Barr, Robert Lincoln 'Link" b: 24 Mar 1866 in <Wilton Township (Will)> Illinois d: 23 Sep 1925 in Enid Cemetery in Enid (Garfield) Oklahoma
Barr, Robert W b: 7 Jul 1918 in Mazon (Grundy) Illinois d: 24 Dec 2000 in Clearwater (Pinellas) Florida (see OBIT)
Barr, Robin T b: 18 Jan 1949 in District of Columbia d: 5 Dec 2006 in Las Vegas (Clark) Nevada
Barr, Roy Robin b: 11 Jun 1880 in Illinois d: in ???
Barr, Ruth Beatrice b: 2 Nov 1915 in <Florence Township (Will)> Illinois d: 24 Nov 1963 in Joliet (Will) Illinois (see OBIT)
Barr, Ruth Byrd b: 7 Oct 1915 in Memphis (Shelby) Tennessee d: 23 Jul 2009 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois (see OBIT)
Barr, Ruth E b: Abt 1879 in <Wilton Township (Will)> Illinois d: in ???
Barr, Samuel Aljoe b: 17 Mar 1834 in Ireland d: 24 Sep 1868 in Wilton Township (Will) Illinois
Barr, Samuel Thomas b: 27 Feb 1875 in <Wilton Township (Will)> Illinois d: 1956 in ???
Barr, Shirley Mae b: 13 Oct 1923 in Freedom Township (La Salle) Illinois d: 25 Sep 2004 in Mendota (La Salle) Illinois (see OBIT)
Barr, Susan b: 17 Aug 1958 in ??? d: in ???
Barr, Thomas b: in Ireland
Barr, Thomas b: 27 Feb 1822 in Ireland d: 4 Feb 1868 in Wilton Township (Will) Illinois
Barr, Thorton N Barr b: Abt 1840 in Boone County Pennsylvania d: 1876 in ???
Barr, Vera Eleanor b: 18 Nov 1906 in Wilton Center (Will) Illinois d: Feb 1978 in <Joliet (Will) Illinois>
Barr, Verna Earl b: 25 Sep 1886 in Lostant (La Salle) Illinois
Barr, Veronica M b: 17 Aug 1909 in Mazon (Grundy) Illinois d: Nov 1972 in Joliet (Will) Illinois
Barr, Vickie Sue b: 3 Jul 1953 in Joliet (Will) Illinois d: 17 Jan 1954 in Joliet (Will) Illinois
Barr, Victoria M b: May 1895 in <Braidwood (Will)> Illinois d: 1954 in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Wilmington (Will) Illinois
Barr, Wilhelmina Arvilla "Nina" "Myna" b: 4 Oct 1888 in Nebraska
Barr, William b: 2 Oct 1889 in Clarke City (Kankakee) Illinois d: 21 JUN 1972 • in Wilmington (Will) Illinois
Barr, William b: Abt 1916
Barr, William Carlisle b: 19 Mar 1876 in Braidwood (Will) Illinois d: 31 Mar 1961 in Fairfax (Fairfax) Virginia
Barr, William D b: 1874 in <Felix Township (Grundy)> Illinois d: 1902 in ???
Barr, William Erskine b: Nov 1837 in Ireland d: 17 Dec 1906 in <Joliet (Will) Illinois>
Barr, William Erskine b: 30 Oct 1862 in <Wilton Township (Will)> Illinois d: 15 Apr 1925 in Hennessey Cemetery in Hennessey (Kingfisher) Oklahoma
Barr, William George b: 18 Jan 1920 in <Joliet (Will)> Illinois d: 25 Feb 1987 in Joliet (Will) Illinois (see OBIT)
Barr, William H “Bill” b: 4 Jun 1947 in Joliet (Will) Illinois d: 17 Jun 2013 in Rock Island (Rock Island) Illinois (see OBIT)
Barr, William Henry b: 31 Aug 1860 in Atlanta (Logan) Illinois d: 3 Jan 1947 in Joliet (Will) Illinois
Barr, William Shepard b: 14 Jul 1918 in Colorado d: 10 Apr 1967 in ???
Barr, Winifred E b: 21 Jul 1912 in Illinois d: 6 Mar 1989 in Joliet (Will) Illinois
Barra, Albert Joseph b: 26 Feb 1922 in Essex (Kankakee) Illinois d: 20 May 2000 in Coal City (Grundy) Illinois (see OBIT)
Barra, Battista b: 3 Nov 1870 in Italy d: 3 Dec 1923 in Carbon Hill (Grundy) Illinois
Barra, Caroline "Carrie" b: 1918 in <Maine Township (Grundy)> Illinois d: 28 Mar 1956 in Coal City (Grundy) Illinois
Barra, Christina b: 23 May 1908 in Illinois d: May 1983 in <Joliet (Will) Illinois>
Barra, Elizabeth Ann "Betty" b: 28 Jan 1926 in Coal City (Grundy) Illinois d: 14 Feb 1995 in <Coal City (Grundy) Illinois>
Barra, Evelyn Lucy b: 10 Jul 1922 in Coal City (Grundy) Illinois d: 31 May 2007 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois (see OBIT)
Barra, Frank b: in Italy
Barra, Frank Thomas b: 18 Jan 1921 in Coal City (Grundy) Illinois d: Dec 1980 in <Coal City (Grundy) Illinois>
Barra, George b: Abt 1902 in <Carbon Hill (Grundy)> Illinois
Barra, Helen Marie b: 28 Jan 1930 in Coal City (Grundy) Illinois d: 15 Dec 2006 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois (see OBIT)
Barra, Isabelle P b: 8 Dec 1913 in <Harrisburg (Saline)> Illinois d: 13 Aug 2003 in Joliet (Will) Illinois (see OBIT)
Barra, Jennie b: Oct 1896 in Illinois
Barra, Jennie A b: Abt 1897 in Illinois
Barra, John
Barra, John B b: 2 Jun 1861 in Italy d: 22 Jan 1918 in Kankakee (Kankakee) Illinois
Barra, John B b: 5 May 1903 in <Carbon Hill (Grundy)> Illinois d: 27 Apr 1973 in <Purdy (Barry) Missouri>
Barra, John Peter b: 25 May 1918 in Torino (Will) Illinois d: 12 Sep 1968 in Hamtramck (Wayne) Michigan
Barra, Joseph b: 23 Nov 1915 in <Harrisburg (Saline)> Illinois d: Nov 1986 in <Joliet (Will) Illinois>
Barra, Joseph M b: 10 Jan 1907 in <Carbon Hill (Grundy)> Illinois d: Sep 1971 in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Wilmington (Will) Illinois
Barra, Josephine Carmeline b: 6 Jun 1911 in Cardiff (Livingston) Illinois d: 2 Apr 1989 in <Joliet (Will) Illinois>
Barra, Joyce b: in ??? (see BIO)
Barra, Kathryn A b: 1 May 1928 in <Maine Township (Grundy)> Illinois,
Barra, Kathryn Lynn b: 4 Jul 1954 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois d: 9 Aug 2002 in <Lexington (McLean) Illinois>
Barra, Laverne Jicondo b: 11 Nov 1924 in Marseilles (La Salle) Illinois d: 27 Apr 1994 in Marseilles (La Salle) Illinois
Barra, Leslie Francis b: 3 Jan 1927 in Marseilles (La Salle) Illinois d: 3 Sep 2010 in Peoria (Peoria) Illinois (see OBIT)
Barra, Living
Barra, Living
Barra, Living
Barra, Marguerite Dominica b: 24 Apr 1909 in Coal City (Grundy) Illinois d: 12 Nov 2002 in La Crosse (La Crosse) Wisconsin (see OBIT)
Barra, Marian A b: 1924 in <Maine Township (Grundy)> Illinois
Barra, Mary
Barra, Mary J b: 15 Sep 1909 in Illinois d: 8 Oct 1989 in Woodlawn Memorial Park Cemetery I in Joliet (Will) Illinois
Barra, Mathew
Barra, Matt
Barra, Matthew L b: 11 Sep 1906 in <Essex (Kankakee)> Illinois d: Sep 1982 in <Gassville (Baxter) Arkansas>
Barra, Michael b: Abt 1905 in <Carbon Hill (Grundy)> Illinois
Barra, Minnie b: Mar 1892 in Illinois
Barra, Minnie Kathryn b: 2 Jun 1919 in Coal City (Grundy) Illinois d: 12 Jan 2001 in <Coal City (Grundy) Illinois>
Barra, Peter b: Abt 1852 in Italy d: Abt 1918 in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Wilmington (Will) Illinois
Barra, Peter b: 13 Apr 1876 in Italy d: 16 Sep 1925 in Harrisburg (Saline) Illinois
Barra, Peter John b: 16 Apr 1894 in Eileen (Grundy) Illinois d: 31 Oct 1972 in Ottawa (La Salle) Illinois
Barra, Peter John b: 1 Feb 1920 in Essex (Kankakee) Illinois d: 6 Nov 1976 in Detroit (Wayne) Michigan
Barra, Richard A "Rich" b: 4 Nov 1957 in Seneca (La Salle) Illinois d: 26 Oct 2015 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois (see OBIT)
Barra, Theresa b: Abt 1902 in <Essex (Kankakee)> Illinois
Barra, Thomas b: 8 Feb 1891 in Coal City (Grundy) Illinois d: 22 Aug 1942 in Joliet (Will) Illinois
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